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Chapter 3: Going to Check Out the Territory

That morning, the office was immersed in a uniquely strange atmosphere.

Wang Bo didn’t pay any attention to his colleagues’ looks or discussions and experimented several times in front of this work station, trying to understand what was going on with this so-called ‘Lord’s Heart”. He had to say, the thing was actually pretty intelligent. When he wanted it to appear, the shining heart-shaped crystal would pop up from the pit of his stomach and turn into the crystal sandtable. When he wanted it to return, it would simply fade back into the pit of his stomach.

Getting familiar with how the Lord’s Heart appeared and disappeared, Wang Bo forced himself to remain calm, combing through all the information he knew concerning it.

Thanks to his experimentations, he was sure that he wasn’t hallucinating. The Lord’s Heart genuinely existed, but apparently he was the only one who could see it.

Another coincidence that he found was that the crystal sandtable could expand itself. As long as he wanted it to become bigger, it could then expand proportionally like a mouse controlling the map on a computer. However, it couldn’t shrink any smaller, the smallest was the initial size of 1 square meter per area.

The question now was, where did this thing come from?

Subconsciously, he thought of the Game Development Department. But when he went to the department and asked, the staff there chopped the nail and sliced the iron by saying they didn’t develop a game like that.[1]

They had no reason for them to lie, so Wang Bo had just returned to his seat and continued to comb through this queer game.

The Game Development Department had said that they didn’t develop the game, but he had honestly played the game before. To the extent that he had the game downloaded on his mobile phone right now. As such, he asked for permission to leave and went home, hoping to find the criminal ringleader.[2]

On the subway, Wang Bo sat down and suddenly recalled something. It was when he was registering for the game yesterday. The dialogue box that popped up for the game had a line that said the Lord’s Heart is ‘1’ and the later note explained that that one person is Lord Wang Bo.

The problem started there, back when he’d first felt something was wrong, but he hadn’t known what. The part that was wrong was actually quite obvious——He had never inputted his name, so how did the game know that the registrant’s name was ‘Wang Bo’?!

Thinking up to this point, Wang Bo again felt himself break into a cold sweat . It was as if he’d encountered a part of the supernatural world just now…

It really was a supernatural event. After he returned to his rented home, he started to look for the black experimental smartphone. He clearly remembered putting it on the table. Flipping the table upside down, he even found the needle that he used to pick the callus on his foot, but he just could not find that black palm-sized experimental smartphone.

Determining that the phone had disappeared, Wang Bo instinctively knew that if he wanted to solve this supernatural mystery, he had to go check out his so called territory. He still remembers that when he was registering in the game, the place he chose was New Zealand’s Otago Region, a large area where the sun supposedly never set on the land.

The reason why he made this decision was because he knew that he did not know much about New Zealand, and knew even less about the Otago Region. But it was because of that that the place’s name was etched deeply into his mind after such a short glance last night. The memory is clear and distinct, almost as if he had recalled the memory tens of thousands of times!

That clearly violated common sense!

And worse, there was something else that violated common sense even more!

After summoning the Lord’s Heart, Old Wang realized that his physical qualities really had changed a lot suddenly. He could run faster, jump higher. His strength had become greater and he had far more endurance than before. Recently, he could climb the stairs without gasping for air or causing his face to redden. When he was practicing his wrist strength while watching some japanese romance-action movies, his endurance was exceeding his previous boundaries… 

At the time, when he’d read the game’s introductions, it mentioned that anyone who obtained a Lord’s Heart, no matter how weak they were, would become a Tyrannosaurus. As he was now, he was a little like a Tyrannosaurus in human skin.

Once he’d said he’d do it, he’d do it. Wang Bo was a man of action, the remaining daylight hours were put to use searching the internet,  preparing to leave for New Zealand, and scheduling himself the flight. At night he slept and the dream of birdsongs and fragrant flowers, high mountains, and ancient castles appeared again. It was a familiar and strange dream…

When he woke up in the morning, the first thing that he did was to check the situation of his Lord’s Heart. The thing was still there; it was even more obedient than if it was a dog that one raise on their own. With a silent command to his heart, it would immediately appear, making his balls ache immensely.

What’s even more ball aching is that just when he arrived at work, he was called by the Director of Human Resources to go to his office. A fake professional smile was hanging on the old man’s face. The man was bright on the outside, and dark on the inside, it was an indirect way for the company to say that they think you’re too mentally unstable right now for work and were going to let you “take a break”.

Wang Bo understood the meaning of the Director of the Human Resources. The company was going to lay him off, let him take a break, and give himself a vacation. It was just a pompous excuse. But at the same time, he was prepared. The company’s efficiency was terrible.They had already started laying off employees years ago. Making himself look like he had a mental illness just gave the Human Resource Department an excuse.

Anyway, he was already planning to go on a trip to New Zealand. So that they didn’t wrong themselves, he directly patted the table and stated: “It’s alright Director Cao. I don’t want to trouble you, I quit.”

After listening to his words, the smile of the Director of Human Resources finally became a bit more genuine and sincere: “Then you should return to write your resignation letter. Altogether, you must have three. The Company’s, the CEO’s and your Director’s.”

To be honest, regarding this job of his, Wang Bo was already unable to bear it anymore. With the company’s future prospects, the chaotic team atmosphere, a useless Leader, colleagues scheming and fighting against one another. The arrival of the Lord’s Heart had in fact, helped him make his decision.

Taking out a pen and a sheet of paper, he began to write his resignation letter. Thinking a bit, since he had to write three letters, he should just write it in three segments. The letter to the CEO had: Boss, if the company is a woman, what did you do to drive her to such an early demise.

The letter of resignation to his colleagues had: Sorry everyone! This Brother is going to go save the World.

The letter of resignation to the yellow-faced old woman had: Chief Huang, your great auntie[4] has been around way too long. Since she won’t leave, I’m leaving.

After looking over his three letter of resignation and feeling that there was no problem with them, Wang Bo directly delivered the letters to the Director of Human Resources. The Director of Human Resources even praised him for working in such an efficient manner. But after reading his three resignation letters, his face turned green, frowning angrily: “Xiao Wang, you writing like this, is it really appropriate?

Without even turning his head: “If they aren’t appropriate, then why don’t you write it for me. What, the company firing an old employee like me, I should still feel grateful to them?”

Hastily packing up his things on the desk, he returned to his rented house to prepare to travel to New Zealand.

New Zealand was a big country and it attached great importance to its relationship with China, as such, it is not difficult to apply for travel visas. Taking advantage of the visas, he took this chance to go back and visit his parents and say that recently work was going so badly that he was going to take this chance to go travelling for a bit and clear his head.

After he’d graduated, Wang Bo had worked very hard. So hard that it was to the point it was as if he had been fighting for his life. The elderly couple constantly consoled him that as long as he tried his best at work, it would be fine, and that he didn’t need to work that hard. As a result, when he said he want to travel out to clear his head, they didn’t obstruct him in the least, and simply told him to call.

Before leaving, Wang Bo went to look for his old hometown buddy Zhong Dabao. Not only did they meet up and drink together, passing along their affections for each other, he also told him his hopes: “Old Zhong, this time this brother will be going to New Zealand and doesn’t know whether something might happen. If something does happen to me, I’ll leave my parents in your care.”

Zhong Dabao was a youthful person of similar age to him. He was very loyal. Listening to his words, he immediately patted his chest: “Don’t you worry Old Wang, if something happens to you, your parents will be my parents, your wife——cao. Your grandson, you still don’t have a wife—— oh, wa cao, this isn’t right. You’re just going out to travel, what can happen? Listening to your tone, why does it sound like you’re approaching your end?”

This guy, even if he was loyal, his head still wasn’t all that bright. Using the currently popular catchphrase, he was an er (two)[3]. But he was still simple and enthusiastic, and a friend of Wang Bo’s since childhood and the one with the biggest heart.

Wang bo listened to his disorderly speech and smiled bitterly before saying: “It’s nothing. Going out to travel eh, it’s hard to avoid an accident. Of course, perhaps this brother of yours could even flourish and I definitely won’t forget about you when that happens…

“Flourish? How will you flourish?” Zhong Dabao stared blankly at him before erupting in a shout: “Wa cao, Old Wang, are you trying to go to a foreign country to do multi-level marketing? Let me tell you, as stupid as I may be, I‘m still aware of a few things. Trust me, you should not touch this Multi-Level Marketing thing!”

Listening to this, Wang Bo didn’t even have the energy left to laugh bitterly anymore.

What’s tragic, is that while he was staying over at Zhong Dabao’s house to hang out, his neighbor was there as well and the news that he was going abroad to do multi-level marketing quickly spread over the entire village. With this atmosphere, Wang Bo was rendered unable to remain in his home town, so he could only advance his plan and head on out.


[1]Idiom similar to “Put the final nail in the coffin”

[2]Idiom for “Main cause of a disaster”

[3]Saying two in Beijing Dialect sounds like stupid

[4]Auntie is slang for period.

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