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Chapter 1.1: Olay

Hill first met Olay on the hallway to the prison. Two minutes ago, he was helping a colleague sodomize a prisoner. This was common practice in prison; his colleagues’ words: show him the rules!

That boy was good-looking – if interested, the prison guards always got to try the pretty boys first. Unfortunately, his mouth was a bit too dirty. He kept cursing and swearing – of course, most prisoners here were like that. Hill helped his colleague cuff up the ill-tempered boy in a painful position. If he didn’t want his wrists and ankles to be dislocated, he couldn’t struggle too hard.

Anyway, when he politely closed the door at the end, the only things he could hear were the heavy panting and indistinct sobbing.

It’s not like Hill didn’t have such interest. He didn’t do it often, not because he had any sort of principle – if he did, he wouldn’t have helped his colleague. However, he didn’t find it particularly exciting to rape a heterosexual man. He preferred consensual sex.

That’s when he met Olay.

Olay was cuffed, walking in the empty hallway in a grey prison suit. Of course, he was followed by the police, but many years later, when Hill recalled that scene, he always felt that there was only Olay walking to him.

Olay was very tall, at least 1.85m. He was slender, but he looked well exercised. Well, Hill couldn’t see his body with clothes on, but he made that assumption because Olay’s movements were very elegant and harmonious, giving him pleasure just by watching from a distance.

A few steps closer and he was able to see his face. Hill raised an eyebrow. The first thought he had was – this man, did somebody owe him money?

Olay Andrews, 1.83m – a bit of estimation error here, maybe due to his swift steps and the sense of harmony. Aged 27. His charge was…… murder. Of three. With cruel means: he poured gasoline on them and set them on fire. Hill skimmed through the criminal data with disinterest. This guy would have been sent to an electric chair if only death sentence was allowed in this state. He turned the pages back. On the first page, there were Olay’s front and side photos. They were not photographed well; his dark hair was cut very short, and he looked rebellious. Eyes of the same color sank under the eyebrows that were a bit heavy. His high nose bridge gave a sense of arrogance. His lips were shut tight, showing his cold and refusal attitude.

His eyes…… Hill stroked his chin. His eyes were of pure darkness, exuding a fierce murderous look as if the entire universe was his enemy – Most criminals are like that. They had all kinds of mental issues. Plus, you can’t ask him to put on a smiley face when taking a mug shot. Hill sighed, and closed the folder. He seemed like a big hassle.

However, as always, men had an aggressive nature. Hill yawned, switched off the lights and left the office. He needed to go on an inspection tour.

The next day, when he went to the library to check out books, he met Olay in the depths of some shelves – there was a decent library in the Lone Isle Prison. Some people had taught him a lesson, as expected by Hill. The dark haired prisoner was sitting on the floor against a bookshelf. Those guys were smart enough not to leave marks on his face. It was an inevitable period for the newbies, Hill thought, actually it didn’t really matter if they left marks. The prison couldn’t find out who did it; and even if they knew, they wouldn’t care. This was the internal affairs of the prisoners –  their forces were in a fragile balance, which was helpful for the management. As long as they did not go too far, the guards usually turned a blind eye to it.

This was not the first time, and definitely would not be the last. Hill planned to walk over, and kick him like he would do to other prisoners, and asked, “Hey, are you still alive?” If he was not smart enough, he would complain to him; or, if he knew the rules he would say he’s  okay and leave. Hill would never investigate further about what happened.

However, before Hill could execute his plan, Olay suddenly opened his eyes, and glared at him coldly when Hill was about five meters away.

Hill paused for a second. The moment he got caught by those dark eyes, an electric current rose from the tip of his feet, which made him shiver.

This is impossible, Hill was pissed. He was familiar with that feeling – before he was redeployed to this prison because of an accidental discharge at a crucial moment, he was in the Anti-Gang Unit. He fought with important guys who never counted how many they had killed, and lived at the frontline battling death. He was familiar with that sixth sense sparkled in danger, and loved it, because it demonstrated his uniqueness –  he was born to be an elite cop, fighting at the front line, instead of babysitting these criminals who had no power nor freedom.

Yes, he loathed this uninspiring, boring job. But Hill firmly believed that he would one day leave here, because he didn’t belong here. This was a waste of his talent! Therefore, he couldn’t forgive himself for growing that sacred feeling for a prisoner under his management. That was a sacred feeling which should only exist his other job!

Hill tried to control his anger, and observed the guy in front of him. He was struggling to stand up, and surprisingly managed to do so. Seen from such a short distance, his facial features were well defined. Just like the way he walked, the color of his hair and his eyes were in harmony.

His bad attitude was certainly not reserved for cops only, Hill thought, he was hostile to everything. He didn’t want people to approach him, so he always put on the airs of an aggressive murderer who wanted to keep everyone away. Well that’s not my business. I am not his therapist.

“Good evening. Looks like you’ve encountered some troubles,” Hill softly smiled, “but it’s about bedtime, so you better head back quickly.”

Olay had already noticed Hill’s unfriendly eyes, and returned an equally vicious look before leaving, as if he was trying to provoke him.

“Wait a minute.” Olay turned around and looked at Hill coldly. The cop’s hair was shining a warm, honey-like color under the energy-saving lights. “What happened to your foot?” Hill walked over, and squatted next to him. He didn’t mind touching his ankle. Olay hesitated, not sure if he should take back his foot. He disliked people getting close to him. However, the cop’s hand had already held his foot. He felt a sharp pain, which turned into anger in his heart. Then the cop stood up, “Before you go back, you need to visit the infirmary. Come with me.”

Olay watched as Hill left. When Hill arrived at the door, he turned around and waited for him impatiently. Olay followed him after some consideration. His foot was indeed in need of some treatment.


“You don’t need to work tomorrow. Jory will write you a proof.” Hill said. He looked at the bandage on Olay’s feet. “Go back on your own later. Although I might be able to help, it would not benefit you at all.” He smiled.

Olay didn’t respond to him. He knew what he was talking about. If he accepted Hill’s help, he would only antagonize his roommates. Besides, he’s still hostile towards Hill. He had enough interaction with cops that he doubted whether something was hidden under the friendliness.

Hill was a bit creeped by his stare. Olay finally seemed willing to look at him, but then he didn’t really like that feeling. There were too much coldness and hostile in those eyes, which made him uncomfortable.

Realizing his flinch, Hill felt pissed. He raised an eyebrow, “Your experience is uncommon even in here. How does killing feel?” He talked to the guy in front of him in a provoking tone. He didn’t want to be looked down upon by a prisoner in his charge.

But Olay was indifferent. He did not get angry nor exalted. “It felt addicting. I am going back.” He said aloofly, and stood up.

Hill didn’t say anything but watched him hobble out the infirmary. He regretted a bit for his losing temper. But this guy doesn’t seem to feel much for his crime, he thought, he seemed to consider what he has done as something absolutely normal, like smoking or drinking.

“This guy does not look very likable.” Doctor Jory, who was night snacking, raised his head and said to Hill, “I heard he got into trouble right after he arrived?”

Hill raised a brow. Sometimes this man was more informative than him. “What happened?” He asked.

Jory tore apart the grilled chicken wing in his hand, and slurred, “I heard that he refused to listen to those bástãrds and did not join any of the forces, now…… Cough cough……” He choked on the chicken wing, while hurry-scurrying he grabbed the cup of instant coffee on the desk and poured it in his mouth.

“Now what?” Hill asked, feeling a bit worried.

“What else could it be.” Jory shrugged, “Obviously troubles find him everywhere. I was just wondering what kind of reckless person he was, now that I met him……” He kept nibbling the wings, and chose for words, “he does look like a big troublemaker that deserves some lessons…… he will probably be a frequent visitor of mine.” He said with certainty.

Hill felt vexed. “I hope those bitches abstain a bit and not do something too radical……”

“Don’t worry. They have common sense. ” Jory didn’t bother to look back, and waved at him, “Plus, in this nowheresville hellhole, even some deaths can be covered up……”

“Should this be coming out from a doctor’s mouth?” Hill grinned, “Although his place is a bit isolated, it’s convenient enough. We don’t lack anything that we should have, except for women……”

“I didn’t mean that, I was saying……” Jory wiped his mouth with napkins, and weighed on the wording, “it seems like laws and such refuses to visit here at all……” He grinned, “This lone isle almost operates with a different set of rules, so every time I come back after a break, I feel like I have gone to a distant alternative reality.”

It’s called Lone Isle Prison from the very beginning, Hill thought. Jory was right. Here, illegal activities were tolerated, and normalized. It was operated on completely different rules.

I’d better watch out, Hill sighed. I hope that fool learns his lessons fast and behave himself. He didn’t want any deaths to happen within his jurisdiction. The bosses would lecture him a lot.

Editor: Levs(a straight innocent man that I dragged into this)

“It’s a good read. even though I’m not into this stuff i really enjoyed editing and reading this. thanks to the readers who will support this novel :)”

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  1. Jurianne says:

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          Another prison novel I can think of is 入狱之荆棘皇冠. It’s a bit twisted and not as good, but the uke is the boss in the prison and he rape the seme, which makes it different.

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