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Chapter 7: The Incantation To Never Be Lonely

Next day, everything felt so wonderful when I woke up on a soft silk cushion

What came to sight was a spacious room full of gorgeous furniture with a cozy fleece carpet covering the floor.

I was reclining inside a wicker basket, which had nothing but a silk cushion stuffed with swan’s down, and it felt like I was sleeping on clouds. I would never have thought that living in the human world could be so comfortable!

“Tabby! I’m hungry!” I bared my teeth at Tabby sleeping next to the basket. Tabby unhappily opens his eyes, then quietly walked over to the door. He seemed to press on a spot with his paw, and the door suddenly split open. A semicircular, bowl-like object was handed over, emitting a fragrant scent.

“Budong, hurry and eat!” Tabby calls out to me.

I had no choice. Although I really did not want to part with the soft bed, I reluctantly got up for the sake of my stomach.

I walked over, and discovered how sumptuously Tabby usually ate!

It was a bowl that could fit me inside, and the bowl was split into four neat sections. One section is filled with golden colored little fish, and another section is filled with milk. One of the remaining two sections had fish eggs. The other was filled with something I have never seen before, but it also smelled like fish.

“Hmph… you really have never seen good food before!” Tabby looks at my startled and close to drooling face. He condescendingly continued, “How can some canned tuna, high grade cat food, caviar, and milk make you this gluttonous?”

I was too lazy to argue with him. I just wanted to eat!

I tasted the milk. Hmm, it is sweet, but I don’t like food that doesn’t fill the stomach. Let’s focus on the other three sections.

“Hey! Save me some!!” Tabby finally reacted after realizing the incoming crisis.

Too late, underestimating my appetite is a fearful thing!

Ten minutes later… Tabby resentfully licked the milk, giving me an aggrieved look that made me feel a little embarrassed.

Really, it is only a meal!  Am I not the leader of the Stray Cat Gang? Today is even the day that I will fight the Hungry Dog Gang!

Right as I lazily reclined and digested my food, Tabby finishes the milk and walked over. He sat in front of me in a very professional posture. I realize that he entered his “official” mode that only appears when anything major concerning the Stray Cat Gang happens.

“Leader, we will negotiate with the Hungry Dog Gang today according to our plans. We have already sent a cat to pass on the message to the Hungry Dog Gang. There are three hours left until the negotiation. Although the place is not far, we still have to arrive early to gather our members!”

I didn’t have the slightest interest in Tabby’s words. Cats are originally like this. We have strong curiosity, but our interest leaves just as quickly as it comes. It has only been a night, and I am already a little bored with the leader position..

But I cannot quit because I am bored, because I am a cat demon who has cultivated for a thousand years! It is natural that I will use reason to restrict my conduct. Nevertheless, Tabby seems to better at it than me. Besides old and crafty Sheriff, Tabby is the only one who can act with reason. I suspect that Tabby is a demon as well, but I can not sense any demon qi from him. My guess is that Tabby’s comprehension and aptitude are top quality. If he were to start cultivating, then his progress would definitely be incredible!

I lazily flicked my tail and replied, “Isn’t Sheriff in charge of those matters? It is still early anyway, chat with me first.”

“Alas… Why do I have such a leader!” Tabby helplessly sighed.

Hmph~ Who made this fellow insist on inviting me to rest at his house? Who made his house so comfortable!? Now I am even a little reluctant to leave.

“Hey Tabby… where did the food come from? I only saw you press on the door, then the bowl automatically came in. You and I aren’t full yet, why don’t you press it again?” I was extremely curious about that door that could conjure food.

Tabby seemed to realize that it was impossible to persuade me to act more like a model leader, so he simply lay on his stomach, lazily swaying his tail.

“It’s called a food bowl, not a bowl.” Tabby first corrected my mistake, “The servants of this house will prepare my food beforehand everyday. I only have to press on the doorbell, and they will immediately hand in the food bowl filled with food. I am unable to finish all the food myself, so the servants would throw the leftovers out by giving food to the members of my Stray Cat Gang.

“Oh oh~” I exclaim in admiration.

After mulling in silence for a while, I could not help but ask, “Tabby, who is the owner of this room?”

Tabby naturally understood what I meant. I was referring to the master of these humans. If it was a cat, then Tabby who could order these servants around must be the boss, and I am his boss!

Who knew Tabby would unexpectedly appear aggrieved!?

He unnaturally turned his head away, and his voice had a loneliness that even I can detect.

“I don’t know that guy’s name, but all the humans here call him master. He is extremely busy, and I never see him stay home for more than a couple days a month!”

No wonder! Someone able to eat delicious food everyday and own such a big house with all these servants must be an elite among the humans! It’s expected that he would be so busy. Only, it’s obvious that Tabby and this human have a good relationship. He must wish for this human to accompany him more.

I thought for a little bit, then hopped off the cushion to pat his head with my claws.

“What are you doing Budong?!” Tabby was obviously startled by my actions. Other than looking at me in shock, Tabby was unable to even think.

“Hee hee…” I gave him a faint smile, which is the friendliest smile that I can express.

“Hey…. Tabby, just say it if you feel lonely. In the past, when my master always close-door cultivated, I felt lonely as well. Later however, I learned a spell from the water Qilin living in the rear mountains. It/she told me that I only needed to recite the incantation, and I won’t feel lonely anymore!”

“An incantation to never be lonely?” Tabby gives me a blank stare..

“Yup, let’s recite it together.” I giggle and guided Tabby.

“Budong, Budong…” I mutter.

“Budong, Budong…” Tabby slowly repeated my words.

We are all a family, a kind and loving family…

Regardless of where we are, we have each other’s existence in our hearts…

Believe that even if we are unable to meet, I hold you in my heart and you hold me in your heart…

Don’t forget the family and friends by your side for that one departure…

We are all by your side, always here, forever here…

So, please open your eyes and look at our smiling faces…

So, please erect your ears and listen to our laughter…

You are not lonely because we are together from beginning to end, forever together…

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