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Chapter 9: Wallet Has Been Emptied

This time Old Wang was badly frightened. Under such circûmstances where one was concentrating all of their attention to only have such a thing come out was really much too frightening. He made an “Ao” sound as he shrieked then jumped up, his urine overflowing the next second.

It was at this moment that the wooden door made a loud sound and opened from the outside, Charlie’s panicked scream sounded out: “Wang, did you die?!”

What kind of question is that? Even if Wang Bo hadn’t died from fright, he would’ve died from anger. Actually, if this voice had appeared any later, he would at the very least be wetting his pants. He now knows that the one knocking and kicking the door was Charlie, but the way he did it was way too frightening.

Charlie’s current appearance wasn’t any better than his at the moment. This guy’s complexion was gloomy and eyes were terrified. His blond hair was a terrible mess and the veins on both of his hands were bulging as he held out a jet-black gun in his hands…

Hugging a pillow to his chest, Wang Bo looked at Charlie in panic. With the panic-stricken face of his, he looked at the gun that was in Charlie’s hands and the trembling legs and then shouted: “Are you trying to scare me to death! And what’s with the gun in your hands?”

Charlie panted hoarsely: “Don’t worry about my gun anymore! Hurry up and get all your important stuff and then leave. This damned castle must have a ghost and even a female ghost at that! I’m certain of it!

With the shining light and a friend by his side, Wang Bo’s panic state of mind calmed down a lot he sounded frightened as he asked: “What did you see just now?”

Charlie swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said: “Damn it, I don’t know, I didn’t see anything! But this castle definitely has a ghost, because I heard the sound of a woman weeping! She was saying she was really hungry, and she was asking who was the one to break into her graveyard!”

“Graveyard?” Wang Bo’s mind that had finally relaxed began to tense up again.

Charlie didn’t speak any more of this nonsense and threw him his bag as he said: “We need to hurry up and go, we have to leave this place at once!”

Wang Bo hesitantly looked out at the pitch-black night scene and said: “But, your mom! Where are we going to go right now? The outside one thousand square kilometers is complete wilderness! How about the two of us stick together until dawn? And contact the helicopter at dawn after we leave?”

Indeed, the two couldn’t go anywhere without a helicopter and they don’t have any other means of transportation. This territory also didn’t have any roads.

Charlie mumbled to himself for a time but could only accept Wang Bo’s suggestion, in the end, they both decided to stay in a room. The lights were on at all time and he kept his gun loaded as they two men warily kept looked all around.

There were no longer any unfathomable sounds echoing afterward and Wang Bo asked Charlie if it was possible that there were any other people in the castle. Charlie said that was impossible. When they departed after the funeral preparations, the place had been inspected. There was absolutely no one else in the castle back then.

If you’re asking if someone got in the castle after that, then that is even more impossible. The main gate is locked and with the walls being so high, no one could ever climb in. Especially when the voice from before was a woman, it is even less possible for a woman to have gotten in.

What Wang Bo had received from childhood was the education of an atheist, so unless it was that he was really afraid, he didn’t believe there would be a ghost in this castle. And after the two entered the room together, there were no longer any other sounds.

But Charlie insisted that there was a female ghost in the castle, and since Wang Bo was scared, he didn’t insist on his point of view. The two chatted for a while and when it was midnight, both of them became a little sleepy. So Charlie suggested for the two of them take turns and keep watch. Each person would be responsible for a one hour shift until they reached dawn they would then leave this place.

Wang Bo allowed Charlie to rest first. This guy was much too nervous before, which naturally meant he was the most tired of them.

Charlie nodded and gave his gun to him, telling him to be careful before he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

This being the first time Wang Bo held a gun, he immediately got excited. He wasn’t a military enthusiast so he didn’t know the model of this gun, but he felt that the curve line of the gun was quite beautiful. Holding it in his hands, he could help but feel fired up.

But something like a gun isn’t really entertaining if you couldn’t shoot it. So after playing with it for a while, he lost all interest in it.

After the Lord’s Heart had appeared, it had split and turned into a Lord’s Sandtable and a Lord’s Turntable. Wang Bo noticed that the translucent color of the turntable had turned into a pale green while the green fog in the sandtable had become much milder. It was as if the green fog was being sucked away by the turntable.

An hour’s time quickly went by, but Old Wang was still full of energy. Seeing Charlie sleep so well, he didn’t disturb him and played around with the gun and sandtable to pass the night away.

When Charlie woke up, the sun had already risen from the East. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked out before saying in shock: “It’s morning? Why didn’t you wake me up to change shifts?”

Wang Bo said: “I saw that you were sleeping so well and didn’t have the heart to wake you up. Besides, nothing happened.”

Hearing this, Charlie started blankly before sucking in a breath as he patted him on the shoulder, severely saying: “Old Wang, you are a loyal friend! Such a good brother!”

Wang Bo didn’t know if he should cry or laugh, he didn’t expect for a few word to develop the pair’s relationship like this. It was like deflowering a virgin and ending up with a pregnant woman[1]

After Charlie got up from the bed, he went back to his room to get his stuff only to scream out once again.

Wang Bo was again frightened until he shivered and hurried ran over to ask: “What’s wrong? Did you see a ghost?!”

Charlie only pointed at the table with his deathly pale face. Wang Bo looked at the table that had sausage, apple, tangerine, banana, towel, toothbrush and things like that. There wasn’t anything unusual about it.

“What’s wrong with this?” Wang Bo carefully asked.

Charlie looked at him in horror and slowly shook his head: “It’s not what’s wrong with it, it’s about what went missing! I remember there being a bundle of wild grapes here, I remember very clearly that I placed a bundle of wild grapes here before I went to sleep!”

Wild grapes was a special fruit of New Zealand, it’s appearance was like a smaller version of grapes, each one was only the size of a soybean. Their flavor was sweet and they were very popular.

Wang Bo sucked in a breath and asked: “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, completely certain about it!” Charlie said from the side as he packed all of his important items into his bag and stood up while carrying it on his back, “Hurry up and pack so we can leave. We can’t stay here anymore. We need to immediately go back to Omarama to research what is going on here!”

Wang Bo was also scared and rapidly stuffed everything into his bag, leaving behind some food and fruit. Charlie didn’t allow him to bother with that and just quickly wanted to leave.

Like this, the two men ran out of the castle. Old Wang was holding a grudge as he ran by the side: Your mom exploded. When he had finally obtained a property for himself, why must it turn out to be haunted?

They returned back to Omarama and Charlie first took Wang Bo to the city’s church for a giant bottle of holy water to take back and bathe with.

After they took a break, Charlie brought him to go research about the castle’s female ghost.

The small town’s police station, city hall, the churches and so on, as long as Charlie said to go, that was where they would go. Whenever someone asked for a certificate from him, Wang Bo did not know what kind of certificate that was used, but after reading it, everyone no longer tried to stop them.

The result was that even after two days of hard work, nothing was discovered. But Wang Bo probably figured out Charlie’s work, this guy might not just be a simple employee for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs…

But this wasn’t the important part, Wang Bo’s priority right now is how he should replenish his money. Although the small town’s consumption rate wasn’t high, but if it was converted into renminbi, then it was quite horrifying. His wallet was about to dry up!

For example, eating a meal is ten niubi, but if you converted that into renminbi, it was forty something yuan; another example being that the standard room is eighty niubi, but when you convert it into renminbi it is was three hundred fifty yuan.

Adding to the fact that for these past two days he had been heading out to go through the procedure for building a small town, he didn’t even know where he had spent all of his money anymore. Either way, the twenty thousand silver yuan he had brought with him was almost completely gone!


[1]Basically just saying, that what he did bring about the opposite (deliberate actions were fruitless but careless words brought shade). It’s a purposefully butchered Chinese idiom…

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