[TP] Chapter 56: OP Garlic (X)

Vexed: Happy Holidays guys. Snowy posted a bunch of Christmas songs and in the spirit of TP I did one called Violent Night lol. Warning though, I can’t sing.

Newt: Lean in and I shall whisper the Panda’s deepest secrets.

SnowTime: The footnotes aren’ properly linked because I’m posting on mobile, I’ll properly fix it when I get back from nyc. Mobile posting is so laggy :ULDying:

Chapter here

6 thoughts on “[TP] Chapter 56: OP Garlic (X)

  1. marvoch says:

    lol In my country just turn Christmas day, a really nice timed present, more so considering the steep cliff that ended the last chapter. Happy holidays to you too and thanks for the chap (goes stealthy to listen to the aforementioned song *grin*).

    • Vexed says:

      I actually think the link for my song is broken so no song for you XD

      • SnowTime says:

        Attempting to fix soon orz

        • marvoch says:

          We are all with you Snow, may you succeed in this endeavour!

          • SnowTime says:

            It’s fixed now

  2. thebornloser81 says:

    Thank you. Keep chugging away 🙂

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