[TP] Chapter 56: OP Garlic (X)

Vexed: Happy Holidays guys. Snowy posted a bunch of Christmas songs and in the spirit of TP I did one called Violent Night lol. Warning though, I can’t sing. Newt: Lean in and I shall whisper the Panda’s deepest secrets. SnowTime: The footnotes aren’ properly linked because I’m posting on mobile, I’ll properly fix it Read More

[TP] Chapter 55: OP Garlic (IX)

Still working at our personal turtle speed o3o Translator: Vexed Editor: Newt [Editor note: Due to ignorance Knight’s Dance was originally named Jazz Dance. This horrendous error has been addressed.]  Chapter here

[TP] Chapter 54: OP Garlic (VIII)

SnowTime: My place got so much snow~ It’s amazing how much we got based on our usual track record for snow Vexed: No Comment. Newt: Potatoes Majestically Chapter here

[TP] Chapter 53: OP Garlic (VII)

Vexed: Good luck on finals Newt: Newt sends his love Chapter here

[TP] Chapter 52: OP Garlic (VI)

Vexed: Sorry for the super delay, life is a butt and I’m really just super lazy. Also ch 53 is done but in the middle of editing, editor has exams so don’t get your hopes up Chapter here Translator: Vexed Editor: Newt

[TP] Chapter 51: OP Garlic (V)

Vexed: I finished this on time, Newty however is in his last stretch of summer classes. Blame that child if you must. Better than a six week wait though. 😀 Hope you guys enjoy~ Chapter here Translator: Vexed Editor: Newty

[TP] Chapter 49: OP Garlic (III)

TL: Vexed ED: Newt Comment: Newt goes pew pew with his banana as he says “LET ME FIGHT TOO” Warning: Mild language warning…despite the System’s censoring ≧ω≦   SnowTime: I love the trolling xD Chapter here

[TP] Chapter 48: OP Garlic (II)

Vexed: Sighhhhh Btw thebornloser81, you’re officially our favorite TP reader. Lmao, nice one last chapter. Had to edit post because someone tattled on us cough cough Chapter here Translator: Vexed Editor: Karma

Bad News + [TP] Chapter 47: OP Garlic (I)

TL: Vexed ED: Newt Vexed: So some news. Snow told me that Qidian is working on TP. So I’ve decided to sell the chapters and bleed them of their money a little before they overtake the chapters I’ve done and I get nothing at all. Depending on how negotiations go, I might release a few Read More

[TP] Chapter 46: Rewards

TL: Vexed ED: Newt Newt: was hard pressed to find many errors. He worries. Vexed: I’m verrrrrry slowing redoing old chappies to fix up consistencies. Thanks to AresRa who suggested Patreon, but seriously I don’t think Newty can keep up if we speed up. I’m also kind of dying at the moment due to rl Read More