[TP] Chapter 55: OP Garlic (IX)

Still working at our personal turtle speed o3o

Translator: Vexed

Editor: Newt

[Editor note: Due to ignorance Knight’s Dance was originally named Jazz Dance. This horrendous error has been addressed.] 

Chapter here

5 thoughts on “[TP] Chapter 55: OP Garlic (IX)

  1. marvoch says:

    Yay, new chap. Glad you didn’t drop it Vexed 🙂

    • Vexed says:

      Nah, I’ll still be posting at my pace. I won’t get any new readers but oh well. Thanks for sticking with me! 😀

  2. darknesck says:

    lol, qidian got this xD

    • Vexed says:

      We know, we don’t care. The translations they have atm aren’t that great, so I chose to carry on until it gets better.

      • thebornloser81 says:

        Please do 🙂 Always interesting to do comparisons and note all the new little details not reflected in the Qidian one 😛

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