Thriller Paradise


Author: Three Days Two Naps

Status: 1499 Chapters / 8 Volumes + 2 Side Story Volumes (Ongoing)


This is a game that surpasses dimensions.

It is also a competition for the search of truth.

Unknown seals, a game of chance with ghosts and gods…

The digital struggle, the redemption of humans…

In the virtual word that links with reality——It consciously decided us. It consciously chose us. It consciously decided our consciousness.

And now, throw away your fear.

Throw away your selfish thoughts, questions, and resistance… Free your mind.

Welcome to: Thriller Paradise.

Tags: Action, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Welcome to Thriller Paradise
Chapter 2: Novice Tutorial (I)
Chapter 3: Novice Tutorial (II)
Chapter 4: Introductions
Chapter 5: Multiplayer Training Mode (I)
Chapter 6: Multiplayer Training Mode (II)
Chapter 7: Multiplayer Training Mode (III)
Chapter 8: Multiplayer Training Mode (IV)
hapter 9:
Chapter 10:
Chapter 11:
Chapter 12:
Chapter 13:
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:
Chapter 16: Eerie Cinephile City (I)
Chapter 17: Eerie Cinephile City (II)
Chapter 18: Eerie Cinephile City (III)
Chapter 19: Eerie Cinephile City (IV)
Chapter 20: Eerie Cinephile City (V)
Chapter 21: Eerie Cinephile City (VI)
Chapter 22: Eerie Cinephile City (VII)
Chapter 23: Eerie Cinephile City (VII)
Chapter 24: Eerie Cinephile City (VIII)
Chapter 25: Eerie Cinephile City (IX)
Chapter 26: Eerie Cinephile City (X)
Chapter 27: Eerie Cinephile City (XI)
Chapter 28: Eerie Cinephile City (XII)
Chapter 29: Eerie Cinephile City (XIII)
Chapter 30: Eerie Cinephile City (End)
Chapter 31: Titles and Rewards
Chapter 32: Slice of Life
Chapter 33: Another Old Friend
Chapter 34: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (I)
Chapter 35: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (II)
Chapter 36: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (III)
Chapter 37: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (IV)
Chapter 38: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (V)
Chapter 39: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (VI)
Chapter 40: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (VII)
Chapter 41: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (VIII)
Chapter 42: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (IX)
Chapter 43: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (X)
Chapter 44: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (XI)
Chapter 45: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (Final)
Chapter 46: Rewards
Chapter 47: OP Garlic (I)
Chapter 48: OP Garlic (II)
Chapter 49: OP Garlic (III)
Chapter 50: OP Garlic (IV)
Chapter 51: OP Garlic (V)
Chapter 52: OP Garlic (VI)
Chapter 53: OP Garlic (VII)
Chapter 54: OP Garlic (VIII)
Chapter 55: OP Garlic (IX)
Chapter 56: OP Garlic (X)
Chapter 57: OP Garlic (XI)
Chapter 58: OP Garlic (XII)
Chapter 59: OP Garlic (XIII)

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    Just wanting to let you guys know, there are Terror Paradise chapters here:

    • SnowTime says:

      I know

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      Nope, not as of right now… because we also have a chuck of chapters to re-tl so everything is on this site~

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    I know is rude to ask, but have we to consider this dropped? ): I loved it so much.

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      Hi, it’s not rude lol. I’ve been super busy and such. Ch 52 is done but awaits edits and may be posted by Friday this week. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Thanks for asking.

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        Thanks for the info! I’m looking forward to see Bujue in action again.

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    Where is chapter 9??

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    Where can I find Chapters 9-24? Don’t wanna miss any part of the story.

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