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Chapter 1.4

“Even though you didn’t tell me, I know that you are insulted. They have punished him.” Quincy, the captain of the guards, took a sip of coffee, “Maybe we can tolerate being insulted by someone else, but not the prisoners. They need to know their place. They are rabbles.”

“I thought they are equal to us in terms of human rights.” Hill said listlessly.

“Human rights? They do not exist here.” Quincy sneered, “Think about the slavery in the past, Hill, it’s the same thing. This place is not synced with the outside society. Enjoy the pleasure of being a slave owner. You are the master here. You can do whatever you want. I suggest you fúck him!”

“Oh, I don’t want to fúck him. I want to butcher him.”

Quincy laughed out loud, “You are still mad. Don’t be so serious, Hill. I am off work. Trust me, he’s punished. Besides, the motherfúckers in the cells will be doing something to him tonight. Your anger shall be vented. Cheer up!” He patted on his shoulder and left.

I want to butcher him! Hill smoked silently. No, my anger will not be vented by simply beating him up. The pain and humiliation he brought to me…… I want to trample him into fragments under my feet. I abhor him. I want to……

He crushed the cigarette butt into fragments. I have the ability. I can dominate his life. I can do whatever I want, and he can’t resist. This is how it is here. I have that……power……

Hill was a bit concerned about the “something” Quincy talked about, so he deliberately started his touring early at night. He did not want to miss anything.

The prisoners were still awake. When he stepped inside the iron gate, he could hear the deep moans, panting and struggles deep in the prison. The cells were trapped in an erotic atmosphere. He walked slowly. He would hear the sound of his boots on the floor. He soon noticed that the noises were coming from Olay’s room.

“Oh my god……” He stood in front the the door. The night light on the hallway was on, allowing him to see what in the cell vaguely, but that’s enough for him to be amazed by the tip of the iceberg. Like the sin city of Sodom, the room exuded the rotten smell of blood and semen, the air of lust and evil.

There were six men in total in the room, and one of them was the subject of the orgy – a little bribe to the guards gave them permission to switch rooms, which was probably why Quincy knew there was something going on. Hill didn’t know how long it had lasted. They likely planned to end it before the inspection time. But even with him standing here, none of the highly excited men noticed him.

He was surprised that was the “something” they would do to Olay.

The man was placed at the center. Two p*nises was thrusting in his body at the same time. One man covered his mouth, which seemed unnecessary – Hill believed that Olay would be a trouble in a fight, but he looked limp now. He lay on another man’s body in prostration, without resisting at all. Naked bodies of men tangled together, and others were queued up next to them.

He pulled his lips into a smile. This was hilarious. The man who called him a “filthy homosexual” at noon was raped by a group of men at night. The sex organs of the same sex was thrusting in his body. This was such a wonderful revenge. The two men reached climax in his body, leaving the semen in him without scruples. This is the advantage of doing this with a man – no worries about pregnancy. Also, these men obviously has been horny for a long time.

Oley was tossed on the floor. Another man lifted his butt and penetrated inside. Amazingly, he still hadn’t passed out. He’s the first one to see Hill.

His mouth was covered, but his dark eyes locked at Hill. Hill couldn’t figure out what was in those eyes that made him panic for a moment. Then, Link, who was standing in the dark, saw him. Link was the boss of the gang. From the look of him, he had enjoyed himself, and was debating if he wanted to go for a second round.

Hill saw him too. He stared at the green eyes shining deep in the cell. Link seemed panicked, as Hill arrived earlier than expected. But after exchanging looks for five seconds, Link smiled, “No need to cover his mouth anymore.” He said. The guy behind Olay let him go, and the man in the torment didn’t scream.

Even if he screamed, at best he could draw the touring guard to stop this disgusting gangbang. However, that guard was standing right here, watching with great interest, as if he was watching a VR pōrn. He could almost start to masturbate.

The dark eyes stared at him defiantly, and Hill coldly stared back. Link offered quietly, “Do you want to join us, Sir?”

Hill did not respond. His eyes told him “Continue. I want to watch.” Link smiled, and walked over.

Olay suddenly grabbed the iron bars. There was blood on his hand, and scars on his face, by either the prisoners or the cops. He didn’t speak, just glared at Hill with his black eyes, which were as dark as bottomless holes. No words, just glare.

The moment Hill wanted to look aside, Link grabbed Olay’s short hair from behind and lifted him up. His hands were forced off the fence. Hill squinted. The man’s body was exposed in his sight. It was indeed very sexy. Strong, but not hulky. His strength and wildness was in the curve of the muscles, which could easily light up one’s lust.

The dark eyes were still fixed on him. Even though they were forced to raise, they never left Hill’s face. The uncompromising lips were shut tight. A suffocating silence. Hill took a deep breath. He stopped looking at Olay’s eyes, stepped forward, because there were more enticing scene that caught his eyes.

Olay’s legs were widely spread apart by the man behind him, at less than half a meter away. The night lights allowed him to see his p*nis clearly, and the hole beneath, which was stretched wide by a man’s dick. The latter was thrusting and enjoying himself in a extremely pleasurable position. The shaking of sex screamed lewdness. The man lifted him higher, so as to let Hill see more clearly, but the vague light only allowed him to see the semen and blood brought out by the thrusting. He couldn’t see more details, but he could sense his muscles cramping in pain. The illegibly made everything even more tempting, making him feel that his pants were too tight.

He didn’t try to hide it. He stepped forward again, squatted down, trying to see more clearly. At that exact moment, he noticed that Olay had closed his eyes, and stopped looking at him.

“Please enjoy your show, Sir.” Said Link.

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  1. Jurianne says:

    Huhhhh?!? Noooooo Olay!! Hill, you bastard, you better do something! Talking about human rights then enjoying the show like that… ? Ahhh I’m so pissed!

    Thank dear for the new chapter!

  2. Reishiki says:

    Holyyyy crap 🙁 I’m so sad in this chapter!!! Hill is so mean! Poor Olay….

  3. Pijon says:

    ? Yussss, these guys know how to Party <3 It's funny how many BL gang-bang scenes I've seen that are just a bunch of guys hanging around, shouting for a turn while one guy gets to have all the fun. Like, get creative, guys! Learn to work as a team, there's plenty of things to be doing X'D The DP was really refreshing! Somebody gets it! Lol, Sorry, I am definitely this story's target audience! This chapter had me acting like a giddy flailing mess. I am eating this stuff up~

    I love how Hill isn't a saint. There must be a reason he's there, and a lot of times prison guards have a bit of an authority problem themselves… Hill already described how he was bitter with his position and how he merely looked down on the corruption as his coworker's desperation -you know, instead of it raising flags that he should gtfo as soon as possible. A smug jerk like him wouldn't readily get his hands dirty due to his superiority complex so this situation Really did work out in his favor, huh? I bet he feels like this is what Olay deserves for messing with his head. Haha, enjoy it while you can Hill, this event will probably lead you down the path of your own destruction! Maybe. Possibly. It's too early for me to tell tbh XD

    • summerx says:

      You have really interesting understanding of gangbang LOL “one guy gets to have all the fun”

      Speaking of Saints, I don’t think anyone in the story is a saint, but if there is, it would be the guy who will debut in chapter two. I admire him a lot.

      Hill is just a normal guy. He’s not particularly evil, but he corrupts like everyone else. I think he’s a very interesting character, as we get to see how he battles his conscience and desires.

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