[TP] Chapter 57: OP Garlic (XI)

Vexed: Ready yourselves for some Grade A bullsh*t logic from Feng Bujue. You know you love it and were totally expecting this. Happy New Year!

Newt: This chapter has done nothing for the story…. I can say that without reading the whole chapter.

SnowTime: T-T It’s so cold

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5 thoughts on “[TP] Chapter 57: OP Garlic (XI)

  1. marvoch says:

    Thanks for the chapter and happy new year to you too!
    P.S.: What does matter is not the plot, but Feng Bujue antics.

    • SnowTime says:

      I 100% agree.

    • Vexed says:

      I love it lol. Newt doesn’t as much.

      • Newt says:

        I am a newt of simple tastes.

  2. thebornloser81 says:

    Happy New Year, team 🙂

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