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Chapter 1: Alright, I am only a Demon, Meow~

“You unfilial disciple! You dare to privately take out the Five Spirit Mirror to play?!!

A powerful bellow alarmed all the birds on the Buzhi Mountain[1], what a spectacular sight it was to see thousands and tens of thousands of birds all setting flight!

“Meow! Meowster (Master), I was wrong meow!” A small black cat rubbed itself on the legs of a white bearded old grandpa who looked very much like an Immortal.

The white-bearded old grandpa was angry to the point his beard was rising up and, using one hand to grab the small black cat by the scruff, he lifted it up in front of his face.

“Meow~~” The small black cat called as if trying to curry favor, while a pair of dark green, watery, and miserable eyes looked at him.

But such a pity, this acting cute killing move was completely useless against this old grandpa whose anger had reached the point that his beard rose and his eyes bulged. Directly carrying the small black cat by the neck and with a flash of his figure, they were above the Sea of Clouds.

“Meow~~ meow~~” The little black cat, seeing that they had arrived at a high altitude,  was even more afraid and recklessly brandished its small claws, the sounds it made also becoming more pitiful.

However, the white-bearded old grandpa was not moved in the least, rather his face was green with anger. Gritting his teeth, he said: “Budong, ask yourself this… how many times does this make?”

“Oh…” The small black cat stopped struggling and instead covered its ears with its two paws, looking as if it was seriously pondering over it.

“I think it hasn’t been that many times?” The small black cat answered quietly, but from the matchless lack of confidence within its tone, even it lacked confidence in its answer.

“It hasn’t been that many times?!” The veins on this white-bearded old grandpa’s forehead nearly popped out!

“Eighty years ago, I went into closed door cultivation to refine a Jade Spirit Pill. The result was that you took my beloved Jade Ruyi Scepter out of the box to play and it broke into three pieces when it fell on the ground! One hundred and sixty-four years ago, my nine Violet Gold Pills were secretly eaten by you until only two were left! Not only that, but two hundred and fifty years ago, you took out the Heaven Breaking Bow and the Immortal Extinguishing Arrow out to shoot Phoenix! The outcome was that you almost caused the Celestial Generals and Troops to annihilate my Buzhi Mountain! Still, three hundred…”

The more the white-bearded old grandpa said, the more emotional his face became. He remembered these events in incomparably clear details. Even the small black cat in his hands was admiring him… All these affairs, it already could not remember a single one!

“And then… this time…” The head of the white bearded old grandpa was smoking, and it looked as if even his beard was about to start burning.

“The five hundred years were finally over… with the Five Spirit Mirror’s ability to grant wishes right in front of my eyes. But you… you unexpectedly burst into the forbidden area and stole the Five Spirit Mirror to play with it! Moreover… Moreover, you lost it?!!” The white-bearded old grandpa finally couldn’t endure it anymore and loudly bellowed, the huge wave of Qi almost blowing the small black cat away!

“Meow! Meowster (Master), I didn’t know that the broken mirror placed in the forbidden area was unexpectedly the valuable Five Spirit Mirror! Because I had to use so much energy to break your prohibition spell, I thought you put the Dragon Pearl you won from the Dragon King of the East Sea in there…”

“What?! So you originally had ideas about my Dragon Pearl!!” The white bearded old grandpa once again suffered a major hit.

“Meow~ Didn’t you say that the Dragon Race is the Lord of Water under heaven~? Then the Dragon Pearl that has the power of Dragons should be able to let me order those delicious fish to line up and let me eat them…” Just by thinking about it, the small black cat even started to drool… 

“………………” The astonishing thing was that this time, the white-bearded old grandpa unexpectedly didn’t get angry?!

“Meow~ Master are you not angry anymore, meow?” The small black cat opened its clean and honest eyes wide, staring at the white-bearded old grandpa.

“Does this mean you forgive your disciple, meow?”

“Can your disciple return home now, meow?”


The white-bearded old grandpa who was enveloped by an unfamiliar black air finally moved!

He lifted the small black cat in his hand overhead and then… exerted all his strength to throw it within the Sea of Clouds!

“Scram! If you can’t find the Five Spirit Mirror, then don’t come back to see me!!”



[1]Buzhi Mountain -> Not Angelica Mountain

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