Bad News + [TP] Chapter 47: OP Garlic (I)

TL: Vexed

ED: Newt

Vexed: So some news. Snow told me that Qidian is working on TP. So I’ve decided to sell the chapters and bleed them of their money a little before they overtake the chapters I’ve done and I get nothing at all. Depending on how negotiations go, I might release a few more chapters. I do not, however, plan to work for Qidian as that does not interest me at all. If I didn’t have obligations and a busy schedule this summer I would’ve translated as much as I could, post them, and then sell. At this point I don’t even know if Qidian will pay me or ignore me completely. Thanks for the support you’ve all given me the past few months, but I’m afraid this party is going to end a bit early.

Comments: Newt is good, Newt finished on time. Newt waits patiently for Vexed to pet him. He also hopes everything is good, but that is secondary.

Chapter here

SnowTime: So, more bad news.

I’m also dropping Strange Life of a Cat. Qidian is also working on that one, and they are ahead of us too. RIP everything, I’m going to be purging my site of those 4 Qidian novels from the menu bar soon too~

Insider info I got. Looks like I got good tastes in choices…. just that they are in-line with Qidian choices QAQ

I hope they don’t mess up TP and SLC, TP has so many references >_>;;

We’re sorry our faithful TP fan, thebornloser T^T

Now waiting to see if Qidian gives us a “F U” or by some godly bullsh*t miracle they decide to be gracious and let us work on it forever lol.

8 thoughts on “Bad News + [TP] Chapter 47: OP Garlic (I)

  1. Saint says:

    Sorry to hear that 🙁
    Thanks for translating. I appreciate it.

    • SnowTime says:

      I’m still praying lmao

  2. Faceman says:

    Qidian is going all the way towards complete monopoly. Doesn’t bode well at all.

  3. thebornloser81 says:

    Damn, so sorry to hear this! 🙁 If this really goes through, I am going to miss reading TP here very much….

    Make sure you guys bleed that company for as much as you can!

    I really hope Qidian can meet the high standards that Vexed, Newt and Snowy have set for the translation. If they do not, I am going to chew on a piece of garlic and breath into their faces!

    On a more positive note…. Vex (and Snowy too! Don’t know about Newt :P) needs to take a good break and go on holiday! Earned it as far as TP is concerned 🙂

    *heads out to buy garlic*

    • SnowTime says:

      I like how you think ????

  4. VivianColdwater says:

    Hey, sorry to hear all that. Can you please spend more time on Mao Zhi Ming then?

    • SnowTime says:

      Lmao, didn’t think I actually have much readers for that

      • VivianColdwater says:

        You got me! You just haven’t gotten to the part where the white-haired bishie appears, right? You’ll get more readers then. 😉

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