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Chapter 5: I Still Have An Interest In Being the Leader!

After experiencing a very serious naming event, the dozens of inferior cats all had a whole new level of respect for me the whole night. After all, they most likely had never seen a cat that could bully their boss.

However, on the contrary, I didn’t actually have any feelings of pride in it. An old-fashioned cat like this tabby who still attached quite a lot of importance to fame and position, it really is my first time seeing one! When I was still on Buzhi Mountain, I always thought that all the cats in this world lived like me and were happy. But now, it looks like it wasn’t actually like this. From the dialogues that I heard about how these cats lived, they were definitely different than me. They would even give themselves a rank. The rank was very important!

As for cats who bullied the newcomers, this point I could understand. After all, if a new Immortal animal or mythical animal were to move to Buzhi Mountain, I would also go and “pay them a visit”. I would tell them that if they wanted to exist on Buzhi Mountain, they’d have to have my consent!

I am not a stingy cat, okay?! As long as they were willing to catch me fish, I would very generously approve of them living on Buzhi Mountain.

Cough cough… I digressed.

“Tabby, returning to our main topic, why did you bring me here tonight, anyway?” I used my claw to poke at the still solitarily depressed tabby. At night, seeing that he had invited me to eat grilled fish and kindly informed me of the requirements for surviving in the human world, I had agreed to come with it to this dirty place. I have mysophobia!

“Ah… right! We should talk about the main business!” When the main point was mentioned, Tabby finally regained his spirits, and the dozens of cats below all become serious, not even their tails were waving.

“The purpose of today’s meeting, there is another major event besides discussing how to deal with the Hungry Dogs Gang that is seizing our territory. I now declare that Budong is formally becoming a member of our Stray Cat Gang!” Tabby seriously said.

“…So it’s just this? I thought there was something really serious…” Fat cat White Bally suddenly release a breath and said in a completely uncaring manner.

Rather, it was that black old cat Sheriff that narrowed his eyes and said, “Boss, all the cadres of Stray Cat Gang are here. If you wanted to recruit new members, any cat here would help you do as you wish. But why did you have to be so grand as to announce it in front of the whole cadre? Could it be… you are preparing to have Budong assume an office when she just entered?”

Tabby shook his head and said, “I do have this meaning, but I also would not break the rules of the Stray Cat Gang! I personally brought Budong in front of everyone today to let everyone see and experience Budong’s strength with your own eyes! She absolutely isn’t a normal cat! This is from my many years of experience of looking at cats! There is no mistake!”

After I heard Tabby’s cat, I finally understood. So he wanted to pull me into his group!

“Tabby, so you wanted to pull me into the group!” I exclaimed as I suddenly realized it.

“Hm…” Tabby was somewhat embarrassed and used its claw to scratch his ear. Then, he unexpectedly started to sell moe!

“Budong meow~~ Take a look, our Stray Cat Gang is the largest in Yucheng! Don’t look down on the fact that we only have a dozen cats, we are all only the backbone of the Stray Cat Gang. In total, there are several thousands of members! Besides cats who have not opened their eyes in this Yucheng, the rest are all members of our Stray Cat Gang! How about it? You have boundless prospects if you join and help with Stray Cat Gang, dear~~”

I still kind of did not understand what the last ‘dear[1]’ meant, but I could hear the sincerity in it. Fine, I always listened to Master nagging me that when receiving waterdrops from someone, you should return him with a gushing spring. Just take it as me repaying a kindness! Anyway, after joining Stray Cat Gang, there would be several tens of thousands of cats I could dispatch, so trying to find the Five Spirit Mirror would be much easier.

“Alright then! I will agree!” I cooly said.

“Really! That’s great meow!” Tabby happily cried out.

“Then… from now our, I am the Leader of Stray Cat Gag!” I then carried on, solemnly declaring that I would ascend directly to become the Leader of the Stray Cat Gang!

Cough cough cough…

Huh? I think I heard some kind of strange sound, I puzzled swept my gaze around. Besides Tabby, the dozens of cats down by the rubbish bin—no matter if it was the steady and shrewd Sheriff, or the violent White Bally—they had all turned into stone, then cracked altogether!

Wow! Did all the cats of the human world have this kind of element conversion spell?!

“No way!!” It was still White Bally who broke out of his petrified state the fastest and then mournfully shouted.

“Why can’t I?” I tilted my head, “What’s so bad about me being the Leader?”

“You?! A small thing like you?!” White Bally was angry to the point his voice has changed, and he looked like a round and fluffy white dumpling. In fact, I felt that this appearance was pretty fun.

To tell the truth, my body wasn’t large, just a bit bigger than a kitten that has just opened their eyes. It could be classified as a kitten-type body… but what’s wrong with that?! The things that have a larger body than me on Buzhi Mountain are numerous! However, were they not all fixed into submission by me?!

“Then this means you all are not convinced?” Harboring evil designs, I swept Tabby a glance. Tabby who knew of my power immediately shrank back a bit, but unfortunately, this action infuriated the Stray Cat Gang cadres even more!

“Meowww~~!! I will never accept a cat apart from Boss taking the position of Leader! If you want to be the leader, then you have to pass through me!” White Bally finally could not help but jump up.

“That’s fine! The rule of the Cat Race, whoever is stronger, is who’s in charge!” I laughed. Fighting, this is my favorite matter!

“Meowww~” White Bally assumed a battle posture, all the fur on his body rose, and he viciously rushed toward me.

“Too slow, too useless!” I casually slapped a claw.


White Bally disappeared, then, on the surface of the alley, a white cat was that was “numbed” was embedded into the concrete wall…

I lightly licked my claw, this was the result of provoking me.

“Is there anyone else that isn’t convinced?” I smilingly stated.

Cats were a type of organism that had super intuition and understood when to advance or retreat. For example, with Tabby, when he disturbed my nap, I had released a murderous spirit that frightened him. He knew that I was something he absolutely could not afford to offend.

However, after experiencing White Bally’s brave appearance of using himself as an example, all the cats were clear: I was something they absolutely, absolutely could not afford to offend!

“Long live the Leader, long live the leader!” The steady and shrewd black cat Sheriff was the first to kneel before me, both his claws throw over with his head and tail buried into the ground, expressing his acknowledgment and allegiance to me.

“Leader is Godlike and unrivaled, invincible in the whole world!”

“With Leader here, the unification of Yucheng is imminent!!”

“Leader is too strong!”

“Leader, please take care of us…”

As a result, these cats without any backbones abandoned Tabby to one side and expressed to me 120,000 percent of admiration!

“Meow meow meow…” I was so happy I couldn’t help but sing a song. If it was at Buzhi Mountain, then this kind of scene would never appear. Although it was just a dozen of cats, I was still bursting with joy, this kind of satisfaction could not be enjoyed if I had not come to the human world!

“Ok! Then from now on, I am the leader of the Stray Cat Gang, and Tabby is the vice leader! Do you have any other questions?” I smilingly asked.

“No… no more…” One of the cat cadres hurriedly shook his head while Tabby was looking at me, his eyes full of tears, with an expression as if he didn’t dare to speak.

“Meow~ Don’t look at me like that, I will be shy. Rest assured, rest assured, when I find the Five Spirit Mirror, I will return to Buzhi Mountain. When that time comes, the leader will still be you!” I patted Tabby’s shoulder and encouraged him.


[1]The ‘dear’ here is an internet slang dear, so unless you know the internet, you won’t get it.

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