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This is Summer. I am excited to announce that I will start a new novel by one of my favorite danmei writer, Fox^^. I love this novel so much that I passed this novel around in my high school, and despite this novel being very hardcore and r18(…I know I shouldn’t have done it to underage people, plz forgive me), I received many positive reviews and even essays on the novel from my classmates, many of them never read danmeis.

This story is dark and heavy, full of violence and sexual abuse, and twisted characters. It discusses extreme behaviors of people in an extreme environment. There are no clear main characters/ships. Many characters that appeared in the story will die, but most of the main characters do survive, so don’t worry too much.

Title: Intense Radical Behaviors/过激行为 (guo ji xing wei)

(Thanks Levs for the suggestion on the title)

Author: Fox/狐狸

Translator: summerx

Tags: danmei, modern, dystopia

Warning: rape, violence, abuse, character deaths

Main Characters: Hill, Olay, William, Dreier, Jason, Wilson, Danny, AlanLength: 15 chapters and an ending

Length: 15 chapters and an ending

Summary (edited from douban.com):

This is the Lone Isle Prison.

Here, atrocities are connived, and normalized. The society works on a completely different set of rules.

“You can decide the life and death of the prisoners. Only on this isle. Here, you can do whatever you want.”

Maybe, there is a devil on this isle,

he can make a decent man lost in power and violence.

Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.2


For the sake of your sanity and mine, I reorganized the header. All Danmei novels will go under the danmei tab. Anything completed will be moved under complete (though the only thing that is completed right now are oneshots…)

I’m working on completing a novel!

Well, I’m still working on reorganizing the finals of tabs and pages.

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