Food for Summer

For those of you that use NUF, there is an event to donate nuffies for translators to buy them virtual food that can turn into real food ><

As a starving homeless student in NYC I am shamelessly begging for your nuffies:

there’s group buying thread here:

The group buying account for me is:

Get 55k Item for Summer

I will use the money to buy

It’s the restaurant that Ou Jiang Jun and Chu Yuan Jiang opened after they escaped to the US!

8 thoughts on “Food for Summer

  1. Chibi ~Stalking Since 2009 says:

    I’m beyond salvation…… when I read chrysanthemum ta drink I started to laugh xD
    But damn! Those foods look so good, but there’s nothing similar to that around here!

    • summerx says:

      And the restaurant is called “Junzi” xD just like how Chu Yuan Jiang called Ou Jian Jun

  2. Yaaaah says:

    Sorry, i send all my nuffies to @snowtime yesterday :/

  3. Pijon says:

    Oh my gosh! Well, I stay far far away from novelupdates 2spooky4me but if you’re having a rough time, I would love to give out a small donation. Just let me know if you have a kofi or pateron

    • summerx says:

      I don’t have kofi and I just made a patreon(summerx) but I don’t know how to use it yet…so maybe paypal? ([email protected])
      m(_ _)m
      Thank you so much

      • summerx says:

        Thank you so much m(_ _)m

  4. Mr.Pan says:

    Did you asked to brasca to create an account in the thread for you?

    • summerx says:

      Just got one >

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