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Chapter 47: OP Garlic (I)

【Feng Bujue: Level 11】

【Wang Tanzhi: Level 11】

【Please select the desired game mode for your group.】

【You’ve selected Team Survival Mode (Normal); please confirm.】

【Your group is joining Team Survival Mode (Normal); the number of team members has been randomly generated: Six people.】

【Your group has entered queue; searching for other individuals or groups.】

【Matching completed. Synchronizing mind link. Generating Scenario….】

【Loading, please wait.】

“Welcome to Thriller Paradise.” This time the voice sounded like a middle-aged man with a lisp.

【Loading complete. You are engaged in Team Survival Mode (Normal).】

【This mode offers a summary for the current Scenario. Additionally, there is a random chance that a Secondary/Hidden Mission and Special Worldview will be generated. 】

【Scenario Clear Rewards: During settlement, you can obtain 100% increase of the base experience for clearance.】

【The Scenario’s cinematic introduction will begin shortly. Once it is finished, the game will immediately begin.】

Feng Bujue’s screen again started to play another immersive first-person CG film, this time it felt somewhat like a mission briefing.

Based on his point of view, he could see himself “descending” in the air. He wasn’t wearing a military uniform, but he was still wearing the game’s default black long-sleeved tee and trousers. Before him were blue skies and white clouds: a scene of perfect sunny weather.

His field of view shifted down and he could see a modern city with multitudes of skyscrapers.

The system began speaking and captions began to appear simultaneously: 【You are one of the members of a search and rescue squad. Your orders are to search for an employee of the Allerbmu Cooperation somewhere in this city—Dr. Ashford. However, due to an unexpected aircraft malfunction, you and the other five members of your squad had to bail. Unfortunately, you lost all communication gear in the process, and all your firearms have been scattered throughout the city.】

“What the hell is Allerbmu… isn’t that just umbrella backward?” Feng Bujue commented as he watched the captions scroll in front of him. “Then did they just directly take Raccoon City, flip it, and transliterate it?”[1]

【An unknown virus is wreaking havoc in (Nooccar) City.】

“Hah… they actually did!”

【The codename for this extremely biohazardous virus is “Z”. The four most notable traits of the virus are as follows: 100% infection rate, 100% case fatality rate, transmits through exposed mucous membranes and through all bodily fluids, however, it cannot propagate through air or water.】

“Frick! Just call it the T-virus and be done with it, what Z? Who can’t see this Scenario’s pissing properties.”

【All infected individuals have completely transformed into… Vampiric Werewolf Zombies.】

“Eh?” Feng Bujue was suddenly dumbfounded; some utterly terrible imaginary figure flashed through his mind….

【These monsters’ basic abilities, habits, and properties are no different from generic zombies, but simultaneously they possess partial werewolf and vampiric traits. In short… they are Blood Wolf Zombies】


【Silverware can burn and wound a Blood Wolf Zombie’s body, and saliva mixed with garlic has a certain deterrent effect on them. Their movements and intelligence are both extremely slow and beheading them or dealing a blow to the back of the head is enough to kill them.】

“Aren’t they weaker than normal zombies then? What’s the point of this setup, ah?!”

【Blood Wolf Zombies absolutely hate sunlight, but sunlight won’t cause them any substantial harm. They possess a strong sense of smell and react to sound and light. Their predatory instincts have nothing to do with any physical hunger. Even if they lose their jaw, esophagus, stomach, and/or other related organs… they will still attempt to tear their prey to shreds and put flesh in their mouths. All living beings will become a target of their insatiable hunger】

This opening CG film and exposition were comparatively lengthy, probably because it takes some time to float down from the sky. After the introduction ended, the last scene shown was Feng Bujue landing on a rooftop of a streetside shop.

A second later, Feng Bujue’s vision synchronized with the scene and finally he was officially in-game. He didn’t have a parachute or any other related gear on him. It seems the system had deleted the items, which was a help to him as he avoided wasting time removing the gear.

The notification【Main Mission has been triggered】immediately pinged.

This time around, the six players were first scattered all around the whole map, only then did the Scenario begin. This was actually the first time Feng Bujue came across this kind of situation. He opened his menu to first look at the details of the Main Mission:【Enter and search the Allerbmu Corporation tower; search for Dr. Ashford’s whereabouts.】

Next, he looked for a moment at the state of the Team log. On it there were five names:【Wang Tanzhi】【Matchless General Pan Feng】【Hua Xiong Beheader of Thousands】【Names Are Really Difficult To Choose】【Atobe-sama】[2]

Feng Bujue thought to himself, “Pan Feng and Hua Xiong are a team, right…. Come to think of it, it seems it’s all males in this Scenario.”

“Ah—— ” Suddenly, a vague muffled groan came from behind Feng Bujue.

Feng Bujue turned around for a look and saw a man… or better put a Blood Wolf Zombie that was in the middle of hobbling toward him.[3]

This thing’s appearance was roughly as follows: its whole body was covered in fur, except for its hands and face where you could see its unusually pale skin. It had a human-like face equipped with a pair of long vampiric fangs. Besides those were its proper zombie traits, for example, savage wounds and rotting limbs.

The monster truly walked slowly, though the reason for its sluggish movements might’ve been because it was exposed to sunlight. Not only was it slow, it was also stupid enough to meaninglessly groaning (for no reason), giving off its location.

Feng Bujue looked down on it at a 45 degree angle and stare at this guy for a few seconds with squinted eyes. He went to the side, walking a half circle around it and ended up behind the monster….

The creature limped slowly and turned around. It faced Feng Bujue and let out a low groan while starting to move toward him again.

“So slow….” Feng Bujue didn’t take out a weapon from his inventory. He didn’t even bother to kill the monster and just straightforwardly left, advancing towards the rooftop’s door.

Behind him, the Blood Wolf Zombie continued to approach, but its movement speed was even slower than Feng Bujue’s normal walking pace.

Feng Bujue opened the rooftop door, behind was a flight of stair leading down. Although he disdained the strength of the monsters in the Scenario, he still vigilantly surveyed what was ahead before going in. And, when he left, Feng Bujue did not forget to close the door….

Following the stairs down, on the first floor was a small, ordinary restaurant. Opposite the kitchen was the bar with a few stool in at the counter and on the side facing the display window was a row of tables and chairs. There was some half-eaten food still left on a few of the tables: some sandwiches, french-fries, fried eggs, bacon… etc. Though, at the moment, these leftovers had long since become food for the flies.

While Feng Bujue was examining everything, he heard another low groan.

“Unngh——” Inside the bar was another Blood Wolf Zombie. Its upper body was leaning against the stove; its lower body was already half-eaten away, the stuff inside its intestines dripping onto the floor. Seeing Feng Bujue appear nearby, the monster faced him and raised its arms, letting out several roars before warbling poorly, “Come quickly into the bowl.”

Feng Bujue paid no attention to the guy, instead, he looked at the street through the display window. For as far as he could see, though there were many Blood Wolf Zombies roaming around, they were all taking cover in the shadows of the buildings and actions were still extremely sluggish.

“Hm… it doesn’t seem very dangerous. For now, let’s experiment.” He took out his pipe wrench, broke into the storeroom, and two minutes later, came out carrying a basket of garlic.

Feng Bujue placed the basket on the bar counter and took out a garlic bulb before returning the pipe wrench to his inventory, swapping it for the chef’s knife. He then sliced off a large chunk of garlic husk, plucked out a raw garlic clove, popped it in his mouth and just chewed.

In Thriller Paradise, it is possible for the system to perfectly mimic the taste of stuff when eating; moreover, eating a lot will actually make the player feel full and bloated in the same way as real life. But, naturally, eating won’t increase the amount of stuff in the player’s stomach in reality. Whether it’s the taste of food or the feeling of fullness, both were nothing more than phantasms created by the System through the mind link.

After a pungent hot flavor burst forth on the tip of his tongue, Feng Bujue walked around behind the bar, closing in on the Blood Wolf Zombie on the floor. The latter had already lowered its arms, seemingly losing its appetite for human flesh. Apparently, the odor of garlic really did have an effect (on them).

Feng Bujue still slowly moved forward, closer, and craned his neck until he was only about a meter away. “Hah——” he breathed, facing the creature.

The monster, unexpectedly, began to use its hands to crawl back, trying to get further away from Feng Bujue.

“Heh heh….This is practically paradise.” Feng Bujue revealed an expression of excitement. He’d already decided to sweep through this city until he was satisfied.


[1]The raw has both 艾乐卜 and Allerbmu which is why Feng Bujue said transliteration. The pinyin for 艾乐卜 is Ai Le Bu = Allerbmu. This is the same with everything else that sounds off.

[2]Ripped from Wiki: Pan Feng is the subject of a Chinese internet meme involving a line from the novel, “Here’s one of my best men, Pan Feng. He can destroy Hua Xiong.” This meme is a cultural phenomenon and has led to a surge in Pan’s popularity[1] to rival the more well-known figures of the Three Kingdoms period.

Not entirely sure which Atobe.… Could be this one

[3]Lost in translation: Feng Bujue switched from the classifier for a human to the one used for animals.

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