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Chapter 3: Novice Tutorial (II)

Before he knew it, Feng Bujue was slashing a sword around. He was still not scared in the least and under these conditions, he still remained extremely calm. None of his reactions or movements were hindered in any way. While he dodged the Blood Corpse’s claws, he simultaneously swept the tip of his sword through the air.

Feng Bujue was shocked to discover that cutting through the Blood Corpse’s body with the sword was like slicing tofu and after the monster’s flesh and bones on its chest were split open, fresh blood sprayed out, completely covering Feng Bujue’s face. A fishy and salty smell seeped through his nose and mouth and he also felt the warmth and stickiness of the blood. This game made this part really realistic…… It was actually quite disgusting.

The Blood Corpse roared in pain after being cut by the sword. Starting from its wounds, it seemingly melted into a pile of meat and fluids, flowing onto the ground.

Feng Bujue took this opportunity to look at the stats of the sword in his hand.

【Name: Blood Corpses Must Die】

【Type: Weapon】

【Quality: Very Good】

【Attack: Fairly Strong】

【Property: None】

【Special Effect: Can dissolve the Blood Corpse when attacking】

【Whether it can be taken out of the scenario: No】

【Remark: This sword is the Legendary Dwarf’s “Ao’er – All Must Die” early work. A cunning Goblin merchant used a couple of “erguotou (sorghum liquor)” drinks to buy this from Ao’er. Half a month later, Ao’er created the “Goblin Must Die” sword. 】

Feng Bujue spent a few seconds looking at the equipment’s stats and then he heard a system notification pop up: 【You have completed the novice tutorial. In 60 second, you will automatically be transferred.】

At this moment, the game menu in front of him unlocked yet another area. It displayed a countdown for transferring at 60 seconds and there was also the option of “Immediate Transfer”. Feng Bujue chose this option and his body turned into a white light, immediately disappearing from the scenario.

In an instant, Feng Bujue’s eyes lit up; he was back in the elevator. The sword in his hand and the bloodstains that he had had all disappeared; everything was normal in elevator, as if he just entered the game. The experience from a dozen minutes seemed like a short and fake nightmare.

【Scenario complete, calculating rewards】

【Experience Gained: 70. Game coins: 700】

【Obtained Items/Equipments: None】

【Finished/Accepted Quests: 0/0】

【Special: Hidden Missions Completed: 0, Breaking the World View: None】

【Number of Terror Value Increases: 0, Highest Terror Value: 0%, Average Terror Value: 0%】

【Your Terror Rating is: Completely Courageous, receives an extra reward to be chosen later】

【Received Skill Points: 30】

【Skill Points Converted to Experience: 30, Game coins: 300】

【Reward for Completing the Scenario: Newbie Bag * 1】

【Calculating Completed, Please Continue.】

When the information were displayed on the wall, the system sounded again:【You have leveled up to level 2. Your Stamina’s upper limit has increased and is now 200/200】

At the same time, Feng Bujue notices that one of the Specializations in the Menu was unlocked. There are a total of six Specializations, but the remaining five were still locked and covered by shadows with the letters N/A next to them. Only the 【Common】 specialization was glowing and shows a level of F.

In the settings of Thriller Paradise, Proficiencies are the most important parts to the players strength in this game. After reading the game description, Feng Bujue obviously remembers that N/A rank means: No, don’t understand and you are unable to use the skill; while F means: Very Poorly, close to None. When you reach a certain level, you can use this skill with a 20% success rate.

At the same time as the reward appearing, the elevator opens. Outside of the elevator was not a corridor but rather a large square room with 4 metal walls. The room is bigger than the elevator by 5 folds. Lighting comes down from the ceiling. The middle of the room is two cylindrical hollow glass pillars. At this moment, the inside of the pillars were empty.

Feng Bujue is completely speechless about the condition of his Terror Value. When his fear was quantized as Terror Value, he unexpectedly saw that it was three zeroes. According to the fear rating, Feng Bujue didn’t sense anything big. According to the game explanation, at the end of a scenario, the Terror Value will be evaluated into 5 types: Courageous, Courage is Good, Losing One’s Head, Panic-Stricken and Soul Has Left The Body.

For Feng Bujue to have such a small change in condition was an absolute impossibility. Had a game designer been watching, they would have definitely added a Reckless grade just for him.

For new player, Feng Bujue’s actions were actually one of the best options to achieve such amazing achievements. Since Health and Stamina are completely unrelated with the final grade, passing through without a scratch or with an inch away from death would not have any effect in the end reward.

Feng Bujue’s end score was summit scores all across the board but not a single piece of happiness appeared on him. He merely sighed, walked toward the glass pillar and an option window appeared in front of him.

【Please choose your Storage Bag type.】

A virtual menu was projected in front of him and two types of Storage Bags float in the menu. The first bag is a messenger bag with a strap that would go diagonal from his shoulder and the bag resting on his back. The other type was a fanny pack that went around his waist. Selecting the first type, Feng Bujue watched as the virtual knapsack glowed brightly and the menu disappears. Then, a messenger bag appears out of thin air inside of the glass pillars and the glass pillars opened up. Feng Bujue reached out to take the bag.

At that moment, his menu’s Storage and Equipment columns were finally unlocked as well.

【Your Storage bag is an inventory space. The current limit for your bag is 10 items. If you place items into the bag’s opening, the items will be stockpiled. It can even hold living animals as long as the player has obtained control over them. Important: A player is not allowed to enter a Storage Bag. Please do not try it.】

【You can view your current equips on your equipment window. Anything that you can wear or use can be viewed as equipment. There is no place or amount limit on equipments. For example, you can have a blade on your left hand, a bat in the other and have knuckles on both hands at the same time. Your clothes do not classify as equipment and is bound to your character image. It is unable to be taken off or destroyed. You can only change your clothing on the login space. Clothing have to be bought in the Exchange.】

Although the prompt mentions the “Exchange”, there is no way of converting real money to in-game currency at the present time. Therefore, all current players are forced to use the default clothing to play.

Many current game companies are instant profit-oriented. When their games are at beta phases, the game development was only about 70% done but their in-game shops are already online. The in-game currency, skins, clothings and etc will be sold in a hurry to make profits. Some companies go as far as directly selling all kinds of uncommon equipments or pets on third party sites.

But Dream company’s ideals was completely different than those other gaming companies. Their marketing strategy were completely based around their hardware and game engine. The game at this time is already above 95% completion. With the 4th generation quantum computer, there is no reason for player testing for bugs; all bug test are calculated by AI. Therefore, they only needed to focus on selling their new ThrillerParadise specific cabins: NL2055.

With the in-game items and currency, Dream company strictly prohibits them at the current time. Not only do they not open an official shop site but also prohibit players from entering the in-game “Exchange” screen. They also closed the in-game currency translation system, causing transactions between players to be arduous.

This was a kind of self-confidences that bordered on arrogance. The higher ups of Dream company seemed to have determined that as long as their game was released, earning money will not be a problem for some time. They just need to expand their user base and establish acclaim for their game.

【Please choose your additional rewards: 1) Randomly choose an equipment corresponding with your level. 2) 2000 in-game currency. 3) 80 points of experience】

After arriving beside another glass pillar, these choices popped up in front of Feng Bujue.

Feng Bujue thought: “Today is the first day of testing. In such a short time, the in-game currency will definitely not be of any use. As for experience……” He glanced at the menu. At the moment, he was at Lv 2, and his experience progress was 0/200. Thus, the third reward was probably 40% of his last level’s experience. His current level was still low, so choosing this wasn’t that profitable. Thus, he chose the equipment.

After choosing, he noticed a white light coming from the white pillar. As he inspected it, he found…… a rock.

Feng Bujue started. The first thought that ran through his head was that it was perhaps some type of magic stone. However, when he picked it up to look at its stats……

【Name: Rock】

【Type: Weapon】

【Quality: Trash】

【Attack Power: Weak】

【Property: None】

【Special Effects: None】

【Remark: Can be seen everywhere. Some rocks that have irregular shapes are sometimes picked up and used as weapons. Even though it can be taken out of the scenario and used, people always throw it away after they use it. They never store it or hold onto it.】

Feng Bujue’s yell echoed throughout the empty room: “This is fraud!”

This is f…… this is…… is……

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