daily-life-of-an-immortal-catDaily Life of an Immortal Cat in the Human World

Raws: http://www.xiang5.com/booklist/5720.html

Author: Insane Older Brother

Status: 239 Chapters / 5 Volumes (Complete)


I am a cat, a demon cat with skills acquired throughout the millennia.

I have a master possessing great strength, who adores money as much as he does his own life. His most cherished belonging was the Five Spirit Mirror that can grant a single wish every five centuries.

One day, albeit only due to curiosity, I accidentally lost the Five Spirit Mirror after taking it out to play…

As a result, Master said some meaningful and heartfelt words to me: Scram! If you can’t find the Five Spirit Mirror, then don’t come back to see me!!

That, because, so as a result, I set off…

Tags: Slice of Life, Fluffy

Table of Content

Volume 0: The Beginning of an Adventure!
Chapter 1: Alright, I am only a Demon, Meow~
Chapter 2: What You Need to Do to Survive in the Human World?
Chapter 3: Hugging the Correct Thigh is the Most Important!
Chapter 4: New Demon, Meow, You’re Unbearable!
Chapter 5: I Still Have An Interest In Being the Leader!
Chapter 6: The Gorgeous Transformation Under The Full Moon, Cat Girl Beauty Appears!
Chapter 7: The Incantation To Never Be Lonely
Chapter 8: The Queen Is Here, Let’s Massacre These Evil Dogs! (I)
Chapter 9: The Queen Is Here, Let’s Massacre These Evil Dogs! (II)
Chapter 10: The Queen Is Here, Let’s Massacre These Evil Dogs! (III)
Chapter 11: A New Goal, A New Adventure Is Beginning!

Volume 1: Academy Time
Chapter 12:
Chapter 13:
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:
Chapter 16:

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