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[TP] Chapter 59: OP Garlic (XIII)

Vexed: Sorry for the delay, I was on time >.> The other one wasn’t. He is a very busy bee. Newt continues his majestic potatoing SnowTime: I had to use that card Chapter here Read More

[TP] Chapter 58: OP Garlic (XII)

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[TP] Chapter 57: OP Garlic (XI)

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[TP] Chapter 56: OP Garlic (X)

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[TP] Chapter 55: OP Garlic (IX)

Still working at our personal turtle speed o3o Translator: Vexed Editor: Newt [Editor note: Due to ignorance Knight’s Dance was originally named Jazz Dance. This horrendous error has been addressed.]  Chapter here Read More

[TP] Chapter 54: OP Garlic (VIII)

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[TP] Chapter 53: OP Garlic (VII)

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[TP] Chapter 52: OP Garlic (VI)

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