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Chapter 1.3

Peaceful days were hanging by a thread on the cliff, but they continued. Of course, it was not Hill’s business to worry about whether they would fall off. Even if they do it’s not a big deal. But unexpectedly he felt kinda nervous. During the days, his attention unconsciously followed Olay. When he noticed his own behavior, he always regretted and pulled back.


“I bet they are gonna be my companions for at least a month.” Jory was chatting with Hill, “Since I came here, there have never been short of patients, and all were only half-alive.”

Hill sighed. The Olay thing hadn’t began yet. There was something bigger waiting for him, which was the beginning of Lineas’ revenge. “Will there be permanent disabilities?” He asked.

“Not that bad. Lineas knows what to do. He is good at fighting. I heard that he grew up in ghettos. Are you guys gonna step in?”

“This is a revenge.” Said Hill, recalled the scene he ran into in the bathroom not long ago, “No need to step in these trivias. Those guys assaulted Lineas first, so they need to pay the price of failure.”

Jory shrugged, “That dude is good looking. No doubt that those bástãrds would target him, but how come no one noticed that he’s a dynamite?”

“There are gonna be a lot of dramas.” Hill said, “Although this place is boring, there are some entertainment here like these. Enjoy, Doctor.” He walked out. The inspection time was up. When he left, he heard Jory complain. “A gory place.” He said.

Hill did not answer, but he agreed with what he said. This was very much a hellhole. As a state organization, it was rigidly stratified and at the same time worshiping violence. The good thing was, he was content with his position – at least it’s better than being sodomized in the cell.

When he passed by the garden, it was yard time. Prisoners walked around everywhere. Olay was sitting against a wall, squinting and enjoying the sun. Hill hesitated for a while, and walked to him. He felt he should talk to him.

“I notice that you are free from injuries, which is very abnormal.” Hill said, standing in front of Olay. Olay opened his eyes. Hill casted a huge shadow on him. “You’ve blocked my sunlight, Sir.” He said.

Hill walked around and sat next to him. The warmth of sun fell on him again, and Olay squinted in satisfaction. Hill found it weird to see this bloodthirsty, dangerous prisoner so quiet.

“Hey,” He cleared his throat, “I want to talk to you.”

Olay ignored him. He didn’t open his eyes until Hill passed him a cigarette. He took the cigarette and put it between his lips, “What do you want to talk about?”

Even though they were in the prison, it definitely doesn’t mean that all luxuries were forbidden. There were such people in every prison – as long as you had the money, they could get anything for you. Cigarette was one of the most popular items.

Hill helped him light it up, and watched him take a blow. He missed smoking for a long time, and satisfaction showed on his face. Seeing him cheer up a bit, Hill lit his own cigarette up, “From my experience, such a long peace indicates something big is in plan. What on earth did you do that pissed them so much?”

“They just dislike me.” Said Olay, enjoying his cigarette.

“I know, but I am a bit worried… Hey, I don’t want any deaths, so you need watch out!” Hill was being serious.

“You treat me to a cigarette in hope of me staying alive?” Olay glanced at him, “Thanks for your good wishes. I will try my best, Sir.”

Hill didn’t say anything because he couldn’t find anything to say, but he didn’t want to leave either. They silently smoked for a while. Fine, I just want to talk to someone, Hill thought, this sh*thole is terrible. You can’t talk to a rapist, which includes almost all the cops here, whom either has committed similar crimes, or watched them happen… Of course I am no exception, but my conscience is tortured.

Olay was from a decent background, and he had no criminal records before. Although he killed three men, he didn’t defend himself at all at the court. But Hill always felt he could be a chatmate. Maybe because Olay was new and hadn’t fitted in yet, he looked “normal”, which was why he wanted to talk to him. Humans cannot control their desire to communicate, he comforted himself.

“I hate this place.” He said softly, “There is no end to the darkness, as if the sun will never rise.”

“We have a pretty nice sun today.” Olay made a random comment. Golden rays showered down warmly. He crushed the cigarette butt, and Hill handed him another one.

“I wasn’t talking about that,” Said Hill, “I was saying this is one hell of a sh*thole! Don’t you think so?”

“I thought you ‘ruling class’ would think differently.” Olay threw up his hands, “Not even all the prisoners think so. They are still having a good time here. You don’t need to feel such guilt. Everybody acts like that. This is called… Eh, mass personality, based on unconscious herd mentality.”

“You studied psychology?” Hill asked, vaguely remembering similar contents in Olay’s record.

Olay took a blow, “Humph, this is my cheapest session so far.”

“You shouldn’t say that. This is wrong, it’s wrong…” Hill shook his head, “No, maybe it is me who is wrong. There are flaws in my education. Here, and even people outside think like that. The weak submits to the strong. There is no equality, nor human rights. If I feel that everything is wrong, then maybe I am wrong…” The world was always in darkness.

“I don’t think so, but I can’t explain to you with any profound philosophy either. I think you are a good man, I mean…” He thought for a while, “has any woman ever tell you that such conflicts make you look charming?”

Hill felt he missed a heartbeat, “No..” He murmured, “I thought I was wrong… You really think that?”

Olay shrugged, “I have no idea why you are talking about this with me, but I am not of much help, Sir.”

Hill scratched his brown hair. He felt strongly disappointed for no reason. “Why did you kill those three men?” He shifted the topic.

“That’s too personal. I don’t want to talk about this.” Olay’s attitude suddenly cooled down, despite it not being warm at the very beginning.

“Sorry, I didn’t know… What?” Hill found it strange that Olay was staring at him. The latter laughed, “Oh, you are saying sorry to me? I was surprised, because no one has said that word to me for a long time. You see…… I really don’t want to talk about that. Maybe in the future I will, when we are more familiar with each other……”

Hill looked flat at him. He couldn’t describe the throb he felt at that moment – that smile. It was the first time he saw Olay smile. He didn’t like smiling, but his smile was surprisingly childlike and pure. In his dark eyes, the happiness was so sincere that it was astonishing. It was like the sunshine penetrate through the dark clouds, so dazzling that it was hard to look at…

This is it… He thought, catch that smile, that ray of sunshine in hell…

Before the smile disappeared, Hill quickly leaned forward and kissed his lips.

Olay was taken by surprise. The biting and warmth on his lips confused him. The man that was chatting peacefully with him a moment ago suddenly kissed him! Once he realized this, he punched on Hill’s belly!

Black eyes versus green eyes, nobody talked. Hill slowly stood up. The guards in a distance saw something went wrong, and they were hurrying over, shouting something. Maybe I should apologize, Hill thought, staring at Olay’s lips. He thirsted for that taste. He wasn’t sure if he crossed the line – all the cops did this, and they did even worse, but they never apologize.

“I want you.” He said with a smile. That was what they all said, to the prisoner they took a fancy to. Prisoners had no rights. If he wanted him, he could get him.

Olay frowned, and twisted the corner of his lips, “Oh… Filthy homosexual.”

He was caught by two guards right away, and received two harsh kicks. His dark eyes were still on Hill, “You are the same as them? So disgusting.”

Hill stood here feeling deeply hurt. His heart was warmed not too long ago, but now a sharp icy blade stabbed through it. It suddenly became so cold, painful, and numb.

Olay saw Hill at the edge of crying and wondered if he went too far. His lips moved a little bit, but he didn’t say anything. Then he was escorted out of the scene by the guards.

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