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Chapter 50: OP Garlic (IV)

Compared to Feng Bujue, the fellow Wang Tanzhi certainly wasn’t playing as leisurely. As a comparatively simple person, he just rushed right into the Main mission without much extra thought right when he landed.

Though he was simple in nature, he wasn’t bad in terms of capability. He was able to find a city map very quickly by rummaging through a newsstand and found the address of the Allerbmu Corp. Tower.

Lil’ Tan still believed that the other group members were definitely also headed that way. So he went with the thought that as long as he quickly went to the tower, he’d then be able to meet up with them.

All along the way, he got rid of quite a lot of monsters. But, the closer he got to the tower of the main objective, the more zombies there were.

It may have been because it was still bright out, but Lil’ Tan had fairly good control over his Terror Value despite being alone. If you compared normal zombies from movies with these Blood Wolf zombies, it’d be hard to say which form was more frightening. However, at the crux of the matter was their movements which were too slow to elicit a sense of urgency. Passing by some not-so threatening monsters in broad daylight… made it feel like just a stroll through some comic convention.

Perhaps, after dark, things would change….

Around 2:30 in the afternoon, when Feng Bujue left his self-made “stronghold” to find people, Lil’ Tan had already arrived in front of the Allerbmu Corp.’s tower.

The tower was fifty-two floors. At its top, spelled out in large metal letters, was Allerbmu, setup just like the Avengers Tower with a kind of high-profile, even arrogant, air to it.

For the corporation to be able to directly set up the LOGO at the top of the building meant that this whole building was entirely their property. Judging from what was seen from the Scenario introduction, the Allerbmu Corp. was undoubtedly the central organization behind the development of the virus. Only the abyss of suffering that is the land of the U.S. is able to create this kind of inhuman weapons corporation with science and technology almost on par with that of Protoss, and that financially outstrips the government.

With his baseball bat grasped in hand, Wang Tanshi slowly advanced. The dried bloodstains on the bat indicated that the one wielding it was not lenient at all when facing these monsters. Doctor Wang’s solo fighting ability was not necessarily lower than that of Feng Bujue’s; frankly speaking, at their characters’ current level and physical capabilities, the actions they can execute are still in the realm of normal humans and so the gap between the two wasn’t too substantial.

There weren’t more than eighty Blood Wolf Zombies roaming about at the front entrance of the building. These monsters congregated here when they sensed living beings. The large square in front of Lil’ Tan had been completely shrouded by the tower’s shadow, and the Blood Wolf Zombies’ actions were clearly a bit quicker than they were under the sun: their movement speed approached the level of those monsters in early (era)  zombie movies. Of course, compared to those zombies from later (era) movies that can run, jump, open doors, and even drive a car and use guns, these guys were still quite lame.

Lil’ Tan was a bit scared now. Even if he swung his baseball bat until it broke, he might not even be able to kill the swarm of long-furred, white-faced, man-eating corpses rushing at him.

Not only that, he also noticed something very strange…there wasn’t a single dead Blood Wolf Zombie nearby at all. If a teammate had gone in the tower before him, then… he, or they would have had to push their way through these monsters when they stormed in. Even if they were quick, they would have at least gotten rid of seven or eight before they could break through, right? But right now there wasn’t even one immobile corpse in the square in front of the building at all….

“Looks like I’m the first one here….” said Lil’ Tan to himself. He began to retreat. Since it was highly probable that there were no teammate inside the building at present, he also did not need to rush in; it’d be better for him to first wait outside before continuing.

Having studied the area and coming to this point, he then decided to temporarily withdraw from this open space. He didn’t expect that as soon as he turned away, he would trigger a FLAG and a gate-keeper leveled BOSS that appeared before him.

Lil’ Tan’s back was to the tower, and, in the direction that he was facing, right in the center of the street about a hundred meters away, stood an enormous shadow about 2.5 meters tall. Lil’ Tan didn’t know when nor how this guy came here, but he was very clear on one thing: he was going to need a bigger bat.[1]

This monster’s torso was exactly like a werewolf’s. A dark brown mane grew all over, covering its face and hands. Its head was wolf-like and its fingertips were sharp claws. This mini-BOSS could be called a Zombie Werewolf. Indeed, its body did not look anything like a vampire, there were no traits to be found. Maybe it was exactly due to this lack of vampiric traits that it did not suffer any effects from the sunlight. It did, however, have zombie traits…. On the left side of its chest was a large open wound through which the inside of its chest could be seen. The problem was, what you could see through the opening wasn’t its organs. Behind a few ribs, and faintly visible, was a bloody human head. Its body also exceed the limits of a human being.

The Zombie Werewolf strided closer; it goes without saying that its form exuded forth an oppressing and imposing air.

Lil’ Tan’s Terror Value began to slowly climb up as his cold sweat began to slowly drip down; however,t he wasn’t so frightened as to freeze where he stood to wait for his death. Going towards the skyscraper was not an option, and going forwards only boded disaster. He’d better detour out the side to escape then.

In the so-called flurry of panic, Lil’ Tan veered off to the side and broke into a run. The path he ran to just so happened to be a gradual downwards slope. Continuing ahead was the entrance to an underground parking garage. The moment he realized this, the surrounding walls leading into the garage had already passed a height that could be easily climbed. It looked like his only option now was to continue running downward.

Seeing him flee, the Zombie Werewolf naturally chased after him. Fortunately, this monster wasn’t fully werewolf; it seemed it wouldn’t rush on all fours. Instead it pursued on two legs, so its running speed wasn’t too extreme. But compared to the movement speed of those Blood Wolf Zombies that ambled about like a man going on a stroll after a big meal, it was pretty quick. Lil’ Tan simply could not pull any distance away.

Soon, Lil’ Tan drew closer to the gate that lead into the underground car park. Looking at the height of the horizontal boom barrier, that actually looked possible to knock over with just one push. It wouldn’t obstruct him, but the real issue, he noticed, was that it was not lit inside the underground parking garage.

Still pumping both his legs as hard as he could with every step, he reached into his inventory, wishing to draw out his flashlight. But right at this moment, he caught sight of another disastrous thing. Not far behind the parking barrier were some moving shadows.

Immediately after, a terrifying scene came into view….

Initially Lil’ Tan saw only a smattering of shadows, but as he closed in, the scenery cleared: the inside of the car park was jam-packed with Blood Wolf Zombies….

So it turned out that so many monsters were all hiding in this kind of dark hidden area! Lil’ Tan was astonished, but there wasn’t any time for him to digest his surprise. His only choices were both unpleasant: the tightly swarmed Blood Wolf Zombies or one large Zombie Werewolf. Of course, based on his current circûmstance, charging into that expanse of darkness would definitely get him torn into shredded meat chunks, so he was left with no choice but to turn around and face the mini-BOSS.

It would be too difficult to destroy this Zombie Werewolf given Lil’ Tan’s strength, but if he wanted to run with zero regard for anything else he had two options available to him given his current state: One, use up his 【Slowing Quicksand】, or two, used the special ability from his title【Panicked Sneak Attacker】—— 【Hasty Retreat Quick Decapitation】

【Name: Hasty Retreat Quick Decapitation】

【Special Ability Type: Initiative】

【Consumptin: 30% of max Stamina 】

【Effect: Can be activated the moment the target is struck; user immediately moves backwards once at an ultra high speed, pulling away at least ten meters from the target. (No cooldown when using a bladed melee weapon during activation)】

【Remark: I’ve jumped in again! I’ve pulled back again! Back in again…. What’s the matter? Come hit me, idiot!】

The first method should be a more dependable means of escape for Lil’ Tan; it would be no problem for him to break away from these monsters in a minute. But【Slowing Quicksand】’s effect in this Scenario goes without saying. This Scenario is undoubtedly one that emphasizes more on fighting, and it would be best used when besieged by large mobs of Blood Wolf Zombies or when facing the final BOSS, using it then might even result in a comeback of sorts. It would be too much of a waste to use it right now.

But there was quite a considerable amount of risk with the second method. To use this skill to escape, he’d need to sidestep behind the Zombie Werewolf in an instant or at least get himself in a position where his back would face the upward slope away from the entrance to the garage and succeed in cutting the opponent’s body.

The scene of Long Bro sent flying by one slap from the Blood Corpse yesterday was still fresh in his mind and Lil’ Tan didn’t believe that the Zombie Werewolf before him would be any weaker than that monster. Just based on levels, the average level of the players in this Scenario was also higher than that of the previous one by almost one-fold and the monsters’ levels would follow suit. Nevermind the number of monsters, imagine the monsters’ strength….

The Zombie Werewolf closed in during the time Lil’ Tan hesitated. Just as it looked like it was about to pounce in for a bite, the creature unexpectedly stopped.

It turned around, completely ignoring Wang Tanzhi’s existence, and faced an entirely different direction, completely on guard, and issued forth a low howl.

Tap, Tap, Tap——

The heavy sound of metal boots approaching could be heard. Two elongated human shadows encroached from atop the slope. Since they were standing in the light, Lil’ Tan couldn’t see the two’s faces, but based on this monster’s reaction, it was very possible that these two were either players or some kind of hostile NPC.

Hebei has a hero: the general named Pan Feng.

His heart as broad and vast as the universe, his belly hiding the strength a million soldiers.

Pangu created mortal world, the Vermillion Bird made him famous.

Matchless in prestige, a laughing gentle hero!”[2]

One of the shadows roared as he recited this verse of a poem and made its way forward in this manner.

This person’s countenance didn’t have any outstanding points of interest and he looked about thirty years old with a beard. The big mountain axe in his hand, however, was exceptionally eye-catching.

This was the first time that Wang Tanzhi saw a player who used a weapon that was longer than they were tall. His imposing air was really quite out of the ordinary but balanced so as for his formidable grandeur to not be so excessive.

“Young Brother, have no fear!” the person speaking was naturally the man called【Matchless General Pan Feng】, “I and Hua Xiong are here to make sure you’re alright.”

【Hua Xiong Beheader of Thousands】[3] actually held a long weapon as well that seemed to be a spear. Age-wise he looked to be about the same as the Matchless Pan beside him and appearance-wise he was also similar; he too grew a beard covering his face. “It is as Pan Xiong (elder brother) said. Young Brother, you just wait, this monster is nothing to fear for I(old version) shall take its life as if slaughtering a schweinhund….”   

At the moment, the only thought going through Wang Tanzhi’s mind was actually, “These two uncles’ chuunibyou syndrome is terminal….”


[1]That’s not what the raw said. The raw said “This wasn’t a monster that could be killed with a simple baseball bat.” but I thought this was more appropriate. 😀

[2]So if you guys don’t remember, one of the players is named after General Pan Fen and this excerpt here is from an actual poem about him. You can find it in its entirety here, but I couldn’t find an official translation of it and I’m too lazy to actually do it.

[3]The Xiong in Hua Xiong’s name is not the same as the Xiong that means the formal super respectful version of elder brother

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