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☆、第6章 美男对手

Chapter 6: Pretty Boy Opponent


A few minutes after the “grade point” event, Tyler found out by himself what it meant.


Student Victor had taken the chance to run away. He stuck to the wall the entire time with his head lowered, looking for a hole big enough for him to bury himself into.


In the end, he had escaped home and was surrounded by his roommate who heard about the news and forcefully robbed him of the photograph he had sneakily taken of Tyler.


He really had taken it sneakily, because the photograph was of the side of his face while he was looking down at the bottom rows of the bookshelf, the concentration in his clear to see.


His roommate rubbed his chin thoughtfully, “Eh? I can see now that without his glasses, his eye color is really rare. What bloodline is he?”


“It should not be a lineage from Union.” Victor looked at the picture with him and said, “The Union Galaxy doesn’t have any bloodlines with golden eyes. He’s either an immigrant or has some king of eye-type mutation or disease…”


“So, this means Lord Fourth is an immigrant or a mutation?” His roommate thoughtfully asked.


Victory stared blankly at him, “Who’s Lord Fourth?”


His friend waved a hand at him, “You people who don’t watch e-sport competitions don’t need to know Lord Fourth. Come here, let’s keep gossiping about your prince charming.”



“Lord Fourth” was not only not of a lineage from Union, he wasn’t even from a lineage of this universe.


It was spoken before that Tyler Odin was a hybrid that inherited the bloodline of Elves and Incubus.


The chances of a hybrid born from these races, if an example must be used, then it is about the same level as Mars hitting the moon. The cause is roughly because Elves and Incubus/Succubus despise and loathe each other.


The only common area between these two species was: High attractiveness, often very strong.


Their biggest difference was: Elves were exceptionally loyal, they will only choose one partner for the rest of their lives. Incubus/Succubus were exceptionally promiscuous, they will attract victims and absorb their life essence to survive.


One is a fresh and pure loyal white lotus, while the other is a seductive slutty fox spirit.


As one can well imagine, even if there was a period of love between these two races, the family that was later made was bound to be unsuccessful. As such, the hybrid child will not obtain a happy childhood—and Tyler’s father is one such case.


Tyler’s father is one of the “unlikely” hybrids. A sinister and sly Incubus had gotten together with a renowned Moon Elf Princess—the child she had given birth to nevertheless inherited his paternal family’s disposition. He always played around outside, roaming everywhere he pleased and depressed Tyler’s mom (a pitiful half-elf woman) to death.


Tyler has always been a bit of a rebel since young, he looked down on his unresponsible father for his way of handling things. But he also felt resentment toward his mother for not learning her lesson, she believed that she can live purely on love, her worldview was just far too narrow.


He thought since young that white lotuses were pitiful, while the seductive sluts were even more hateful.


Afterward, Tyler was self-reliant and managed to survive on his through great effort. Toward his own extremely rare hybrid identity, he was disdain of it, he wasn’t very happy with his eye color either.


He did not like people staring at his racial characteristic.


As such, Tyler often wore a hood and mask.


Not only was he covering Pei Rong’s appearance, it was more of a habit of “not attracting attention”.


The audience can only see his golden eyes; these eyes often times were very lazy and calm when not in battle.


Tyler’s posture was also very casual. As he stood on stage, the one across from him was one of the other semifinal players—A Cruiser.


The hosts had just gotten off the stage. Now that it was the semifinals, the hosts were always a man-woman pair.


At this time, the male host started the show off, “Hello my audience friends, I am Old Yi.”


The female host followed him up, “I am Little Pi.”


Male host: “Welcome to the League’s top eight semifinals event, this is the second match of the semifinals. Player 419 will battle against Player ‘Flower Boasting Flower’.


Female host: “The two players are both standing on the arena right now, we can see that they are both calmly waiting and prepared for battle. Let’s have our cameras zoom in a bit… Wow.”


With her exclamation, the enlarged scene on the screen also gave rise to the audience’s shrieks.


Tyler’s eyes and aura were always the hot topic of their ‘Lord Fourth’s’ discussion, but beyond that, the ‘Flower Boasting Flower’ was also a famous pretty boy. He had curly golden hair tied up behind his head, a silver ball mask on his face and skintight leather armor that in showed his slender stature over his clothes.


Male host: “Our two players really live up to their reputation, they are the highly attractive popular type of players.”


Female host: “They are both good looking with formidable auras, tall with long legs and refuses to show their faces no matter what…”


Male host: “We cannot evaluate their attractiveness right now, but just how strong these two players are will quickly be determined.”


The countdown started, before the match starts, the hosts are responsible for introducing the player’s background in a smooth manner.


However, while they were still making jokes and predicting who would win, shrieks came from the audience. Some ladies were almost hysterical.


It was because the events on the stage were much more interesting than the hosts.


The pretty boy on the opposite side of Tyler, Mr. ‘Flower Boasting Flower’ had just raised his cloak and jumped down from the stage elegantly. When he raised his head again, a red rose was held in his mouth.


Audience: “…AHHHHHHHH!”


Tyler: Indifference.jpg


Flower Boasting Flower softly raised his hand, took the red rose and gracefully blew it. The scarlet petals suddenly fluttered about, turning into countless pieces that floated outside the arena.




Tyler: Indifference.gif


The countdown was at ten seconds.


Yet his opponent was still putting on a show.


Flower Boasting Flower gracefully made a polite bow at Tyler, then took out the dagger on his waist, “My short sword was created by Master Monotov, and its name is Lyra.” After he was done with the introduction of that blade, he sheathed it and took out another longbow, “My bow is from the Evil Spirit King Court, its name is Ophiuchus—Please take care of me.”


Some fan-like audience immediately shouted emotionally, “OHHHHHHH! Hot hot hot beautiful beautiful beautiful!”


Tyler crossed his arms and said a single word full of disinterest, “Oh.”


The audience immediately flipped over to him, “YAAAAAHHH Lord Fourth is so cool!”


After this month, Tyler had already obtained plenty of understanding that “this age of audience all lack integrity”. He remained aloof to their screams and pulled out his short sword and dagger, indifferently introducing them, “Paean, Silence.”


Even if he was just responding to his opponent, this was also the first time he had revealed a combat-ready attitude in a fight, allowing the audience to finally be able to see his ready posture.


He had always held the sword in his right hand in a normal grip while holding the dagger in a reverse grip in his left hand.


Because his right hand was more agile, it allowed him to use the short sword to its full potential of attacking, stabbing, swiping and beheading people. His left hand was even more nimble and powerful and was more fit for doing actions that needed a reverse hold dagger. (Under normal circumstances, the dagger is only used to stab.)


Once he entered a combat state, his eyes would change and tightly lock onto its prey.


The countdown ended and the match officially started.


All sounds outside of the arena were blocked and they immediately fell into combat mode.


The male host had started to shout in the first second, “An explosive charge! He’s made for a mad push right from the start! Flower Boasting Flower jumped back to distance himself from the ocnflict—Air Shot! It’s the Air Shot talent!”


They had barely fought and the two of them both used a common skill. Tyler’s reverse grip surprise attack injured Flower Boasting Flower while his arrow did not hit.


Following that, Flower Boasting Flower leaped backward into the sky, his cloak unfolding like wings, getting into a magnificent midair shooting posture.


The same moment the bowstring gently echoed, the target he was aiming at, Tyler, had paused then suddenly disappeared.


“Player 419 has used Stealth, this is the first time he has used the Stealth skill in a match! Is he waiting for Flower Boasting Flower to land then hit him with a surprise attack? Flower Boasting Flower’s airtime is… 4.7 seconds, he has landed. Unexpectedly, he did not choose to take a high spot! —419 also did not choose to launch a surprise attack!”


Flower Boasting Flower softly landed on the ground and closed his eyes, making a carefully listening face. On his forehead was a faintly flickering eye symbol.


“Spirit Heart Magic! The ranger class’ standard invisibility searcher skill. Can player Flower Boasting Flower find Player 419 before his surprise attack and see through his stealth?”


The map was entirely silent with only a gentle breeze moving through.


Flower Boasting Flower held his bow in one hand while the other clutched three feathered arrows, gently stringing them into the bow.


Suddenly, the female host shouted, “It’s a surprise attack from the air!”


Tyler’s figure suddenly appeared from midair. The short sword in his hand was like a sharp fang that bit down at where its prey lied.


Flower Boasting Flower hurriedly turned around, his longbow blocking the point of the sharp blade. His right hand nimbly reversed and gripped the feathered arrows to be aimed at Tyler and he shot.


Tyler lowered his body and disappeared from in front of his again—


It was an incomparably fast spin of his entire body, like a dancer that had practiced spinning numerous times, he dodged past Flower Boasting Flower in a flash.


The cold light of the dagger was almost once again stuck neck to Flower Boasting Flower’s neck.


In the next moment, Flower Boasting Flower’s longbow touched the ground and he used it as a prop to lash out in a Whip Kick.


“Beaten back! 419 has been beaten back by Flower Boasting Flower’s Whip Leg Skill by approximately five yards! His surprise attack did not succeed! Now the upper hand has returned to Flower Boasting Flower.”


“Wait a moment!” The host interrupted, “The surprise attack was successful.”


The confrontation between the two happened in a flash and the two separated. Tyler once more disappeared in the virtual environment like a ghost.


Flower Boasting Flower’s hand was hanging down and the audience could now clearly see that the palm of his left hand carried a long and thin injury, causing him to tremble uncontrollably.


Female Host: “It was in that moment he spun, don’t forget that Player 419 still has a dagger in hand!”


Male Host: “That short conflict was truly exciting and filled with skillful maneuvers! Now Player Flower Boasting Flower has fallen into an unfavorable situation, as a ranger that specializes in bows and with an injured left hand, can he make a comeback?”


The arena once again fell silent, in the middle of the smooth meadow was Flower Boasting Flower.


Strictly speaking, this randomly drawn map gave archers a better advantage, for an assassin, it lacked proper hiding places.


But Flower Boasting Flower discovered with astonishment that even though he used a detection skill, he was still unable to find Tyler’s figure. Was he in the shadow of the large cliff? Or was he moving in the weeds? Or maybe he was in the even farther bushes?

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