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Chapter 11: A Two-Star Restaurant

Just as Charlie was about to speak some more, the young woman looked at Wang Bo and curiously asked: “Hello, Mister, I am Irina Sharapova, it is a nice to meet you. Excuse me, but may I ask, are you Chinese? Omarama rarely sees Chinese people around here.

She greeted Charlie with a simple wave of her hand, but acted entirely differently to Wang Bo, she ever so naturally extended her lily-white hand.

The different treatment Wang Bo received secretly caused his heart to rejoice, this wasn’t love at first sight for the beauty right? Thinking about the US’s Ginny girl on the plane, this might actually be possible.

He forcefully lifted his head and straightening his chest, trying to not look too poor, he gripped Irina’s hand and smiled: “Hello, Irina, I come from Chinese. My name is Wang Bo, you can call me Wang.”

“And you can call me Eva, that is what all of my friends call me. You should know that us Ukrainian people’s name’s are always a little hard to remember.” The girl blinked charmingly over to him.

When she blinked, Wang Bo was stunned to discover that Eva’s pupils were unexpectedly lavender, he had never seen an eye color of this kind.

Charlie coughed beside him and jokingly said: “I already knew you for this long, yet I never even knew that you were called Eva. Ha ha, that is a little cruel to me.”

Eva smiled: “That is because you can accurately call out my name.”

Charlie did not continue this subject and pulled open his door: “Look, the midday sun is already hot enough, where are you guys going? I can take you.”

Eva shrugged her shoulders and made a sorry gesture as she said: “No thank you Charlie, I am taking Stern to go take a look at the National Intercity Games setup. He likes sports, so I won’t be bothering you two anymore.”

Wang Bo courteously invited: “Have you two eaten? If you haven’t, we can all go over together. In fact, me and Charlie are going to eat, naturally, it will be my treat.”

“You’re treating, are you serious?” Charlie asked.

Wang Bo darkly scolded him, this scoundrel didn’t have any humanity when there was a girl present. Making him lose so much face in front of a beautiful woman, it’s only inviting someone to a meal, must he be so serious? Was he really that stingy normally?

Charlie then added: “My fellow, ever since we had known each other, you have never invited me to go eat anything!”

“That is because the time we knew each other is much too short.” within Wang Bo’s smile was a hint of annoyance.

Charlie stared at him in surprised before saying: “Eh, Old Wang, when did your English becomes so fluent?”

Wang Bo proudly said: “Did you think I was watching TV these past few days for the plot? No, I was learning. My English wasn’t bad in the first place, it’s just that I haven’t used it in these past few years.”

His ability to learn had also increased a lot, perhaps this also had something to do with the Lord’s Heart.

Eva smilingly looked at the two exchanging words before finally shaking her head, declining by telling them that she had a prior arrangement. After that, she took the little boy’s hand and departed.

The two people returned to the car, Wang Bo was still looking outside. Charlie’s expression had turned back to being calm as he said: “Don’t be deceived by her outward appearance. Wang, in the future, you need to avoid this woman as much as possible, don’t blame your brother for not warning you. Her identity is not as sweet as her appearance might be.”

Wang Bo resentfully said: “Alright brother, I know that she is your goddess, even if you didn’t say so, I wouldn’t try to steal your thunder.”

Charlie coldly laughed once and said: “What kind of joke are you making? My goddess? My goddess is the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite, not that black dressed Nyx!”

In the Greek Mythology, Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty, while Nyx was the goddess of Night, but she was also believed to be the goddess of death and always enjoyed going around dressed in black clothing.

Wang Bo had wanted to continue asking about Eva, but seeing that Charlie did not want to talk about it, he also felt too awkward to ask about it anymore. It was obvious that Charlie already had this noted this girl in his heart. He was afraid of losing his cherished thing.

Old Wang Bo understood Charlie, whose fault was it that his temperament had undergone a huge change after obtaining the Lord’s Heart, and made his charm increase so greatly?

Happily thinking this, he pulled the central rearview mirror to himself and looked at the handsome face in the mirror and shook his head: With his charm this high, the pressure placed on him was also great.

A hand slowly reached over——

Charlie twisted back the rearview mirror, and snappily said: “Please, I am driving alright? Even if you aren’t going to help me, you at least shouldn’t be giving me trouble!”

The Toyota overbearingly made two more turns on the road and then came to a stop at the entrance of a street. Wang Bo asked, suddenly baffled: “Aren’t we going to Rice Straw Field? Why are we stopping here?”

Charlie became speechless: “Rice Straw Field is a street name, it’s Omarama’s gourmet food street, you didn’t really think we were going to a farmland did you?”

“No, I actually thought it was going to be some rural tourism.” Wang Bo gave a forced laugh as he spoke.

Charlie said he was going to take him to taste authentic New Zealand-style food and would then take the lead to enter a seemingly delicate restaurant. Wang Bo looked at the outside a bit, this restaurant was called ‘Split Juarez’s Kitchen’, there was a white iron plate on the door which also had the symbol of two stars on it.

New Zealand also have two-star restaurants? Wang Bo scratched his head and thought it probably wasn’t as expensive since he had eaten at quite a few three-star restaurants in Beijing and the price had been acceptable.

Looking from the outside, this restaurant looked like nothing special, but after going inside, the interior decoration was pretty good. The key point was that it had style. The hall had the appearance of a kitchen with over ten tables set up inside. The surroundings of the tables all had a boiler, kitchen stove, cooking utensils and similar objects, it really did look like a big kitchen.

There were over ten tables, not even half of them were filled, but when the two of them entered, the waiter still asked for Charlie for his reservation number.

Charlie very domineeringly announced his name: “Charlie Sylvester Stallone, tell your boss that Mr. Stallone has arrived, he can figure out what to do.”

In this split-second, Wang Bo was stupefied. This guy was really domineering, was he not afraid of getting beaten up?

The waiter arranged for the two men to sit down, smiling wholeheartedly the whole time. Soon after, a fat white man dressed in a snow white chef uniform with a tall chef hat seemingly around thirty or so years old came out. Seeing Charlie, he opened up his arms and happily shouted: “Ha, Small Foot Charlie, you finally have time to come and see me?”

Hearing the way he called him, Charlie fumed: “Beef, can you please show some respect? Call me by my name, it would be even better if you called me by my family name as well!”

The chef had a smile across his entire face, he walked up and strongly embrace Charlie before saying: “Look, why are you being so angry? You call me by my nickname and I don’t get angry, therefore you will need to change your temper a little.”

“Your name was Beef to begin with!” Charlie insisted as he pushed away the chef so that he could introduce him to Wang Bo, “This is the head chef of this restaurant and also the owner, his name is Kobe Beef-Split Juarez.”

“It’s Kobe Split Juarez, the same name as the NBA Los Angeles Lakers superstar. However, this does really have a relation with beef, Kobe Beef, you understand, don’t you?” The chef laughed.

Wang Bo did not have a great understanding toward basketball, but he naturally knew about Kobe Bryant this world’s sports star, but what did that have to do with beef?

Looking at his face that was at a loss, the fat chef once again laughed more enthusiastically. After that, he gave him an introduction to the source of the name.

As it turns out, Kobe was the English name of the Japanese place called “Kobe, and in their diet, what Kobe was most famous for was their beef.

Kobe Beef was also the world’s best-known beef, it’s the specialty of Japan’s Hyogo Tajima region. And would often make an appearance in Japan’s state banquets. There had once been a cow sold for an expensive price of 7.22 million yen, and the Emperor of Japan had also once banned it from being eaten.

Charlie then introduced Wang Bo, and the fat chef once again embraced him and said: “So you’re the new owner of that territory? Such an amazing guy, I am very honored to have the chance to make food for a noble. Alright then, you guys can take a seat. Very soon, you’ll be able to taste my gourmet food.”

Wang Bo complained silently to himself that he wasn’t actually a noble, he’d only inherited the territory of one and not the title. Furthermore, I haven’t even ordered yet, don’t make something too expensive, this brother today is the one who is paying…

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