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Chapter 4: Old Wang Quickly Runs

Wang Bo returned to the capital, Beijing, in the middle of November. Dragging along with him his suitcase and also carrying his bags, he was ready to embark on an unknown journey.

China and New Zealand, one was in the Northern Hemisphere and the other is in the Southern Hemisphere. This divide was the distance of over ten thousand kilometers wide. The plane from Beijing Airport was unable to fly there directly, so he needed to switch planes midway. He had bought an economy class passenger plane ticket. They would switch planes when they landed in Hong Kong, and after a couple of hours they would then arrive in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.

Sitting in the plane, Wang Bo did not know what was awaiting him. It was inevitable that he would become anxious and distressed.

The result was that after the blonde beauty who sat next to him sized him up, she suddenly started to very enthusiastically chat with him, saying that the feeling of distress that she sensed from him had moved her.

This was without a doubt, the blonde beauty hinting at a booty call.

But Wang Bo very insensitively refused. It wasn’t because he was a man of honor, but because he was more worried about his little life and health at the moment. Furthermore, being in a foreign country he didn’t dare to mess(sleep) around. He was extremely fearful that after a one night stand, even his cannon and kidneys would be missing.

Now that he had an extra Lord’s Heart, he was already vexed enough. If he was to also lose the cannon below his hips and his precious kidneys, he would then be ready to die.

Later that night, the plane finally landed after its long voyage.

Compared to China, New Zealand was a small country. Its surface area wasn’t even thirty hundred thousand square kilometers, but its economy was very well developed; especially the tourism and agricultural industry were particularly large. From a geographical perspective, this country mainly consisted of two large islands, one being the North Island and the other being the South Island. The Otago that Wang Bo wanted to find was on the South Island in the southern central region. Recently, this location country’s international airport had taken up refuge in the capital, Wellington.

Compared to China’s capital airport (Beijing), the airport in Wellington didn’t have the same imposing air of it’s counterpart. It’s surface area wasn’t very big, and the airport terminal also wasn’t very tall. There weren’t even that many people around, but it could have been because it was very late.

At the edge of the airport’s lounge, there were a few entrances set up. Behind each entrance, there was a staff worker dressed in one of the airline’s custom azure uniforms working with the people lining up to receive the usual inspection.

When it was Wang Bo’s turn, the customs officer stumbled a little after taking a clear look at his face. It was at this time that the blonde beauty ran over, yelling to Wang Bo: “Wang, there’s a lot of people outside looking for you! They all have your picture!”

This blonde beauty was the girl he had met on the airplane. Her name was Ginny Brande and she was a cowgirl from Texas, USA. She was currently studying abroad in Hong Kong and had studied both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese.

After Ginny’s voice landed, the customs officer picked up the walkie talkie in his hand and started to yell into it at high speeds.

Wang Bo’s English wasn’t very good so he wasn’t able to understand everything the customs officer said. But he was, after all, a college student of the new era, so he was able to understand a few words: ‘Omaha Eternal Sun’ ‘Chinese person’, ‘Over here’, ‘Keep him behind’…

These keywords caused him to have a bad feeling and at that moment, the spacious and empty airport lounge was suddenly filled with dozens of people in black suits. After these people appeared, the man with the walkie talkie began to run in his direction.

Looking at these men, Ginny began shouting: “Wang, hurry and run! Run! I heard, that someone really wants to teach you a lesson!”

Thinking back on the obscure Lord’s Heart, hearing Ginny’s words and seeing he was being surrounded by the approaching forms of the vicious looking black suits, Wang Bo’s apprehensive state of mind crumbled. He quickly turned his body around, pushing through the line of people and ran.

“Don’t run! fúck! Damn this Chinese guy!”

“Bo-Wang! Stop! Get over here!”

fúck- You, the people ahead, block him!”

A huge black suited person chased and yelled at the same time. Wang Bo drew on the strength gained from drinking breast milk and madly rushed out of the airport parking ground with Ginny running behind him, constantly shouting in a loud voice: “Hurry and run, Wang! Run! I’ll go get the embassy to help you!”

Turning his head to check the situation behind him, Old Wang despaired: Jesus Bodhisattva, Gods and Buddhas in the sky. Just who did this negligent old man anger? whooo?!

How can a dull and dry yellow youth escape from a crowd of wolves and tigers of the great white?

The surrounding people of the airport all had similar thoughts, but what took place afterwards was completely different from what the people were expressing. It was as if Wang Bo was on a rabbit machine powered by spiral springs. Running and hopping, speeding up and slowing down, running in a straight line or in a curve line with the occasional drifting; he was making the great black suited men go around in circles!

sh*t, that Chinese guy can really run!” A surrounding foreign person praised.

Later the Airport’s security also joined the ranks of those trying to capture him. There were no less than over twenty people in the wide airport parking ground. After running back and forth, there was finally a security guard that made Wang Bo fall to the ground. The crowd of people thought that the matter was finally over.

But the outcome was like that of a rabbit stepping on a eagle, Wang Bo kicked the airport security guard, sending him flying before getting up and proceeding to run some more. One of the great’s and him met face to face. Under his anxiety, Wang Bo barreled into him in a barbarous collision with his side, and the well-fed great white man let loose a miserable shriek as he was sent flying…

Seeing this scene, the onlookers in the airport simultaneously let out a gasp of surprise and a Chinese person exclaimed: “Which hero is this, leaving the country?” There was also a foreigner there imitating and yelling: “Ada ada, Bruce Lee! Chinese Kung Fu!”

After being chased around for no less than half an hour, the Lord’s Heart’s effect of making men into fierce beasts was exhausted. The people that were chasing him finally overtook him; after he fell, there was someone who immediately twisted his arms behind and got him up.

Although Wang Bo is also an Old Wang, he was totally different from the Dadao Wang Wu who is also an Old Wang. That Old Wang is a Martial Arts Expert, and when he faces foreign devils, he could yell: I, your father’s Great Sword have long been thirsty and impatient! The Old Wang here is menial programmer; facing devils he could only shout: “Save me! I’m innocent! I’m a good person!”

A group of white people huffed and gasped for breath. Wang Bo thought his treatment would be like the ones shown on Chinese TV, these white men that finally caught him would definitely beat him up. He later found out it wasn’t like that; these people only twisted his arms around and didn’t do anything to him.

After a minute or two, another white man ran up. This thirty or something looking guy ran to the point he was gasping for breath. When he came over, he was cursing on and off: “You, you, did your mother die in an explosion! You, you, did you practice long, long, long distance running in China? Are you Liu Xiang? You can really run! My, my, my heart, my heart, spleen, liver and kidney were all run out by you…”

During the chase, the other white men had yelled in English and Wang Bo couldn’t really understand them. This white man nevertheless used Mandarin to say it; therefore he rejoiced and hurriedly shouted: “Sir, I’m not a bad person! I didn’t do any bad deeds! There must be a misunderstanding…”

“Of, of, of course it’s a misunderstanding! I’m asking you, how did you run like that? Let me get my breath back, huff huff.” The middle age man scolded as he supported himself on his knees, “Why did you run? And also you guys, why did you guys chase him? Release him!”

The man that had Wang Bo’s arm twisted behind hesitated and said: “Sir, if he ran away again, I’m afraid it will be very hard for us to catch him again.

“Why are you chasing him?!” The middle age man yelled that sentence before continuing to pant heavily. “Huff, huff, listen, you’re, you’re Wang Bo right? The new owner of Eternal Sun? Huff, huff, allow me to introduce myself. I am a staff member of New Zealand’s Foreign Affairs and Trade. My name is Charlie “Sylvester” Stallone. Damn it, I’m too tired, let me rest and get my breath back again…”

Wang Bo blankly gawked at the man, then he rapidly thought in his heart. In the end, what was going on?

“Wang Bo, I want to know, why did you have to run a moment ago?” Charlie asked after resting for a bit.

Old Wang felt very wronged: “You guys chased me, how could I not run? My friend back there, she also overheard that you guys were going to teach me a lesson!”

“She definitely heard one of my fellow’s grumbling. I ask for you to pardon us. My subordinate’s fellow always can’t take care of their mouth.” Charlie gave a glare at the black suited men and waved his hand to indicate to them and the airport security to retreat.

Then, he happily said: “This is clearly a misunderstanding. My fellow, we didn’t want to catch you, we wanted to find you! In fact, I am the government official of New Zealand that was arranged to pick you up and take you to Eternal Sun to receive your territory. Putting it another way, I will be your assistant for a period of time to help you solve difficulties while receiving your territory.”

Listening to him, Wang Bo was at loss and hesitantly asked: “Then, Mr. Stallone, can you explain to me what’s going on in Eternal Sun?”

Charlie gave him a strange look and then took him along in a Land Rover car to leave the airport, saying he’d take him to a hotel so that he could rest. On the way there, he gave him an introduction on Eternal Sun.

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