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Chapter 1.2

Working as a manager in this, according to Jory, “lone isle” of an “alternative reality”, it was too easy to be brutal and ruthless. Once man has power, desire grows correspondingly. Humans are never creatures that can withstand temptation. All these sayings are proven here.

The Lone Isle Prison only kept hardcore criminals. The relative loose management was due to the isolation of the prison. The sex deprived prison guards often “visited” their prisoners. When Hill went through the hallway, he saw an office with the lights on. An unlucky dude was cuffed on the table, and his colleague was enjoying himself. He even kept his clothes neat, and only took off his pants a little bit. Hill sighed, and considerately closed the door for him. When he first arrived, those things seemed unacceptable, but when everybody around him took them for granted, he started to feel that was natural.

Tonight, such things seemed too welcoming. When he inspected the bathroom, he heard the sound of water running. Some people were still showering inside. He opened the door and entered. It was a big showering stall, and he saw an interesting scene.

Several men were showering. One of them picked up a soap, but that naughty little thing slipped from his hand, and fell next to a dark-haired guy…

This was so cliche. Hill watched with interest. The dark-haired man was still showering unwittingly. He seemed to have some south American blood, indicated by his beautiful brown skin. Hill gazed at his straight long legs and tight hips thoughtfully. He had a handsome face, with soft facial structures. Hill remembered his name was Lineas. All these traits probably made him a target since he arrived.

The other three men in the shower signaled each other. One of them pretended to bend down and pick up the soap, so as to approach the defenseless Lineas, then suddenly grabbed his leg!

Lineas was taken by surprise and almost fell over. The other two men pounced on him; one of them struck twice on his belly. Lineas took the hits before he realized what happened, which made him completely suppressed. However, he was not a pushover. Almost instinctively, he punched the attacker in front of him. Apparently, he knew how to fight. His punch landed precisely on his nose. Blood immediately ran out, mixing with the flow of water on the ground, making a scary scene.

But the other guys were also seasoned fighters. Blood only excited them, instead of making them faint and scream like women – they were not going to let Lineas go like this. One of the guy smashed the nape of Linnaeus’s neck with elbow, which immediately collapsed his slender beautiful body. He struggled to stand up, but a man grabbed his slightly long hair and forced him to look up. The shock and blankness on his face aroused the men. He instinctively tried to escape, but his arms were twisted behind his back, and the man kneeling behind him forced his legs apart, then a rough finger thrust inside him… Lineas finally realized what these men wanted. Outraged, he tried to struggle, and yelled, “Leave me alone! Son of a bitch–”

The finger continued exploring inward, and he was tightly pinned down, helplessly being violated. It seemed these men were experienced at this…… He could feel the excited breaths next to him, which gave him fear…

“Okay, stop it, guys.” Hill said cheerfully, clapped his hands to raise their attention. All four men turned around to look at him, and three of them had rage of being interrupted written all over their face. Hill smiled innocently. Honestly, stopping men during sex was a horrible, and inhuman thing.

Nonetheless, if he ran into such things, he often stepped in. After all, he was a prison guard. Moreover, he didn’t like these bullies taking advantage with their numbers. He could tell that those guys were probably none of Lineas’ match in a one on one.

“Looks like I have interrupted you guys.” He walked over with a smile. His warning eyes swept across the pissed men, “Why don’t you guys go back to sleep, instead of staying in the crime scene? Dear flagrante delicto?”

He could feel those big men’s fury. Men are creatures that reason with their dick. Interrupting them during this…… If they were impulsive enough to fight him tonight…… Hill put a hand on his spontoon, judging the odds of him winning. He sighed, feeling that nothing was going well for him tonight.

But apparently, these guys were clever enough. The leader walked out stiffly, obviously in fury. The others saw that and silently followed him out.

Hill let out a sigh of relief. Only until then did he feel his shirt drenched, maybe from his nervousness, or maybe from the heat in the bathroom. Hmm, sometimes being a prison guard could be thrilling too. He looked back, and Lineas had already stood up. “Thank you.” He thanked him sincerely. Wet hair curled on his forehead. Under his eyelashes, his black eyes were almost crystal. Hill shrugged and walked towards the exit, telling him, “You are lucky that I ran into them today. You’d better pray for good luck next time.”

“I will be careful next time.” Lineas followed him, casually wrapped a bath towel around his waist. Hill heard the hostility in his voice, and warned, “You’d better not bring more troubles.”

“How so?” Lineas gave him a kind but keen smile. Even an idiot could tell the plan in his mind. Hill shook his head and walked out. No innocent people got locked up here. As long as things were in control, he didn’t bother to care much.

Hill flickered, and then stopped, surprised that he could meet Olay here again. His face was in fact very attractive, with clean-cut features and sharp curve. Hill looked him up and down. He seemed just finished showering, as water was dripping from his hair. Those guys must have waited till he left before attacking. His expression was as cold as usual, showing that although he was alive, he preferred to keep everyone away.

Hill smiled at him and friendly greeted, “Olay, are your feet getting better?”

Olay gave him a look, “Yes.” A very short answer. When he picked up the dirty clothes and walked out, Hill noticed that his feet was almost recovered. That was indeed impressive resilience.

“Good resilience.” When Olay walked pass him, the cop said gently. Olay wasted no look at him and left.

Hill turned around gazing at the back of Olay. He carried a breeze when he walked, which ruffled through his hair. Hill enjoyed watching him walk, which carried an amazing sense of balance. Olay’s movement was always enjoyable to watch. He was having a good time, Hill thought, it shouldn’t be like this.

Lineas changed his clothes and walked out. He noticed Hill’s gaze, and looked at Olay’s back, then sneered, “His bad days are probably coming soon.”

Hill looked back at him in shock. Lineas immediately gave him a kind smile, “Nobody will die, Sir.” Then he never bothered to looked at Hill again. He turned around and left, planning on the revenge in the future.

This guy was doing this to return his favor, but Hill was not sure if this piece of information was useful to him. Indeed, such long silence must be the foreshadowing of a bigger plan, but…… If nobody’s gonna die, it’s not his business. In the hallway where Olay disappeared, he could almost see a ghost of his elegant and vigorous figure. The way he walked was amazingly beautiful. He shook his head and decided to let go of this matter. He was not in charge anyway. He was just a little prison guard. Everybody else was conniving, and there was no reason for him to be a deviant. This was not a comic book, and he was not superman.

The best result would be Olay staying alive and learned his lessons, which would save him a lot of trouble. He said to himself.

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