Food for Summer

For those of you that use NUF, there is an event to donate nuffies for translators to buy them virtual food that can turn into real food >< As a starving homeless student in NYC I am shamelessly begging for your nuffies: there’s group buying thread here: The group buying account for me Read More

Bad(?) News~

Hello~ And might you guess it, this does have to do with a certain publisher. I have a total of four Qidian novels: Happy Little Mayor Hollywood Secret Garden Strange Life of a Cat Thriller Paradise I am dropping two of them: Happy Little Mayor and Hollywood Secret Garden until further notice… The reason why Read More

Site Upgrade~

So, I’ve been messing with my site today and did some upgrading to the theme and whatnot. Something new: This site has an ad now… at the very top header and bottom footer, no more. I’m still figuring out what the new upgrade to the theme could do! So, people who are willing to be Read More