hlmHappy Little Mayor

Raws: http://www.qidian.com/Book/1003290088.aspx (Official)

http://www.piaotian.net/html/7/7905/ (Alternative)


Wang Bo was fed up with his job being a programmer, especially because of all of the nights he was working overtime without pay. His boss had given him a mysterious game to beta test in his free time, which had granted him possession of unclaimed territory in New Zealand with which to improve to his desires. After a certain event in his company, he ended up quitting his job. His lack of goals and curiosity eventually led him to buy a ticket to New Zealand, in order to see if the unclaimed territory given to him in the game was actually real. Watch, as he develops this beautiful, fertile stretch of land into prosperity, by building villages, farms, schools, hospitals and more.

Tags: Relaxing, Neet, Town development, Money making

Dropped Until Further Notice

Table of Content

Arc 1: First Arrival to the Territory

Chapter 1: Lord’s Heart
Chapter 2: Old Wang Went Crazy
Chapter 3: Going to Check Out the Territory
Chapter 4: Old Wang Quickly Runs
Chapter 5: The Lord’s Turntable That Does Not Turn
Chapter 6: Being the Mayor
Chapter 7: Sunset Town
Chapter 8: The Haunted Castle
Chapter 9: Wallet Has Been Emptied
Chapter 10: That Hint of a Smile
Chapter 11: A Two-Star Restaurant
Chapter 12: Be As Resourceful and Brave As Old Wang
Chapter 13:
Chapter 14:

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