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Chapter 12: Be As Resourceful and Brave As Old Wang

The dining hall was styled like a kitchen, the fat chef Kobe cooked right in front of the two men at the dining table.

Wang Bo could see every ingredient he used, and could also see how he cooked. Everything was very transparent, they did not need to worry about hygiene.

In fact, what the fat chef wanted to display wasn’t the hygiene of the food, but rather his skills at cooking; his knife skills, his movement, his control of the ingredients, and his usage of spices. Every action of this chef was specially learned, cooking and dancing were the same, the movements all have a special beauty to them.

In addition, the dishes he made were also very pretty, the first to come up was cheese salad, there were red tomatoes, green peppers, fresh cucûmbers, thin black olives, translucent onion rings along with a block of neat white cheese. The salad this made also wasn’t something carelessly thrown together, but was paired up layer upon layer, the matching colors were very beautiful.

Wang Bo tasted it, he didn’t know what kind of salad dressing was used, but the cheese was slightly sweet and soft as he ate it, the fruit was a bit sweet and sour while the vegetables all maintained their original flavor. The taste was extraordinary.

The starting dish was a caviar burrito and a few slices of ham, the soup was borscht, the cold dish Wang Bo could not make out, the main course was a Spanish seafood pot and then gave him a piece of steak meat which was the size of an infant’s palm.

As he ate, Wang Bo felt anxious and frightened. While the food was both pretty and delicious, but he estimated the price also wasn’t low! But since this restaurant was just a two-star rating, it cannot sell the price of a five-star restaurant right?

After they finished eating, there was also a small cup of black coffee. Charlie asked while sipping: “How is it, Wang? How’s my buddy’s cooking skills?”

Wang Bo bared his teeth as he said: “Wonderful, simply perfect! I bet that with your friend’s skills, even if he went to a five-star restaurant and become the head chef, he is more than enough!”

In order to let the fat chef hear his words of praise, he deliberately used English.

The fat chef laughed loudly and stood up, saying: “Wang, you are different from the common Chinese people, you have humor and like to make jokes. I like you.”

Old Wang felt strange, how did I make a joke?

Charlie’s understanding of him clearly surpassed the fat chef, so when Kobe left, he mischievously smiled and said: “You saw the sign in front of the door that said two stars right and thought this two-star restaurant can’t be compared to a five-star restaurant?”

“Is it now?” Wang Bo asked.

Charlie hooked his finger at him to get closer in front of his, saying in a low voice: “That is the Michelin two star rating, I don’t know how many of this rank are in the world, but the higher rating of Michelin three stars, in the entire world, there aren’t even 110 of them!”

Hearing this, Old Wang felt that the coffee in his mouth was especially bitter.

“Thankfully you did not bring Eva here to eat, otherwise you would have to leave a kidney here.” Charlie’s smile was becoming more and more proud.

Wang Bo would lose the battle, but he would not lose the war and he toughly said: “I will certainly bring Eva here to eat in the future, I do not believe Eva is a superficial woman that would order particularly expensive dishes.”

Charlie shrugged his shoulders and used an expression of expectation: “I will wait for the day you ask Eva out to eat.”

When the bill finally came, Wang Bo was panic-stricken like he had just gotten his college entrance examination scores.

The result was that it was not that expensive, the two people spent a total of 200 niubi.

Wang Bo released a breath, the server by the side was unable to print the bill for the food because what they paid was barely the price of the raw materials, in other words, the raw materials of the food they ate valued at 200 niubi!

“If it was at the normal price, how much would this be?” Wang Bo quietly asked the server.

“Roughly around one thousand or so.” The server said with a smile.

Wang Bo left in silence, being a mayor his fart. If he had known earlier, he would had went to Singapore Oriental University to become a chef, one time making food was eight hundred in profit, if it was converted into yuan, this was four thousand. Just one year to buy a car, buy a house and walk the path of a Mr. Perfect Life to the pinnacle.

Luckily the fat chef was loyal to his friends and only charged the cost of materials, if he had to pay the whole thing, Wang Bo really wouldn’t be able to afford it.

He brought twenty thousand to New Zealand, if it was converted to New Zealand’s currency, then it was around four thousand. These past few days of staying in the hotels and all sorts of shopping and eating, he only has around eight hundred left.

Returning to the hotel, Charlie went to park his car and he went up the stairs alone.

As he went in, in the corridor, he saw five burly guys who were leaning against the wall.

All of these men were tall and strong, their faces were fierce looking. They were only wearing a black vest, exposing exaggerated muscles and colorful tattoos outside, one look and you could tell they were not good news.

Especially one large bald man that with a full beard, he guessed that that man was around two meters tall and the muscles on his arms were almost exploding out of the vest. There was a roaring lion tattoo on his left shoulder while the right had a scorpion, there was even a tattoo on his neck.

If these people were placed in Beijing, just looking at their faces would have them be treated as terrorists to be disposed of.

The five people noticed Wang Bo and all signaled to each other with their eyes. Wang Bo also noticed them and a bad feeling appeared in his chest: These people should be a bunch of gangsters, perhaps they wanted to do something to him!

He went on alert, intentionally waiting for Charlie, but that guy Charlie was being a let down at such a critical moment. Just parking a car takes this long, he dawdled for a while and did not try to go upstairs.

At this time, the tattooed large men’s complexion was getting worse, Wang Bo then quietly pulled out his keys to open his door, ready for battle at the same time.

After he opened the door, he quickly walked in and prepared to lock the door, if he could avoid conflict, then he would rather not participate in a conflict. This wasn’t China after all.

The result was that the large men’s movements were also very fast, they went and crowded behind Wang Bo into the room, all of their expression were shady and grim, they looked like they wished they could open their mouths and yell out, they really weren’t good people.

Wang Bo know the principle of striking first to gain the upper hand, he wouldn’t allow these gangsters to kidnap him. Therefore he took a deep breath and his right hand was like a meteor striking, bending and opening his legs with his waist and abdomen giving force to his fist as he attacked.

If it was in the past, Old Wang would definitely not dare to go against these people. The other party would’ve been able to tear off his arm and turn him into bun stuffing.

But now that he has the Lord’s Heart, he was no longer some weak chicken. Although he didn’t fight back in the airport, he had already learned of his body’s fighting strength.

As such, at this moment he displayed the style of Yip Man and possessed the body of Wong Fei Hung, so he had nothing to fear!

“Bang!” A muffled sound echoed, Wang Bo’s fist heavily hit the leading man’s underbelly.

That large man was no longer as grim as before, his eyes and tongue also suddenly stretched out and he miserly fell to the ground as he howled and held his abdomen.

The large man behind him spoke in a Maori dialect when he cursed in rage and rushed forward. After Wang Bo took down one of them, he gained some more confidence in himself and dodged the rush of the second man. The other man’s fist seemed very slow to his eyes, he quickly dodged, and used both hands to grasp his arm then threw him down with a shout.

Two more rushed at him, as if they were mad cows that wanted to ram him. It was too late for Wang Bo to dodge, so he could only clench his teeth, open his legs and assume an arching posture to firmly take the impact!

A strong brute force hit him in the chest, Wang Bo was almost knocked down, but he was lucky enough to withstand it. He then grabbed the man’s shoulder and hit him in the chest with a bent knee, while using his elbows to fiercely hit the man on the back, like in movies.

“Ow ow!” The large man cried twice on the ground, the other man waved a fist as he rushed at Wang Bo, who hurriedly used his arms to protect his head. As such, Wang Bo’s arms were smashed with a fist, which caused him to fall to the ground.

“Motherf-!” Wang Bo cursed as he quickly got up. While fighting in close combat, there was no need to watch your manners, after he got up, he grabbed the large man’s thick waist and stretched out his leg to hinder him, which caused the man to stumble and trip. Then he used a lightning quick right fist to hit the man’s lower jaw.

After suffering this one punch, the man’s eyes rolled back as he vomited blood and directly lost his consciousness.

Like this, Wang Bo dealt with four of them then quickly stood up from the downed man and assumed a boxing posture as he watched the final man attentively. This one was also the strongest and most vicious of them.

According to movies and drama, the final one was always the BOSS. The outer appearance of the man in front of him was very consistent with the characteristics of a BOSS, but this guy still did nothing. Rather, he was foolishly looking at the other four brothers of his lying on the ground. Then he roared.

Wang Bo heard that he was using the Maori language to speak, but he could not understand the meaning, so he also roared: “fúck-you! Fúck-you![1] Are you a bull[2], come at me! Such a pansy yet you even shave your head and put on tattoos. Don’t you know that even Bruce Lee, that bull, didn’t shave his head and tattoo his body?! Are you more bull than Big Bro Bruce Lee is?!”


[1]Chinese Accent in English (fuke/fuka), the rest is him talking in Chinese

[2]Bull (niubi) means to be very powerful/strong

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