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Chapter 51: OP Garlic (V)

Though Wang Tanzhi thought this, the Zombie Werewolf was not of the same opinion. It wouldn’t even consider whether the player was afflicted with Chuunibyou or not; it was only concerned with strength.

Despite being a relatively unintelligent Gatekeeper BOSS, it was able to recognize the potential threats. The Zombie Werewolf turned around to focus on the two slowly approaching targets who were still some distance away. It vigilantly watched them. Clearly, these two were tough.

Going off on how they addressed each other, Lil’ Tan was able to guess that they were【Matchless General Pan Feng】and【Hua Xiong Beheader of Thousands】from the team. Because all the players were separated at the start of the Scenario, and each player’s name and title were no longer visible (The Team Log only displayed a player’s name, level, and their status: alive or dead), Lil’ Tan didn’t know what their titles were and was unable to use that to guess who was who.

“These two… two Generals,” Lil’ Tan addressed the two of them rather awkwardly, “There are numerous Blood Wolf Zombies down here. It would be better for us to draw the mini-BOSS up…. Wah!” Right in the middle of speaking his mouth suddenly dropped open and let out a cry of astonishment.

Don’t worry, he wasn’t bitten. However, in the garage behind him there were five or six zombies that had already begun to shamble closer; they had yet to reach Lil’ Tan. Actually, you don’t even need to worry about those monsters. They were blocked by the boom barrier banister…. And, because they were morons and didn’t know how to climb over or get past it, they were just pushing against it with their ribs….

The reason Lil’ Tan shouted was because he saw something unbelievable.

Though the figure of General Pan leaping high into the air, mountain axe lifted high in the air, then landing heavily and the blade of the axe sinking wasn’t particularly fast, the angle of execution and his movements were enough to stop the huge Zombie Werewolf from dodging.

The creature howled and brandished its claw to block the blow. But the instant the weapon in Matchless Pan’s hands cut at the monster’s arm, the weapon suddenly sped up. The cold blade of the axe flashed, then swift as lightning, quicker than a meteor, it caught the arm and blood was spilt, cleanly cleaving the arm in two.  

The Zombie Werewolf’s huge arm was cut off just like that and sent splattering away. But before the Zombie Werewolf could let loose a miserable howl, Hua Xiong’s spear had already made contact; his strike was even faster. It was faster than the eye could see, blood suddenly blossomed forth: the monster’s knee had been pierced. The left arm was sent flying by the axe’s blade and the right knee was skewered by the spear’s head.

The Zombie Werewolf’s body was originally top-heavy–its upper body tall and stocky–so after suffering those two blows, it just immediately lost balance and tilted to the right, toppling heavily onto the ground.

The next moment, a cold metal gleam reflected in the wolf’s eyes. With a bang, the mountain axe fell to the ground, leaving a spurt of blood in its wake. Soon after, a wolf head awkwardly rolled down along the slope.

Lil’ Tan stared completely dumbfounded. These two men just dealt with a mini-BOSS in a mere three moves. It was difficult to imagine that they were only two levels higher than him with that kind of strength.

“Agh——” The low groans of the Blood Wolf Zombies behind him made him turn back around.

Lil’ Tan turned back to find that tens of zombies more had already gathered behind the banister. And further into the darkness he saw (that) the parking garage was teeming with more shadows, the shadows of countless zombies.  

“Young Brother, how about you follow us back to the surface for now?” asked Pan Feng.

Lil’ Tan immediately responded, “Yes, yes… let’s first find someplace without monsters.” He hurriedly made his way up. When he passed by the Zombie Werewolf, he couldn’t help but shoot another glance at the corpse of the headless monster….


Feng Bujue who had left the “stronghold” was also headed towards Allerbmu Corp.’s tower–he knew he’d have a higher chance of meeting his teammates if he headed that way. Right now, he only hoped that Lil’ Tan and the other two teammates weren’t stupid enough to blindly rush into the building to their deaths before he could meet up with them.

He wasn’t in any rush to save the Main Mission’s objective: Dr. Ashford. Frankly, it wouldn’t even matter if the Doctor were dead. The System never indicated that they’d fail the Scenario if the Doctor died. In Team “Survival” Mode, the only way to fail is for all the players to die. The death of a plot character would at most increase the Scenario’s difficulty or change the plot line’s ending.

During the time Feng Bujue was alone, he’d already killed approximately over fifty Blood Wolf Zombies. In fact, if he wanted to, he could’ve killed even more. It was only because he wanted to do all sorts of “experiments” to test those monster’s reactions that he took up a bit more time.

After these repetitive actions, his Shooting Proficiency rose from F to E, but his Fighting Proficiency was still E rank. It seemed his march on the monsters with non-weapon-like weapons to remove their heads would not raise his Fighting Proficiency to rank D. He would need to revise his tactics.

Feng Bujue couldn’t help but recall Rain and thought of that clean and efficient skill she so confidently and leisurely displayed. Right now, he couldn’t execute that kind of movement. Maybe once could, his Fighting Proficiency would finally increase to D.

Of course, fighting with those monsters who were as slow as crawling crabs wouldn’t help him train this sort of skill. At the very least the monsters would have to be equal to him in strength or even a bit stronger as opponents. Only then might they be able to help him raise his Fighting Proficiency.

At the moment, the most pressing thing Feng Bujue had to consider what was the most efficient way to be able to equip 【Echo Armor】. Right now, he knew that increasing his General Proficiency to C wouldn’t be easy, but the part about getting his Equipment Proficiency to D was worth a try. After all, there was only a one rank difference for the latter.[1]

All along his trek, he kept thinking of how to take advantage of the amount of freedom in the Scenario to gain even more benefits. He also would avoid any monster along the way if he could. He’d reach Allerbmu Corp Tower soon; it looked to be about only a few more blocks until he’d arrive.

It was around this time that Feng Bujue noticed that the number of surrounding zombies had increased, and… he saw a few dead ones.

And so it was with great interest that this guy carried out an “autopsy” of the zombie…. He first crouched by one of the corpses and studied the bashed in skull and the fluid that flowed out of it, carefully examined the wound, and even somewhat inspected the other wounds on its body, just like how a police detective would search a horrifying scene of crime.  

“Hn, the wound was incurred by a baseball bat, right….” he muttered to himself, “First a strike to the front, then circled to the side and rear for two consecutive hits… could it be Lil’ Tan…?” He stood up, picked up his pipe wrench, and smoothly smashed to the floor a monster that had approached him from the side.

“But a baseball bat is a rather easily obtainable sort of weapon. That ‘Names Are Really Difficult to Choose’ seems like he’d have a lot of them,”[2] he pondered, “and I can’t rule out the possibility that the two other players could also be using baseball bats.”

With this in mind, he continued forward. Who would’ve thought that before he’d gone even several steps that he’d see, a distance away, seven or eight corpses all within close proximity to each other, all of which had been beheaded. These heads still moved but because they did not have any trachea, they couldn’t make any sounds. The chopped off heads could only lie where they had fallen and open their mouths, their jaws unceasingly making chomping movements.

“Hm…this shouldn’t be his doing….”


[1]In case anyone forgot, he’s talking about the requirements to equipping Echo Armor.

[2]Subtle diss here since Atobe-sama and his buddy seemed to only collect crap weapons before.

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