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Chapter 6: Multiplayer Training Mode (II)

“JJJu-Ju-Jue-Jue Bro…… ju-jus-just…… n-now…..” Wang Tanzhi stammered as he leapt once in fright. Because the feeling of fear accûmulates, even after he calmed down after a few seconds his Terror Value didn’t drop back down to it’s lowest area; rather it stayed around 15%.

Feng Bujue had an emotionless expression and interjected in monotone, “According to my speculation, right now we have two choice of action.”

“Wha-wha-what’s that?” Wang Tangzhi could now say four words to say two.

“Option one, take that knife of yours, charge over there, and after you turn that corner and just burst out, randomly stabbing at whatever you run into.” Feng Bujue answered. “I’ll cover your back.”

“I pick Option two.” Wang Tanzhi’s reply was suddenly fluent; he didn’t even listen to what Option two was.

“Actually, I preferred Option two as well.” said Feng Bujue as he walked in front of Wang Tanzhi, not the least bit nervous, and stood in front of the first door on the right, turning the handle.

Everyone knows, in an ordinary horror game, doors are always a prime moment of terror; who knows what they’ll see after opening a door. Moreover, it could always the classic malicious instant death design. It can be said, facing the danger of opening a door, and chasing whatever is around that corner is the same.

Of the normal people under this situation, 80% would cautiously and gravely reach out their arm to open the door, lean their bodies away from the door a little, bracing themselves to run away at any given moment.

But Feng Bujue movements were as if he were in a dire situation and that involved throwing himself at a bathroom door. He rushed forward and flung opened the door with his whole body.

The room had no lighting, but the light from the corridor seeped in and illuminated a truly frightening sight.

This was a patient room about ten square meters, the cupboard was overturned, as well as the rubbish bin the corner. The floor was littered with various debris, most were useless trash such as rags, crumpled waste paper, a smashed flower pot, some dirtied cotton balls, glass from the smashed medicine bottle, etc…… The bedsheets on the sickbed were utterly shredded and the smell of blood permeated the air. And in the space illuminated by the light, there was almost no spot free of bloodstains.  

“Once a player reaches level 5, training mode changes so you can no longer see it as an option. Clearly, this mode was set up for novices so players can have a comparatively stable way to level up to 5.” Feng Bujue said as he walked up next to the cupboard, flipped it over in another direction to search through the things left inside. “Once those ‘pro-gamers’ finish their tutorial, at most they’ll only play training mode once; perhaps they won’t play it and directly enter single player survival mode. Because this kind of player will definitely read the relevant game explanations, they know, entering this kind of mode that only rewards experience points, any gains will certainly be far worse than those obtained from the official survival mode.”

From the cupboards, Feng Bujue found an unopened package containing a syringe. He swept a glance at the descriptions, and just directly put it in his messenger bag. “Looking at it from a rewards viewpoint, training mode, compared to the tutorial, is still inferior, so I think the difficulty in clearing should be equally inferior. As long as the player doesn’t get so afraid he disconnects, even if he doesn’t solve the mystery he can still clear it.” At this time he stopped to lean in and sniffed to find out what the odor from the broken medical bottle was. “Actually, right now we didn’t have to check out these three rooms and could’ve just chased that shadows and continued the game. I think at most we’d spend twenty minutes, probably experience battles thus losing health percentage, and just settle this scenario like that.

“Then you still came in?” said Wang Tanzhi.

“I said, there were two options, you didn’t even finish listening before choosing the second option.” Feng Bujue checked the crumpled papers on the floor, opening each page, and took it to a light source to examine. “Option two was precisely to solve this mystery.”

“Hey……didn’t you just say……”

“I said if we don’t solve the mystery and we can still clear this; I didn’t say that the mystery is unsolvable.” Feng Bujue answered, “Only that, even if we unravel this mystery we won’t get any skill points.” He continued examining those papers, expression unchanging, “But solving the mystery has at least one advantage, that is it’ll lower the difficulty for passing. Simply put……for a job that needs physical strength to complete, use intellect to split out a part of it.” As he spoke he picked out a page and gave it to Wang Tanzhi and said, “Take a look at this situation.”

“This is……” Wang Tanzhi took the docûment, just looked at if for a few seconds before asking, “A medical record?”

【Name: Unknown patient’s medical record】

【Type: Relevance to scenario】

【Quality: Ordinary】

【Function: Unknown】

【Can be taken out of scenario: No】

【Remark: Most of this docûment’s content is hidden by blood】

“This is your specialty.” Feng Bujue said as he waved around another folded docûment in his hand, “I’ll read this pile.”  

Wang Tanzhi peeled open just one eye and already felt his scalp go numb. On top of the stack in Feng Bujue’s hands, the top most sheet was drawn an ominous face.

The two of them walked over to a better-lit part of the corridor and checked it out for about three to four minutes. Wang Tanzhi read very carefully, but because many parts of the medical record were covered by blood he had to half-read half-guess; Feng Bujue skimmed instead, giving a cursory glance at each and every page. It’s because he reads for a hobby and reads anything very quickly. Furthermore, his memory, understanding, and reasoning were all very efficient. On top of that, the contents of these docûments did not frighten him, so in his eyes, this was more or less similar to looking at the images in a regular magazine.

“You finished reading yet?” Feng Bujue first asked a question instead.

Wang Tanzhi’s eyes were still on the medical records, he pondered and answered, “This is a male, twelve years old…… still a child.”

Feng Bujue stroked his chin, “Oh…… youth pioneer. No one knew how his train of thought worked……”

“Nn…… leukemia, the time hospitalized matches, but……” Wang Tanzhi put down the medical records, “But looking at the medical records, there weren’t many days left……” He raised his head, he eyes falling on the end of the corridor again, “Now he’s become a ghost already……”

Feng Bujue said, “Not necessarily, there are three hinged doors here. All we know is that the first sickroom probably belongs to the little boy from the medical records, but we can’t be sure the shadow we saw just now was him.” He passed the folded docûments in his hands to Wang Tanzhi, “You don’t need to examine it, just look at the attributes.” He paused for a second and continued, “There’s a different face drawn on these six pages. Each one has a different number in the corner.”

【Name: Sketch of Person’s Face x6】

【Type: Relevance to scenario】

【Quality: Ordinary】

【Function: Unknown】

【Can this be taken out of the scenario: No】

【Remark: These drawings were obviously done by the same person. Items can be separated or stacked, when stacked items will be viewed as 1 item.】

“I’m getting more and more confused……” Wang Tanzhi said.

Feng Bujue nodded, “It’s very normal, there aren’t enough clues to solve this mystery.” Having said that, he took a step towards the second room. “ I still have a hunch, and it’s the reason, I also want to confirm it after we solve this mystery.” He pushed opened the second door and said at the same time, “I believe that within these three wards, I can at least find one equipment.”

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