Vanguard of the Eternal Night


Author: The Aria at the Fingertips

Status: 157 Chapters (Complete)


Tyler Odin is a master assassin from a western fantasy world that passed through and landed in the interstellar world. After a deal with the gods, he appeared directly in the fields of an e-sports arena.

After he joined the e-sport circle, he overcame all the obstacles that were in his way and became the burning hot “War God Odin”. He set foot on conquering the whole interstellar world with his attractiveness and strength.

He met Victor by chance in the library many times, and thus began a romantic story between a god and an enthusiastic little fan.

Tags: Supernatural, Gaming/E-sports, Danmei, Comedy

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Table of Content

Chapter 1: Reverse Transmigration
Chapter 2: New World
Chapter 3: New Background
Chapter 4: New Victory
Chapter 5: Wild Little Fan
Chapter 6: Pretty Boy Opponent
Chapter 7: Semifinals Qualifications
Chapter 8: “Business”
Chapter 9: If Man Were To Court Death…
Chapter 10: …Really Will Die
Chapter 11: The Lingering Sounds of Death
Chapter 12: The Following Disturbance
Chapter 13: Team Competition?
Chapter 14: Is He Reliable?
Chapter 15: Mass Killing
Chapter 16: Secret Weapon
Chapter 17: Lord Fourth Returns
Chapter 18: Team Competition–Capture The Flag
Chapter 19: Team Competition–Deathmatch
Chapter 20: Team Competition–Deathmatch 2
Chapter 21:

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