Site Fixed

Sorry for the past few days of terrible redirects, short story a hacker hacked into the database and we had to do a couple rounds of cleaning, password changing etc.

Things should be fine now.

Gotta thank my Raido buddy for clearing that guy out, unfortunately I am not good at security IT

PS: If you clicked on anything for ‘verification’ etc during that time period, I would suggest a malware run check. And a lesson to never click on those if it randomly comes up again.

PPS: My jetpack broke, fixing it tomorrow

5 thoughts on “Site Fixed

  1. Whit says:

    Glad to see y’all back

  2. Sulka says:

    Ty, happy you are back <3

  3. Mamiko says:

    Thank goodness you cleared that guy out! Glad to see you guys back 🥰

  4. LilyPie says:

    THANK GOSh!! other than stressing out over how I can read “Heroic Death System” , I was worried for this site xD

    I am glad it is finally resolved! <3

  5. Pompom says:

    Thank you ❤️

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