[FWB] Chapter 43: Lying to Master He

Translator: Summerx

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This chapter might be confusing for you, so I will post my understanding here. Note that this is purely my own interpretation(with only 50% certainty):


Both Lin and He were gay and in a similar relationship with their ‘lover'(Lin with Ou, and He with Xiong). There were a lot of powerful people that Lin could make connections with, but he picked He Ling who would sympathize him. Lin used his relationship with Ou as an excuse to ask for help from He, which was also an opportunity to tell He “hey we are the same type of people we can be BFFs”, and thus built his ‘friendship’ with He Ling.

When Lin got engaged and Ou left the country with Chu, He Ling realized that Ou and Lin were not like what Lin has made him believe to be. He Ling thought that Lin Ye lied about Ou being his lover while in fact, Ou and Chu were a couple and Lin stepped in.

Editor: thrynki, Peter

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