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Chapter 7: Sunset Town

On the second day, after eating breakfast while the court opened, Charlie took Wang Bo to go and receive his inheritance.

The process was very simple, the court has prepared a lawyer for Wang Bo, he was a fair-haired and blue-eyed germanic gentleman, roughly forty years old and dressed in a suit. His whole face was solemn and his golden hair was done without a strand of it being out of place, an elite human aura surrounded him.

“Hello, Mr, Wang. My name is Caleb von Mueller, I hold position in the law firms. The next steps in receiving your inheritance shall be with me assisting you. The cost is 850 Yuan per hour, which will be paid for by the New Zealand government. Do you have any objections to this arrangement?” When the germanic gentleman saw Wang Bo, he extended his hand in a friendly greeting.

Wang Bo shook his head. He wasn’t the one who would have to fork over the money, so what objection could he possibly have?

He thought that receiving his inheritance would be a very complicated matter, but actually, everything regarding the transfer was very simple. Lawyer Mueller helped him verify the testament and the inheritance of each claim. After that there was no further problems and the lawyer signed first with the remaining parts to be signed off by him.

Charlie told him, if any problems were to occur from the legitimacy of the property credentials, an advance investigation would be Mueller’s responsibility. Therefore he mustn’t look at it as foreign lawyers making a profit, their corresponding responsibilities were also just as heavy.

The inheritance left behind by Sir Roberts wasn’t much, the main thing was the certificate for the land and the castle grounds. After Wang Bo signed his name, the court took charge of delivering the inheritance for the judge representing the country to sign. Once it was signed by on, that one thousand square kilometers of land and lofty castle would belong to him.

Delivering the inheritance didn’t even take one hour to complete, following that was the matter of establishing the territory into a small town, this in comparison was a bit more troublesome.

First he needs to alter his nationality, this was taken care of by Charlie, after getting his information, his presence wasn’t required anymore.

After that, he needs to fill an application to establish a town. Finally, since Eternal Sun belonged to the Otago region, the parliament there would be in discussion with the parliament of New Zealand’s government to examine and approve things. Once they decided that it is necessary to build a town they would reply officially.

If he wants to build a town, then he had to think of a town name. Charlie let him think of one, Wang Bo’s bad taste showed up as he finally said: “How about be call it Big Wang Town? Little Wang Town? Wang Family Town?”

Charlie said to him: “No, Wang, you best be more prudent. New Zealand’s towns needs to generate revenue for profit, either depending on agriculture or depending on tourism. If you still want to develop the small town to earn money, it is best to think of a graceful dream-like name. For example, Queenstown, Arrowtown, Emerald Town, and so on.

If it had to be like this, than Wang Bo was having a slight headache. He thought for a while but still couldn’t think of anything. The staff officer by his side gave a reminder: “It’s not that complicated, young man. Think about your territory, which part of it moves you the most? You can use that to help you choose a name.”

Wang Bo closed his eyes to think for a moment, the first impression he had of his territory was of its beautiful and gentle evening. The sun set in the west, red clouds filled the sky, a cool breeze blew across the sky, green grass upon the ground…

“Sunset Town! How about that?” He looked toward Charlie, this names just so happens to correspond with Eternal Sun.

Charlie applaudingly laughed: “This name is pretty good. Sunset Town, New Zealand doesn’t have a town with this name yet, it should be fine for us to use it.”

After naming his small town, the remaining matters don’t really have much to do with Wang Bo. The main matters had Mueller and Charlie to take care of, he only needs to sign off.

All that remains was an official reply and to deliver the information to Wellington and receive their reply. This isn’t something that can be resolved in one or two days.

What Charlie meant was that they should stay at Omarama to wait. After Wang Bo got a series of keys, he couldn’t wait to see his castle, insisting he wants to return to the castle and reside there.

Since there is nothing he could do about it, Charlie could only agree. The two people bought some food, bedding, toothpaste and toothbrush, cleansing lotion and other necessities for living from the small town. And they immediately took the helicopter back to Eternal Sun, or in another name, Sunset Town.

This time’s return trip is during the evening, but Old Wang wasn’t in the mood to look at the scenery outside, he was feeling regretful at the money he had spent today.

Charlie said that the money used to buy daily necessities cannot be reimbursed, he can only pay out of his pocket. The price of life necessities in New Zealand isn’t high, but what he spent here was New Zealand dollars, compared to the Chinese Yuan it had a rate of 4 point something! For example, he bought a set of bedding in New Zealand for $440. It doesn’t look expensive, but when converted to Chinese Yuan, it’s 2200 yuan!

Wang Bo has already calculated, this time he has spent over 5000 bucks on necessities and this time he has only brought 20000 yuan abroad with him.

The helicopter descended near the ancient castle. After Charlie and the pilot exchanged a few words, the pilot few away, leaving behind two people standing at the foot of the mountain.

The ancient castle is located at the halfway point up the mountain, it is at least 400 meters high from the ground. The two people placed their bags on their back and dragged their cases and began to climb.

On the way, Charlie told Wang Bo that the castle was built in the year 1860, so it has already been half a century since then. It is the oldest ancient castle in New Zealand and is also New Zealand’s oldest construct.

In reality, Wang Bo has not seen an ancient castle before, he was very interested regarding these things. Especially since this castle belongs to him now, his interest in it only became even bigger. He unconsciously started increase his speed as he climber up the mountain, Charlie however, could not keep up with his pace, and gasped for breath as he followed at the back.

Wang Bo said with a small amount of anxiety: “Charlie, walk a little faster.”

Charlie was about to cry: “Wang, my good friend, not everyone is as fit as you. To speak the truth, I looked at the information earlier. It says you are a programmer, but I don’t think that’s correct. You must be an athlete, a football player. And even an Ace at that, right?”

It was no wonder Charlie thought this, this mountain road was actually quite rugged, and lacked organization. All sorts of weeds and shrubs were growing on the road, there was no difference between walking on this road and climbing a mountain. The Lord’s Heart supplied him with a steady flow of strength, and also secretly improved the functioning of his internal organs, and also strengthened his muscle tissues, meant that climbing the mountain was nothing to him.

The Southern Alps is New Zealand’s biggest mountain range, piercing out of the midwest of South Island. The tallest Mount Cook is 3764 meters above sea-level and spanning 320 kilometers across from the northeast to the southwest. The starting point of this mountain is almost within the territory of Eternal Sun. Luckily, the castle was only constructed at the halfway point of the mountain range, probably just around 400 meters above sea-level.

Climbing a height of 400 meters, it’s like Charlie was losing a half of his life. By the time they finally reached the castle, he discarded all manners and directly fell onto the grass, panting heavily.

Wang Bo was also panting heavily, but this was in order to avoid having Charlie looking at him strangely. In reality, he felt as if he still has a lot of strength remaining!

Standing in front of this ancient castle, Wang Bo raised his head to size up this castle of his. Looking at it from afar, this ancient castle looked lofty and towering; only when you looked at it from up close would you notice that the castle was actually very old, very shabby, and permeated with a desolate and broken feeling.

The stone city walls are more than twenty meters tall. There were weeds growing from the stones and vines climbing the walls such as the Boston Ivy or other kinds of vines. The external wall was extremely crude, like the skin of an old farmer who had been in the wind and sun for too long, and there were also many holes in the stone walls just like the spots on the skin of the elderly.

Seeing that Wang Bo was extremely interested in the ancient castle, the now rested Charlie gave him an introduction: “How is it, my man? Isn’t it quite stunning? I’ve taken a look at the construction materials for the ancient castle. It’s said that when the Roberts Family first constructed this castle, they used 500 tons of cement, 2000 cubic meters of lime, and 150,000 brick pieces. As for the type of stone they’ve used, because they used the materials that was at hand, they were unable to account for that.”

“If you knew how much science and technology was lagging back then, then you would be able to understand how hard it must have been, and halfway up the mountain to boot! Back then, they had to first leverage a steam engine vehicle to transport the various resources, and only then could they use a vehicle to tilt and dump items to transport them then transfer them to their respective post stations. Finally, carefully calculated trolleys were then used to deliver the materials to their current places.. How about it? Isn’t it pretty amazing?”

Hearing Charlie’s introduction, Wang Bo was indeed very shocked and asked: “Then how much money was wasted to construct this castle? Back then New Zealand was lacking manpower right? How was the Roberts family able to employ so many people?”

Charlie answered: “Back then, the Roberts family had just escaped England and came here, his family’s strength was still solid and strong, but even then, they used everything they had to construct this castle.”

“To tell the truth, they miscalculated. They thought New Zealand would become the second european continent, and that the nobility would campaign and try to seize land here. The Roberts family painstakingly constructed this castle halfway up the mountain, precisely because they wanted to use this castle as a strong hold to rule over South Island, but it’s apparent now, that their way of thinking was indeed foolish!” Charlie laughed mockingly.

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