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Chapter 6: The Gorgeous Transformation Under The Full Moon, Cat Girl Beauty Appears!

Tabby returned to his senses with great difficulty from the blow before he solemnly asked me, “Budong, since you are now the leader of our Stray Cat Gang, then I really don’t have a lot to say. However, do you know what responsibilities you have as the leader of our gang?”

In a serious manner, I thought about his words before I asked, “Mhm…. Have you guys made me any roasted fish to eat?”

Tabby: “……”

Sheriff: “……”

The rest of the cats: “……”

“Eh? What’s wrong? Isn’t it like this?” I tilted my head. I had only eaten a small portion of roasted fish earlier tonight, and it simply wasn’t enough for me. Even now, thinking about that delicious piece of roasted fish made my mouth water.

“Budong…. Our Stray Cat Gang is now facing a huge unprecedented crisis! As the leader of our gang, you should set an example for the others. How could you abuse your power like this? Is there any difference between the actions of those incompetent tyrannical rulers throughout history and your actions just now? Even if water can carry a boat, it could also flip it over!” The words of Tabby sounded like they were full of bitterness. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t defeat me, perhaps he would have really wanted to drive me out of the gang.

While water can carry a boat,it can also cause it to flip over.[1] This line was one that I knew of. At Buzhi Mountain, Master would force me to read lots of books. It was through this that I still had some knowledge on many human matters. However, the real human world was different from the ones that you read about in books. Whatever I read about in the books were completely useless.

“Did you mean that you want me to deal with the Hungry Dogs Gang?” I quickly thought about the important purpose that the cadre belonging to the Stray Cat Gang had met up for. They were discussing about how to handle the Hungry Dogs Gang. You should know that I am a smart cat!

“Gang Leader! Please forgive this old cat for his sin! However, this old cat couldn’t help himself but to correct your words! This is not to help us. It’s to help you!!” The Sheriff, who was a black cat, responded. His words always seemed to be sly like a fox from Buzhi Mountain. However, those foxes were never my opponents!

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Since you are now the leader of the Stray Cat Gang, the one who obtains the most benefits is naturally you. The benefits from protecting the Stray Cat Gang is also the equivalent of protecting your own benefits!” The Sheriff sincerely and earnestly stated.

“Oh…. That’s how it is! Don’t worry! It doesn’t matter whether I can get fish to eat or not. Since I’ve become your leader, then I will naturally help you all! After walking through Jianghu, righteous words will come first! I will help you guys take care of the Hungry Dog’s Gang!” I cooly said. This was a line that I picked up from a brilliant book that was in Master’s study. The book was called “《Water Margin》.” This little bit is something that I still remember!

“Then that’s great! If we have Budong with us, then our chances of success when dealing with the Hungry Dogs Gang will be much higher!” Tabby finally became happy.

“Budong, I will first explain to you about the Hungry Dogs Gang.  After that, we will discuss about tactics for handling them. We will start on the mission tomorrow!” Tabby was very enthusiastic about it. In a flash, he laid down a policy. He had been worthy of becoming a leader before. The saying that goes here is, ‘once a leader, always a leader’.

Through Tabby’s narration, it didn’t take me long to understand how bad the situation with Hungry Dogs Gang was.

Hungry Dogs Gang is the largest power in Yucheng besides the Stray Cat Gang. Amongst them, they also had tens of thousands of members! All of the dogs in Yucheng excluding the police dogs were all part of the Hungry Dogs Gang. Fierce Dog King, who is the Gang Leader of the Hungry Dogs Gang, was once said to be valiant fighting dog. I didn’t really understand what a fighting dog was, so Tabby told me that a fighting dog is a dog that is specially trained by humans to fight other vicious fighting dogs. It sounds like they are quite valiant creatures. However, Fierce Dog King was now just a wild dog, but he was also known the strongest fighting dog of Yucheng.

The structure of the Stray Cat Gang and the Hungry Dogs Gang were actually similar in many aspects. Even though Tabby appeared to be obedient in front of me, he wasn’t actually a stray cat. In reality, he was known as the smartest cat in Yucheng. As of right now, he was living in the house of the richest human in Yucheng. He was enjoying the services of humans.

Regardless if it was the Stray Cat Gang or the Hungry Dogs Gang, over half of their main gang members were homeless cats for the Stray Cat Gang and stray dogs for the Hungry Dog’s Gang. To these members, they were okay with settling anywhere as long as they had a warm place to spend the night. However, one thing that was an absolute necessity to these members was food!

The homeless cats and stray dogs were unable to gain any human’s service, so they had to rely on themselves to find food. However, food was limited. Since Yucheng had some areas with more abundant food, it became a crucial matter for both gangs to fight over!

That matter this time was that Yucheng had some police dogs that were laid off. They later were recruited by Fierce Dog King to join the Hungry Dog’s Gang.This led to an increase in strength for the Hungry Dog’s Gang. The members of the Hungry Dog’s Gang nibbled away at the Stray Cat’s territory. The areas with more water were the main points that were attacked.

Tabby had already lost a lot of fur on his head over this matter.

Earlier in the afternoon when Tabby was taking a walk on the roof tops, he saw me. Since I was a new cat that he had never seen before, he originally just chat with me and get rid of his depressed mood. It was through my murderous spirit, which frightened him, that he was able to determine my strength. Thus, he prepared to recruit me into the gang!

After finding out all of that information, I finally understood what the current situation was. I nodded my head before saying to Tabby, “I understand now! Isn’t the problem just a group of stupid dogs? I will go and get rid of them tomorrow! This really is a simple issue!”

Tabby blinked before he kindly reminded me, “Budong, don’t say that I didn’t warn you. There are ten large fierce dogs other than Fierce Dog King inside of the Hungry Dogs gang.. They are all experienced. In fact, one dog can beat nine cats altogether! I know that you are really strong. However, no matter how strong you may be, how can you take on the entire Hungry Dog’s Gang?”

I waved my claw at him before responding in contempt, “Isn’t it just a small number of dogs? No matter how rampant they are, is it possible that they be more rampant than the Howling Celestial Dog? If I’m not afraid of that dumb dog, how can I be afraid of these dogs?”

The cats around me all appeared to be astonished by my words. I decided to show off my skills so that they can have a good look at them!

I raised my head and looked at the sky above me. The full moon was bright as it adorned the sky. This looked like a good night to transform.

That’s right! I decided to transform!

With my cultivation, I could turn into human form since a long time ago. Since I lived at Buzhi Mountain, there wasn’t a need for this skill. The only time I used this skill was to change during cultivation. Other than that, I haven’t transformed at all.

Taking a great leap, I easily made my way to the top of the wall. Since my body was bathing in the moonlight at this point, I could take some of the essence from the moonlight. This would save me some of my magical power.

All of the cats beside White Bally, who was still on the wall even now, were looking at me in admiration. Among these cats was also Tabby. I could feel that their faces were full of worship towards me. In fact, I will show them something that will make them worship me even more!

Under the moonlight, my body started to gradually lengthen. My legs turned upright, and my claws changed from sharp to slender nails. A head full of beautiful hair flowed down to my back, It was in a short amount of time that barely took a minute that I turned from a kitten into a human girl!

My body felt cold as a burst of wind passed by. I look down and noticed two things that looked like meat buns on my chest area! This was because I didn’t wear any clothes!

Humans all seemed to have to wear clothes!

I thought back for a bit. According to my memory, I had transformed myself out of the clothes that Master gave me.

“Meow meow~ How is it? Meow~~~” I giggled and flew down from the wall. Even though I wasn’t standing on the trash can anymore, I was still taller than all of them.

The cats all gazed at me as if I were a monster. Really? I was a monster anyway! Was there a need to create such a fuss?

“Bu…. Budong….” Tabby was the only cat that still t retained his reason temporarily. However,his mouth was still wide open, and his claws were pointing at me in shock.

“Hee hee…. How is it? Meow?” I laughed again while facing Tabby.

“Budong… why are there cat ears on your head?” Tabby finally said something that prevented me from reacting for a while.

I subconsciously touched my head. There appeared to be two furry cat ears on it. My heart stirred. Immediately, I could feel that there was a cat tail that moved around from behind me.

Wu… It was a big failure transforming!


[1]Something that is used well will be beneficial while if it were to be used wrongly, it could be harmful.

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