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Chapter 8: The Queen Is Here, Let’s Massacre These Evil Dogs! (I)

Tabby didn’t look as downcast once he’d finished reciting the spell. However, he quickly became contemptful with me.

“This chant is obviously meant to coax little children! Only you would believe in it!”

“Who said that this chant is only for coaxing little children!” I loudly protested as I threw myself on top of Tabby’s head, baring my fangs and brandishing my claws.

“Hmph~~” Despite this, Tabby simply turned his head to the side and didn’t defend his words, allowing me to make a mess of his fur. However, I still saw him laugh the moment he turned his head.

Once I’d messed around with Tabby for a while, I knew that I needed to leave this warm and comfy place. Honestly, I felt quite reluctant to do so, but there was still business that needed taken care of. After all, I’d accepted several lackeys yesterday. Being their boss, I need to help fix their problems.

According to the plan that the officers of the Stray Cat gang had drafted yesterday evening, I was to meet and talk with the leader of the Hungry Dog gang, the Evil Dog King, in an abandoned chemical factory today. The Evil Dog King would definitely bring Ten Big Evil Dogs along, but Tabby reassured me that the Stray Cat Gang would also dispatch its elites. They have their Ten Big Evil Dogs, while the Stray Cat gang has its Four Heavenly Kings and its 18 Arhats.

My role is to demonstrate my strength in front of the Evil Dog King and the Ten Big Evil Dogs, so that those stupid dogs will obediently hand over the territory. If they don’t, they’re dead!

The moment that Tabby and I arrived at the chemical factory, a white shadow flung itself towards us.

“Good morning your Majesty the Queen, it’s been hard on you.” A white ball with a face full of flattery proceeded to revolve around me. This image… I honestly don’t mean to be insulting, but this image was very similar to the Hungry Dog gang’s specialty—their puppy minions.

This fellow had been sent flying with a single swipe of my paw yesterday, and had suffered serious injuries. The only reason he hadn’t died was because I hadn’t put any killing intent in my strike. Afterwards, I casually used a healing spell, yet he turned out like this… This fellow seems to have already become both a faithful worshipper and staunch supporter of me. Even Tabby hasn’t received such passionate treatment before.

When I looked up, I noticed that a lot of cats had come this time. The factory’s surrounds, treetops, and walls were covered with cats. When they saw that Tabby and I had arrived, a large crowd of cats came and over and shouted, “We pay our respects to the leader!” There were definitely over a thousand cats present!

“Eh, eh… greetings, everyone!” I lifted my paw and waved it at my surroundings. Hm, standing above this many cats feels nice.


Why hadn’t a single cat responded to my wave?

“Leader—no, Vice leader, is she our new leader?” The crowd in front of us slowly parted to let three cats walk over.

“Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird, hurry up and greet our new leader! You guys aren’t ordinary members. Hasn’t Sheriff informed you of what happened yesterday?” White Bally—no, I can’t call him White Bally this time. One of the Stray Cat gang’s Four Heavenly Kings stepped forwards and called out.

I examined them from left to right, in order of succession. First was Azure Dragon, then Black Tortoise, followed by Vermilion Bird.

Azure Dragon is a hairless cat, which, based on my beauty standards, means that it’s dead ugly; isn’t it afraid of the winter chill? All cats are afraid of the cold! However, since it’s one of the Four Heavenly Kings, it should have its own way of doing things. I could sense the respectful glances the surrounding cats were giving it.

Next was Black Tortoise. Hm, it’s a black cat like me. However, it’s really buff. There’s probably not a single cat in our surroundings that’s as sturdy-looking as it; it almost looks like a leopard. Considering how it looks, I reckon that all the normal evil dogs will wet themselves in fright.

Then the last one is Vermilion Bird… wow! It’s unexpectedly a cat with red fur! That’s not right, it’s not exactly like the legendary red cat that I idolize and have always wanted to meet. It’s fur, to be exact, is actually orange. It’s just that some patches of it are darker, which made it look like a red cat.

Add in the fat and plump White Tiger and… hm, all four of these Heavenly Kings each have their own, unique characteristics!

“Budong, be wary of Azure Dragon. He’s the strongest cat in the gang besides me. Not only are they strong at fighting, but they’re also very smart. If I die, the next leader would definitely be him.” Tabby cautiously whispered into my ear. However, this information is quite useless!

Just glancing at this ‘Azure Dragon’ caused me to feel unhappy. It’s not your fault for looking ugly, but it’s definitely your fault for coming out and scaring people like this!

Furthermore, its current appearance obviously indicates that it’s here to look for trouble! The Evil Dog gang is sure to arrive any second now, which is when this fellow will most likely enact whatever scheme it has. This really makes me unhappy!

I drag White Tiger away with a smile, then slowly walk up to Azure Dragon. Hm, this fellow is only taller than me by two heads. Even Tabby is taller than him!

“That’s right, I’m the Stray Cat gang’s new leader. What about it?” I don’t know why, but my heart had started itching again. I really wanted to bully this guy!

I immediately decided that I’d ruthlessly bully this guy, and that I’d let him thoroughly taste despair throughout his entire body.

At this moment, Tabby, who’d been standing behind me, suddenly shuddered. According to his explanation later, it seemed like I’d grown a horn from my forehead, and bat-like wings from my back…

“Humph!” This bad cat’s mouth morphed into a sneer. Then, without any warning, he swept his paw towards me!

This despicable guy!

“Moewuu~~~!” A mournful roar echoed.

Tabby immediately pounced towards Azure Dragon from behind! To be frank, this was the first time I’d seen Tabby fight. Its canines were exposed, and its eyes were full of killing intent. Furthermore, when Tabby extended its claws, they were around an inch long!

This kind of Tabby scared me for a moment; I’d never seen Tabby so angry! In addition to anger, I seemed to be able to sense the trace of an extremely faint scent… wait, that’s demonic qi!

Right before Tabby’s claws struck Azure Dragon’s eyes, a tail lightly hooked Tabby by the waist and surprisingly stopped him in midair. Afterwards, a paw restrained Azure Dragon’s paw.

“Azure Dragon! You dare to offend your superior! Are you tired of living?!” Tabby looked terrifying right now. Really, does he not realize the current situation?

Azure Dragon first gave Tabby a terrified look, then gazed at his restrained paw. My paw was currently pressing down on his paw, while Tabby was currently suspended in the air by my tail.

White Tiger finally caught on at that moment, and pounced towards Azure Dragon while shouting, “Azure Dragon! If you dare to touch even a single hair on Queen Budong, neither the boss nor I will let you off!”

“You idiot!” I helplessly let go of Azure Dragon’s paw and pressed White Tiger to the ground in one swipe. I then looked towards Tabby, who’d already calmed down, yet still had its claws extended. To be honest, those claws were really cool. Any dog would suffer quite a bit if they were hit by those claws!

I first set Tabby down, them smiled towards Azure Dragon. Azure Dragon finally cooperated whilst trembling when it saw my smile; it seemed to know what sort of treatment it was in for…


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