Summer is here!

I’m back and alive now \o/ well, mostly. Since summer vacation is here, I’m ready to catch up to all my series, and my health has taken a great rise. I’m pretty much back to full health besides the occasional hiccups here and there when I overwork. Minor spinal adjustments and longer acupuncture needed, but that can wait mwahahaha.

(And I probably failed a class but whatever) Ah yes, I did fail the class with a 67.25 kek Grades just got adjusted so I passed by the skin of my teeth with a 70.53 lol

Good luck to everyone out there still doing finals.

Just saying I’m alive now after being pretty dead for a while o3o

I’m attempting to do daily (unedited) updates, but who knows how that will work out. The left half of my body is still shit tbh. But no more headaches is mainly all I ask for in terms of motivation.

Well, my place is still 120 F in summer with no AC so I kinda wish we got AC too, if only for my laptop to not melt (It died once during school and I had to do a whole reinstall…)

8 thoughts on “Summer is here!

  1. SHEEP says:

    Welcome back (^◇^)(^◇^)This little birdie has eagerly been awaiting for your revival~ I have one more final left so your blessings will go a long way >~< Remember to top off on HP potions!!!

  2. Iriana Romani says:

    ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  3. orphire says:

    Welcome back. I’m glad you’re healthier now. Please do take care of yourself

  4. tsukisuki says:

    Welcome back Snowy… I’m glad your health is getting better. Beware of heatstroke & dehydration. And have you try to use a laptop cooling pad? I used the one that has little fan to be put underneath my laptop and it really helped in preventing crash.

    • SnowTime says:

      I do have one, doesn’t do much tho unfortunately XD and I replenish my water stores through a lot of watermelon~

  5. Catastrophe says:

    Welcome back. It’s great that you’ve recovered a little. Take care of yourself and I live in a tropical region so I understand you. Just remember to keep yourself hydrated though.

    • Nils says:

      Me alegra saber que estaa mejor. Así que espero que su recuperación sea pronta y buena. Agradesemos sus esfuerzos en la traducción. Solo puedo enviarle apoyo moral y animico para su vida y que seguiremos esperando por sus proyectos el resto de años que dure esto ja ja ja. Muchas gravias por su tiempo en leer niestros comentarios. Alegrias a su vida y fuerza para su alma.

  6. Tinascow Mooduck says:

    Welcome back!!! Happy summer! I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling a lot better. Hurray for passing! Staying healthy is the key goal here.

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