So, bad news?

So, I’ve been complaining on and off for a long while about various health problems… and they never really got solved so yeah, they just got more severe.

Anyway, good news is, I found out what the heck is wrong with me, literally today. Bad news is, how in the hell am I alive, even the doctor was slightly perplex considering my age and current occupation (passing B student in college).

In short, I screwed up my spine, in several places. Particularly the worse spot is my neck, into my brain, so yeah, my brain stem is having a hella time being unreasonably squeezed.  And this has been going on for years (at least I can sorta link it back to starting in highschool and now I’m a junior in college… doc said even before that so who knows). It’s just more recently that the symptoms have gotten severe enough I can be down for a day and now live with daily headaches and more noticeably crappy memory (which is why, how the hell am I passing class lol, my memories are like those passing dreams you barely remember. How the hell do I study.). That’s just the bare minimum of it :v I got my report if you feel like checking out and wonder how I am alive too.

If anyone knows biology I literally have a problem in every spot concerning every organ \o/ Life is great. Meh, some things not included is bad temperature fluctuation, aka, it’s 70 F degrees yet I am freezing. Not happy.

So yeah, why the hell I am reporting this is simply because now that my problem has been found, my slow translating might slow down even further because I got… lots of therapy and realignment stuff going on. If things goes well I will be fine in a year, maybe even sooner than that. Just need to work more on my actual job to pay the bills lol.

I will translate like a demon once I get my health back hmph. Sakhyu asked how the hell I am translating in my current condition despite all the stuff going on in life…. hahaha, one answer. Pure stubbornness.

(I can tl four chapters in a day with a headache I can do four chapters while in full health damn it)

Welp, I am getting a nice stock of chapters translated for Christmas at least… so look forward to that? 😛

I better not develop the rest of those symptoms on that list, diabetes and heart disease does not sound fun

o3o (feels a bit guilty but lightening load on parents) GoFundMe?

133 thoughts on “So, bad news?

  1. fayulovly says:

    You’re a so strong!! Idk what to do if I was you!!!!! Hope everything gonna be fine for you!!! We all love you snowy!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3

    • SnowTime says:

      I’ll live… at least mine isn’t some rare incurable illness hahahaha… I just feel bad about the bills on my parents… ugh…. USA healthcare… sucks… orz wish I live in Canada right now…

      • Cookies n' Cream says:

        Hmmmmmm….. here to Canada for free health care?

        Decisions, decisions.

        (If I could I would but sadly I’m still a small kookie and USA doesn’t have free health care, really?)

        • SnowTime says:

          No free health care and I think I need to be a citizen for Canada XD

          • NinjaGal says:

            Marry her and be a Canadian citizen. Well I dunno if it works like that

            • SnowTime says:


            • Rinth says:

              Marriage does apply but Snowy-sama would have to stay for a period in Canada without exiting too (enduring all the interviews too).


              • SnowTime says:

                hahahha…. I’m so done with interviews and presentations…

      • Kookiechiu says:

        Canada isn’t as good as you think. I had a friend in canda who underwent an accident and had to get treatment in the USA because Canada healthcare isn’t as good and they make you wait.

        • SnowTime says:

          Two sides to everything eh…. rip

  2. meepers says:

    Snoowyy huhuhu get well soon !! We love you and your stuborness ♡♡ Please recuperate and be better soon~~

  3. tailor31415 says:

    I hope you have a speedy recovery. your suffering sounds awful, so sorry you’ve had to deal with all that for so long.

    • SnowTime says:

      Human adaptability is amazing… once you get used to it, you won’t even feel the pain anymore 😂 But headaches just can’t be beaten…

      • tailor31415 says:

        good that you’ve been able to adapt some! I have a twisted spine and constantly strained muscles from it but it still hurts even though it’s been years 😅 thankfully no reoccurring headaches for me, I was lucky there >.<

        • SnowTime says:

          The place of my spine twist just so happens to start from the very first bone.. so right at the skull 😂 and it just goes down with more twists. Like, my neck is perfectly straight when it should curve…

          • Juju48 says:

            I’m an MRI tech. Most people you can tell how bad it is by looking at them when they walk in. Sometimes you met someone and after you see their spine your like. “What the hell happened and how are you walking right now.” Stubbornness, determination, will power. Whatever you want to call it. Some people just keep moving long after physicals it should not have been possible

  4. Samchon25 says:

    I dont know what to say but recuperate and be better! Love you snowy.

  5. Beshiiiie says:

    Oh God. Get well 😰 You’re too young 😭 (since we’re almost the same age)

    • SnowTime says:

      21 in Jan /o/

      • Beshiiiie says:

        You’re even younger than me! 21 this Dec 😟

        • SnowTime says:

          Hahaha xD I just sound and complain about the same problems like an old granny

          • Beshiiiie says:

            But really, get whatever treatment you need. That’s more important haha. Thanks for translating all this time :3 I can wait till you get better ❤

            • SnowTime says:

              xD I get bored, so translating when I can anyway. I’m stubborn like that

              • Beshiiiie says:

                Hahahaha that’s cute 😂

  6. tsukisuki says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that, Snowy-sama..
    My high school friend had a scoliosis, she underwent therapy for a year I think, and always wear some sort of braces. I hope your therapy is smooth and will recuperate soon.

    • SnowTime says:

      D: Hope that friend of yours is doing better… My doctor has high hopes for my full recovery. 2020 Will become my golden year! Hopefully

  7. thesilentdarkangel says:

    Wow. .
    I sincerely hope that your treatments will be super effective and you can enjoy a pain free daily life.

  8. kirindas says:

    I’m glad your problem is still fixable and not a lost cause. Good luck with your treatments and hope they fix all of your issues so that you can go without any further problems!

  9. Ezr_alva says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your conditions :” .idk how you can keep managing and translating so far and still be around on internet other than that you’re a superman!! I only got hypermyopia and astigmatism but staring at pc screen or gadget more than 20 min is already enough to make me suffer from bad headache…yet you have given us so many works these years. I really appreciate it 😉

    I’m a health worker so sometimes i met ppl with similar conditions with you..did you suffer from some trauma to your backbone before the symptoms emerged or those these spinal injuries came from unknown origin?

    And i really totally hope you can recover fully in no time and succeed in both your career and life…take rest sweety cause you earn it ^^

    • SnowTime says:

      I’m not too sure because my memories of anything even from a day ago becomes really vague impressions… I do know I have fallen from the top of stairs and stuff before though and I usually land on my feet… it might be that…

      And I’m sadly a workaholic and a lazy person… what an oxymoron. xD Will try to rest hahaha

  10. scaranpannoir says:

    Pure stubbornness is strong alright, itsi the reason why I survived high school away from home and into Uni and not coming back home for nearly a year. But still, that’s really bad. I mean I have a friend who’s got spine problems and she faints on a regular basis (because she doesn’t wanna scream when the pain gets to her :v I sound very heartless hmm) so I also don’t know how you’re surviving but I hope the treatment goes well and your situation will get better. Keep fighting!

    • SnowTime says:

      …faint on a regular basis? rip your friend. I near fainted once and got sent to the hospital. Not doing that again 😂

  11. Idle Bones says:

    Snowy… Atleast we got a name for that pain in the spine! We gotta recuperate! Therapy! We’ll be here cheering for you and praying for you.

  12. daisynkysloth says:

    Get stronger, get better, we’ll cheer you on with love.

  13. Reall says:

    At least we now know what the problem is so it can be treated. Get well soon and stay strong. You are too young for this 😭

  14. tlt2018 says:

    Oh no! I wish you a fast recovery. Good luck 🍀!!! Good thing it’s not incurable, but it’d be even better to never have it at all…

  15. Rhyswelle says:

    Kodus to youu for actually surviving!!!
    I am hoping for your great recovery! Please take care of yourself fakdkqyoehe
    Do rest properly and all!
    Get well soon!

  16. motangtangmo says:

    I wish you to recover well, thanks a lot for your stubborn in translating for us. However, I would like you to focus on your health first. we need you, we want to read more and more chapters, more and more novels in the future. So, when you have to rest just rest. We can wait and I would like you to know that as a reader and your fan, we will always support you!

    A lot of love from Thailand’s reader!

  17. Kafuu42 says:

    Pure respect for you Snowy-sama! (T w T)7
    Hope you’ll recover soon! (o w o)/

  18. f54lyf3 says:

    Rip lol that sucks you shouldn’t even be translating I don’t think it should matter health is more important

  19. Deena says:

    I am very very sad for u snowy sama😢😢 plz plz may god bless u n ur family 💓💓thax for all the happiness u give us despite ur inconveince😑😑
    love u alot snowy sama
    btw am the oldest reader here 😄i wish i could help but u c i come frm country where u get out of coven after u get married lol soo yeah ill definetly help u later when i am not with in-laws😄😄😄😄(shss!!😉)

    • SnowTime says:

      😂😂😂 Good luck with yourself as well

  20. Aozora says:

    I’m sorry to read you’ve so big health issue😨. Take care of your health first and I hope you’ll get well soon! ❤️

  21. smarshum says:

    Wow… buddy are you a god or something? Considering your health problems, job, translation speed, and translation quality I’m really starting to wonder if you are really human… anyway I don’t really mind what you are as long as you are ok and I get my chapters😀 seriously though, your health is the most important so if translation ever get in the way of your recovery remember to prioritise and choose your health! Even if it does not seem that bad to do both. I really want new chapters but please remember that your health is important.

    • Megumi An says:


      I couldn’t even tell you were sick with all those chapters qwq

      I’m glad you found out what’s wrong and can fix it now!

      I appreciate your translations so much and I hope you get better quickly! Much respects to you!!!

    • Megumi An says:

      Oof wait I accidently made it a reply
      Sorry qwq

      • smarshum says:

        Lol yep, I was kinda confused for about 1.2 seconds before I realised that you made a mistake haha.

  22. Megumi An says:

    Wow I feel like I sound so fake, but I really feel bad for taking this translation for granted qwq idek but I just hope you get better and feel better in general

    I can wait years for translations ill wait for however long just take of yourself and put yourself first qwq not only because of translations but also because you’re really cool and don’t deserve all the pain qwq im rambling at this point plz ignore

    • SnowTime says:

      XD hahaha, I plan to stick around for years with my stack of bookmarks!

  23. Blue Witch says:

    I really love your translations, and I love you for translating them just as much, which is why I want to tell you that you should take however long you need to get better! I (and I’m sure the other readers here) will wait for you. Sadly I don’t have money right now (being a student under strict parents), but I’ll pray for your health!

    (P.S. I admire your stubbornness but please prioritize your health! >w

  24. Ri Hikaru says:

    If you need to rest, take it. I applaud that you still want to translate, but please do it in moderation. I love you and your translations and if you over exhaust yourself, your condition might get worse, affecting your translations.
    Take a rest, sleep as much as you can and come back healthy with a hextuple release~!

  25. Kleep says:

    I missed this but I’m so happy that you found the answers, and I am excited for you to get your health back on track. Take care and good luck.

    Your stalkers…er….followers will remain faithful I’m sure ♥️♥️

  26. Niki says:

    I hope you recover well 😣 . I send all my love and well wishes . Please listen to the doctors and take care okay ? Get well darling 💜

  27. Anra7777 says:

    Whoa! I hope you can make a full recovery soon. Back problems run in my family, so I’m looking forward to having a literal broken back in a few decades. 😑 I know how hard it was on my mom. Different problems, similiar area of the body, so I feel I can sympathize with you. I’ll be thinking good thoughts your way.

  28. phirruel says:

    You’re really quite amazing snowy. You have my eternal gratitude for being your wonderfully stubborn self and I hope for your recovery. Take care ❤

  29. hoshiandme says:

    Snowy!! Get better!! Aw!!! Just when I got here to your old site! And was planning to follow you for years!
    Now. It’s like a long distance relationship where something happens that make you stop talking to one another!

    But your health is all that matters!
    And to be honest.
    How the heck didn’t you figure this out earlier? Lol. If the symptoms started in highschool. You could’ve gotten it taken care. Plus. Kids and stuff get cheaper healthcare. So everything would’ve been pretty much free. So like gosh!

    I hope you get better!
    Be well Snowy!!!

    Seriously. How’s you translate lol.
    Do you like translating?

  30. Soundless says:

    Get well soon Snowy ! And thank you for your translations until now even though you were in bad health ! I hope you recover well.
    I wanted to gofundyou to help but I don’t have a credit card and they didn’t propose another type of payment T_T I’m a bit disapointed, sorry ! ><

  31. tjaja says:

    Take care of your self. And pro tip; do not use yourself as a check point on if you are healty again, use healty peoples normal state. I’m happy with what ever speed you feel like doing, MTL is a sin and your TL are fabuloso 😉

    • SnowTime says:

      😂😂😂 Thank you

  32. trippuchi says:

    Christ Snowy, donated just now. I’m glad that the doctors finally figured out what was wrong; I hope the PT goes smoothly!

    • SnowTime says:

      🤓 Thank you kindly

    • SnowTime says:

      Same as well XD and thank you!

  33. Ally says:

    I am glad you found out. Hoping you will recover in a year with therapy. Please take care of yourself. 😄

  34. Ryss says:

    Friggn hell- sounds like the shit my grandfather(!) had…
    More than enough reason to take a break- heck, its a miracle that u didnt stop completly.
    Hope therapy pays off n u will feel better

    • SnowTime says:

      Ouch, rip grandpa. At least I’m still young so fixing it just needs time and work ..

  35. Yulin says:

    I love you snowy

  36. winteriaice says:

    I just found out u are the same age as me. I fractured my tailbone (it never healed properly) and it always hurts after a certain duration of sitting or standing. U are so strong. I usually end up crying and whimpering. >< Hope you'll get well soon.

    • winteriaice says:

      I honestly don’t think I’ll cope as well as u if I have the same issue omg. Respect

  37. RenTheWitch (@RenTheWitch1) says:

    All the best, i cant do anything else but wish you the best… Give priority to getting better, health and life are always first.

  38. LK says:

    As everyone in my family says DON’T DIE.

    P.s. get well soon (>.<)

  39. Cloverlin says:

    oh my goodness.. and here I am complaining with the slow UD of love rival’s wife, even though I’m a freaking leech-er.. I’m soo sorry for that. I just hope you will get well soon and may the illness not upgrade to more graver?? (lols, sorry my english is bad.. not my mother tongue XD)

    Anyway.. focus on your health more.. as what they say, health is wealth.. I will include you to my prayers, specially this coming “Simbang Gabi”.. which they say, can fulfill one’s wish in christmas if one’s complete the 9 rooster masses.. (okay now I’m babbling much )

    get well soon… and may God bless you.. okay bye. My boss might see me reading novels in the middle of work.

    • SnowTime says:

      It’s all good~ I have good news for reborn readers… the main story has been completely translated /o/ Just waiting on editors hahahaha. Now Resonance is working on the side stories o3o

      • Cloverlin says:

        I love you alot.. if your a girl.. I’ll be a man to marry you.. just kidding..(^^,)v I don’t want to be reborn to have something dangling below..hehe.. (-_-)

        Anyway, thanks for informing this..and I hope the next good news is that your health will turn better.

  40. cookietower says:

    My goodness, how did you put up with this for so long? Take care of your health! Rest up and don’t take such taxing workloads. Health should now be your top priority! Praying for your speedy recovery!

  41. ResidentialPsycho says:

    It’s good they’re so optimistic for you. Best of luck. Once you recover, you’ll feel like a new person.

  42. darknari says:

    Take the time you need to recover, ok?

  43. Worsening says:

    Take care~ but I think you should try not to translate and wait for a year. I think I can wait for a year. Maybe…. Its better to prioritise your study I think.

  44. Rinth says:

    Hope you get well soon and feel better sooner!

    We are all praying for your wellbeing!

  45. Odroflair says:

    Dear snowy, what frustrating news! If I wasn’t married already I’d marry you for the cheaper healthcare across the sea. And I do believe you’d be a wonderful wifey. If you want to be me to wifey I don’t mind either though lol. I’m glad you finally know what has been bugging you and your body and that it is treatable. It’s frustrating putting your life on pause because of health, and that you have to go through the whole milling process called healthcare. Wish you a sailing recovery, I mean the best recovery! I want to thank you for being awesome and your greatest translations.

    Best regards,

    A lurking camping sta.. eh I mean admirer

    • SnowTime says:

      xD hahaha, so kind of you (though I hope your partner isn’t a yandere, I do not wish to be killed o3o)
      So far recovery is going well~ and I shall continue to keep translating~!

  46. Joanne says:

    Hi Snowy, I’ve been lurking for awhile but I’ve finally posted. I’m hoping that what your doctor recommended is chiropractic treatment paired with physiotherapist to help relax and adjust those bones in the spine:) If they mention any spinal degeneration, you might even need decompression. Hope you get well soon😊🙏🏼

    • SnowTime says:

      I went through a lot of doctors and they never realized my problem, they all just recommended therapy without any goals or medication… so my aunt told me to go get some xrays done and then she’ll take me to an acupuncture. Just my luck, the place I chosen was a chiropratic place and now they take care of me with acupuncture done at the same time to speed up recovery xD
      They did mention spinal degeneration, I went through one round of decompression already. It’s… an interesting experience xDDD

      • Joanne says:

        I’m glad to hear that! Saw the recent post that mentioned that you’ve had 4

  47. Schaaafix says:

    Congratulating seems wrong =/
    But hey, you finally know whats wrong and there is a way to heal!
    I really wish for you to become healthy again! It is the top priority and everything else has to wait.
    Thanks for letting us know

  48. Skilvh says:

    Well, all I can say are:
    Snowy~ I wish you all the best in your recuperation!
    Did they introduce you to a good chiropractor therapist or is it all-in-1 in the hospital?
    How did you even twist some of your spinal cords’ segments?
    Have you checked your mattress? Coz my bro slept many years (during his teenage/growth period) in a stacked/layered thin mattress when he’s young and now his spinal cord was bent weirdly and had lots of health problems too.
    Swimming is a good routine to have for the spinal cord. At least 2~3 times a week. That’s what my bro did for half a year before reducing the amount into once a week and now we rarely heard him complained about his back pain! 🙂

    Get well soon~

    • Skilvh says:

      Oh yes forgot to tell you: Pilates –> good for posture and restructuring bones & try to find a good high-calcium supplements to help.
      These are just my inputs. Hope these helps. But of course consulting many doctors are better than hearing from just a few.

      • SnowTime says:

        Ohhh, I never heard of pilates before! I shall try that out XD I have a multivitamin with calcium so maybe I should take that more often then whenever I remember… and swimming can only happen when it’s warmer hahaha. I don’t think it’s our mattress although it is old as hell, I’ve been told I fell really badly once when I was ten so she thinks my first spinal injury probably came from that and the rest just piled up from things like falling off of stairs and more tripping…

  49. lamperouge0 says:

    I’m really impressed how fast you translate, especially with your condition. I totally understand if you have to take time off. I hope your recovery goes smoothly!

  50. Kouta Asato says:

    Snowy!!!!! I’m really glad you finally found out what is wrong and that it can be fixed!!!
    So take good rest, eat properly and obey what doctors said so you can be top notch in not time!

  51. Soah says:

    Omg definitely aye ok. go rest the spine is so important and affects long term. health before anything! I wish you well~

  52. Tintl says:

    Ur an angel, seriously. Your attitude is inspiring. I’m so grateful you exist. We all adore you.
    (If u can translate 4 chaps a day with a headache and a whole slew of health problems, i can damn well pass finals week without dying)

    • SnowTime says:

      Do your best and everyone else who still has finals! I’m just waiting on grades now…

  53. moto says:

    Get better snowy. Health >tling. I honestly dont know how u havent collapsed yet.

    • SnowTime says:

      Mom’s long line of farmer blood OP xD

      • moto says:

        Lots of pure farmer stubbornness. Too op.

  54. IwantHotPotwithSoju says:

    Oh no snowy-sama you mustve been in so much pain, please get better soon and rest plenty of times!

    seriously you have great stubbornness for not collapsing yet! Christ im all worried now, please do your best for complete recovery!!

    we’ll be here praying for you!

    (sorry snowy-sama i cant help you with financial support bc i have an unfortunate bank account)

    • SnowTime says:

      Thank you for your well wishes~ I am already on the road to recovery o7 I think I’m turning into a pig with how much I rested o3o

  55. TreePeony says:

    It’s really amazing how you still have the spirit to keep scanlating with all of that going on! Glad to hear you’ve been getting better, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a full recovery!

  56. f54lyf3 says:

    I’m kinda confused though you have so many translators in the about us page does no one else translate cause it seems every story stopped?

    • f54lyf3 says:

      Nvm my browser keeps glitching

  57. Anastassya Zein says:

    Get yourself fixed. Seriously. GWS. And after you get yourself fixed don’t overwork yourself. You gotta treasure those organs of yours, ‘kay. It’s fine for us not to read for awhile. I don’t think me or other readers want to read anything if it costs you your health.

  58. Chandz bryant says:

    I dont know what to say to make you better. U just need to know, I am one of many people that frequently
    visit here, and love your work. Even though, I kinda sad for the slower update thingy. But hey, that doesnt matter..
    Prioritize yourself. Yeah, you make us happy, and I hope u can be happy too..
    Life sucks, I got moody all the time, but one update is more than enough to make my day…
    I say this, not to push you to update. But, just to let you know how much your work affect some people, like me…
    Anyway, I wish u the best, Snowy xxxxD ….

  59. Kaguya Magami says:

    OMG! Snowy, i’m sorry. Are you okay? Just rest easy and focus on impreviim your health. Thank you for your hard work for continuous translation but no need to be hurry, just one chapter / day is enough. And your health come first! I hope you’re get well soon! Amen.

  60. Stalker says:

    Snowyyy merry christmas! How did I only see this post now… anyways there’s no shame in taking a break if things get hard for you because I bet that the people waiting for the chapters know that your health > speed of chapters!

  61. Lia says:

    Get well soon

  62. Miss says:


  63. akumakawa says:

    Holy hell. But at least they found it and you can get treatment.


    BTW, you might want to think about Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income for those whose health prevents them from working.

    Also, you might to check into some foundations and charities. They might be able to help you out too. Not just financially but other stuff too.

    Take your time, get well.

  64. udin-san says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you get well soon. Be strong! Cheers

  65. lifeofdolphin says:

    really? that’s the problem? i mean, i think i have similar case right here, and after meeting a few doctors, the diagnosis was getting more and more ridiculous, and a year medication and therapy nothing really change for me and i’m just really tired

    severe headaches and migraines, aching neck and limbs, continuous fluctuations in my temperature, memory loss, hard time breathing, my gums keep getting swollen, and my throat keep getting inflammation at least once a month

    i hope you have recommendations for type of doctors i should attend because after internists, neurologists, and respirators didn’t work, i really don’t know what else i should do

    • SnowTime says:

      I go to chiropractic o.o… they physically pop certain areas and things like that and realign it. So far I have been feeling a lot better. I also do acupunture once a week… your situation really does sound right like mine -_- I went through a whole bunch of doctors until I finally nailed this… good luck

      • lifeofdolphin says:

        thank youuu!! i will definitely try chiropractic and acupuncture!! this sounds healthier than bunch others medications that doctors have shoved down my throat …

        i tought my comment would sink and you could never reply to my comment….

        thank you very much for all the infos and replying to my comments! i hope you will have a complete recovery soon! and thank you for all the translations you’ve done! my fave is HDS btw! thank you very muuuuuuch! love ya uwu

        • SnowTime says:

          Good luck, I hope it works on you as well it has worked on me~
          It is a long-term thing though, I do chiropractic three times a week xD

  66. Anon says:

    I wish you the best for this new year!!! I hope you feel better soon and that recovery goes well

  67. Martha Vargas says:

    Mi más profundo respeto a tu persona ya que cualquiera habría abandonado las traducciones! pero sin duda se que te recuperaras pronto y deseo que eso suceda de todo corazón, asi que animo y no desesperes que con gusto te espero ! ♥♥♥

  68. Anon says:

    Just dropped in to see if you were okay and found this, I’m sorry I didn’t check sooner ;~;

    Wish I could speed your recovery, I do sincerely hope your health improves from here on out. Get well soon!

  69. Emad says:

    can you please describe the symptoms as well as how the doctor was able to tell your problem ?
    I have the same unsolved problems and nobody figured something out yet , so it would be a great help .

    • SnowTime says:

      My symptoms include unable to regulate body temperature well, trembling, headaches, pain from neck to hips, lots of stomach problem, long term memory problems, hard to concentrate, constant fatigue, worsening eyesight, swollen throat (mornings usually), weakness on the left, and my bones shift a lot after I do things and when I lie down my hips always take time to settle and be comfortable …. uhhh, I think that’s most if it? I highlighted in my chart
      As for how my doctor figured it out, if they are a GOOD chiropractic, they can figure it out just be feeling your spine from neck to hip. They apply a bit of pressure on the left and right of the spine and you’ll feel discomfort and pain to some degree if that place has a problem and goes down or up starting from your hips or neck. Apparently the muscles there twitch a lot too from what my doctor says. Then they take the actual xrays since they figured out you do have a problem. Make sure to find a good one though… I heard from my roommate how a bad one broke her mom’s neck while trying to adjust… mine is awesome and nothing of the sort has happened looool

  70. Vannie says:

    Just curious, Snow, are you visiting a chiropractor for realignment?

    • SnowTime says:


  71. Bibi Ramirez says:


  72. Sliverlux says:

    Oh no hope your spine gets realigned so you don’t have to suffer any pain or further symptoms. Please get well soon i’ll miss your updates but it’ll be better that you get well first so take you time.

  73. Faniac says:

    Because you’re OP! 😤😤

  74. Janiz says:

    Just came across this post. How are you doing now? Is it getting better?

    • SnowTime says:

      I’m healing very well~!

  75. Sion says:

    I recently came across your translations, thanks a lot for sharing your hard work with us! I hope your recovery goes smoothly!

  76. Illinois says:

    Just came across this, hope I’m not too late to wish a get well soon ; ). Anyway, Take your time in recovering your health~

  77. Catastrophe says:

    How are you doing now? I hope you recover well.

    • SnowTime says:

      I’m doing very well these days! The most problematic of my symptoms are mostly gone now 😀

      • Catastrophe says:

        That’s great!!! Lots of love from your supporter.♥️♥️♥️. Rest well.

  78. KeKe says:

    Symptoms List:
    Feeling toxic. Yep sounds legit XD
    Low sex drive… isn’t the fact that you can’t check this a type of confirmation in of itself.
    Best wishes for you and your health Snowy-sama♥️

    • SnowTime says:


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