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Chapter 5: Wild Little Fan


Two days later, while Tyler was reading, he received a mail from the government.


In the mail, it wrote that Light Media wants to obtain his permission to use the recordings of his first battle and edit it and then added to their program to be broadcasted next week. The charge for their usage of his recordings are: for every second Tyler is shown in the video, he will receive 800 yuan.


This price can be said to be very high, the main reason for it was because of how Tyler was evaluated and listed as a “B grade player” by the GNA immediately after his first public show. There was a minimum appearance price and endorsement price for B grade players, if the price was too low, the E-Sport Association would drop by and protest.


As such, even though Tyler has not even revealed his real name, Light Media has no choice but to actively seek him out with a B grade price.


Therefore, a week later, Tyler obtained an “appearance fee” of nearing forty thousand yuan.


Light Media has a platform for live broadcasts of player competitions, a website where they put their videos and a web portal.


After they obtained Tyler’s permission, they put his recordings to use in two programs. One was a monthly broadcast called “X Month’s Marvelous Collection”, which showed the best scenes of the e-sport competition for each month, so it was more of an entertainment show. The other one was the “XX Strategy Explanation” that was done with GNA’s cooperation. Every episode, it would pick out a certain class and analyze their PK skills. They would choose representable players and competitions as an example or comment. This was a much more professional program.


The later might not be too easy to do, often times they needed enough source material to finish it.


But the former was quickly broadcasted. The video of Tyler PKing that poor mage was placed at the very end of the show.


When the large “1” countdown ended, the camera focus started on Tyler’s dark golden eyes and slowly pulled out…


Almost the entire competition was edited in. The mage “starting up his cannon”, Tyler acceleration and catching up, the mage using Flicker, then Tyler’s Shadow Jump, showcasing his terrifying attack speed. The mage using stand-in magic to escape and ,counterattack Tyler quickly following and taking his life… the entire scene was full of twists and turns that greatly excited the watchers. Such a wonderful scene truly did not have much to edit out.


The video playback rate of this series was always high, after all, a lot of people don’t like to watch the live broadcast and just like to watch some exciting videos for fun.


As a result, the screen was full of colorful texts flying by: “Do not drink water! There’s an explosion ahead!” “Nuclear explosion ahead warning!” “Those who cannot take excitement retreat!” “I’m kneeling!”


The comments area was going at full throttle, they were guessing and discussing “Player 419’s” true identity. Most of the people thought that “Player 419” was an expert that was long famous, they started to guess from the charts of famous assassins.


The name “Lord Fourth” gradually spread and became known far and wide in the internet world. And antique Mr. Tyler was unknown to the fact that his nickname was decided just like that.


Three days later, Tyler participated in the top sixteen matches.


His opponent this time was a Summoner, and even a slow starter summoner who is good at setting up the scene with a single summon. As long as he has ten seconds to get settled, he can summon five to do a close-combat battle, then if his opponent doesn’t die in thirty seconds, then he can summon ten more summons to gang up and beat up their opponent…


Unfortunately for him, he was tightly controlled by Tyler.


Even the host doesn’t know what to say. “Lord Fourth’s” terrifying acceleration in speed and attack was something obvious to all. You summoner, a cloth-armor weak magic class want to hold on for ten seconds? That’s way too luxurious.


The entire match had not even last ten seconds when the summoner was lying next to his near-death second summon’s side, dying full of regrets.


After the match, the anchor asked if they wanted to say anything about their current feelings.


The summoner didn’t even know what he was feeling, he weakly spoke, “I am rather unlucky… to meet my natural enemy.”


The audience nodded one after another in agreement, showing him their sympathy.


When it was Tyler’s turn to speak, he took the microphone and said, “No.”


Anchor: As expected, no comment.


Audience: As expected, its the same as usual.


Everyone passed over Tyler’s “comment” in mutual understanding and the competition was over just like that.


The next top eight matches were the semifinals and players were given a week of rest time.


Because there were seven opponents remaining, every player started to observe information, recordings, ultimate skills and so on when they had time to give themselves plenty of time to prepare and make tactics.


Only Tyler browsed and gave them a simple look over before running off to the library again, to obtain more knowledge of this world.


Tyler has been coming to the library often these days.


Ever since that day he was almost recognized by a fan as Pei Rong, he would always disguise himself somewhat.


But because of his aura, people would still peep or even openly stare at him. That was something he could understand.


But the peeper today… what’s the meaning of standing and staring at him for over ten minutes?


Tyler silently closed the book he was holding, then naturally raised his head and stared at that ten-minute peeper in the eyes.


Looking at his peeper through the crack of the books, he was a young man of around twenty years old, his face was still youthful and looked like a person of mixed blood. He wore a pair of thin-framed glasses, a well-ironed suit, and the school badge and medal was pinned onto his chest. He looked like an outstanding student representative.


Tyler: “Hello, is there something you need?”


The other went blank for a moment, then quickly replied, “Uh, no, I just…”


While people were looking for an excuse, their gaze would fly all over the place to subconsciously look for some insight—he was far too obvious about it, Tyler could tell from a look.


Tyler: “Looking for a book?”


Young man: “Uh, yes, I’m looking for… 《History of the Development of Speed Engines》 by George J.”


“This is the political history area.”


“Ah, I’m sorry, I’m new here…” The young man blushed, and it was very obvious. After he forcefully calmed himself, he looked away from Tyler’s sight, “I’m not too familiar with the layout here yet.”


Tyler narrowed his eyes, and slowly said, “New here, yet you already borrowed over twenty books?”




“Your virtual bookmark already has two pages used, in other words, you have borrowed at least twenty books.”


The young man’s face was thoroughly red, he felt as if he was going to burn up. He said in a panic, “I… I’m borrowing a friend’s bookmark.”


Tyler looked at him for a while and suddenly smiled, “Aren’t you looking for a book? I’ll lead you over there.”


“Thank… Thank you very much, really.”


“My name is Tyler, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”


“Victor… me as well.”


When the two of them walked past a bookshelf:


In Victor’s mind: I’m done for! I ruined everything! Three lies in our first chat! Was I really annoying just now? I didn’t forget to use pomade when I left home today right? I probably used it. Would he hate the smell of pomade? …Ahhhhh everything is going terribly! Stop thinking about other things Victor… what book did I say I wanted when I lied?


In Tyler’s mind: He likes me. Tsk tsk.


“Are you a student nearby?” Tyler asked without much thought.


“No, I’m not.” Victor answered, “I am here… to give an opening lecture to the new students as an alma mater, introducing the Imperial Engineering Institute.”


The ones that were invited to speak at the start of a university term were often times the top ten most outstanding students.


Tyler: “You were a very good student before graduation.”


Victor’s face once again heated up, he replied, “Actually, I wasn’t a qualified student, at school I would also… also skip class.”


“Oh, it’s a natural behavior.”


As Tyler spoke, he stopped and looked toward the label on the bookshelf.


In that moment he turned his head, Victor took a deep breath: “……” Someone save me! Stop me from speaking down this hole! I should tell him I have three degrees, but because I really couldn’t schedule my classes at the time I wanted, I would miss so many of them…


Tyler: “What engine history book did you say you want?”


Victor: “History of the Development of Speed Engines by Professor George J.”


“Looks like it’s not a common book, is this your major?”


“No, it’s not. It’s my… interest and hobby.” Victor added, “I always like to read all sorts of random books, I’m sorry you had to see such a scene.”


Tyler: “This is nothing.”


In Victor’s mind, a mini him was already lying flat on the ground with tears streaming down his face: No! Stop being modest! Hurry and tell him you’re not a class skipper or random reader Victor! When a man should show himself with dignity, I need to man up and not act as a coward!


A few seconds later.


Victor: “Um, um…”


“Hm?” Tyler looked back at him.


Victor: “……” Ah, who am I? Where am I? What was I going to say just now?


Tyler wore a gentle expression the entire time, he slowly reached out a hand, past the young man’s ears and finally braced himself against him.




Victor a step back due to being startled so suddenly, his back pressed against the bookshelf. With his current position of being kabedoned, he didn’t know where else to go.


After a moment, as if he had surrendered to his fate, his face was entirely red while squirming in front of the bookshelf. His azure eyes helplessly opened wide and fixed on Tyler’s face.


Then Tyler reached out to take a book from teh bookshelf behind him, then handed to it, “History of the Development of Speed Engines, is it this one?”


Victor: “……”


“Hm?” Tyler made a questioning sound.


Victor returned to his senses and replied, “It’s, it’s this one. Thank you!”


“You’re welcome.”


Victor’s mind: Hurry up and ask for contact details! Contact details! Details! Tails!


Two seconds later.


Victor: “You… You… You’re really a good person.”


Tyler: “……”


Victor: “……” Mommy your son is about to die from regret QUQ.


Tyler did not know why, but he had a feeling of “being very bored at work so he grabbed a passing by hamster, then mercilessly teased it” joyfullness.


He raised the book in his hand and calmly asked, “By the way, I have a question I’ve been trying to find the answer to. There is an abbreivated word in this book and it has never been explained, What is ‘Grade Point’?”


Victor was shocked out of his mind: “G… what?!”


Tyler said: “Grade (Ji/G) Point (dian/spot), do you not know what it is either?”


Victor’s entire face was red, his ears looked as if blood would drip soon.


Tyler: “???”


Victor: “The, the place… that’s the most sensitive… on the human body… sob.”

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