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Chapter 1: Reverse Transmigration

Tyler Odin is an assassin.

Perhaps he may even be the most famous and deadliest master assassin of Albion Continent for thousands of years to come.

Before his death, he had come from a hidden ancient family, both with the ancient blood of elves and incubus. The Odin Family had always been closely related with the assassin career for many generations. As the eldest son of his generation, Tyler had shown an extremely eye-catching talent and was presented to the number one assassin organization, Blue Bell Flower to groom him.

It only took him twenty years to become Blue Bell Flower’s biggest hidden trump.

As a master assassin, he was actually well acquainted with the various major forces. People horrifyingly studied his background and specialty, thereupon finding out that he was of a rare hybrid descent. As a world-famous assassin, he caused both worship and despair in people.

He was like the fire devil lord of the abyss, everyone knew he was guarding Blue Bell Flower. They also know that as long as they remove him, they can eradicate the assassin organization. But no one dared to advance and intrude into him.

This master assassin’s six senses were extremely keen. As a master assassin, his combat ability was matchless. As a half incubus, he was good at camouflage and hypnosis. There wasn’t anywhere in the world that he couldn’t go, if he wanted to. He was a fatal enigma. In the legends, if one were to gaze upon his face, one would then be willing to die for him, or perhaps, die in his hands or be perfectly willing to extend their neck for him to kill.

Tyler Odin was a non-believer, as such, after his death, his soul drifted in the wastelands of the upper echelon, where countless gods tried to snatch him.

He did not want to become an “Eternal Immortal” (a nice sounding moniker for departed spirits), and he was even more unwilling to become any god’s electorate. As such, he made a deal with the God of Slaughter.

He worked for the God of Slaughter for six hundred years to trade back the freedom of his soul. He did not enter the reincarnation for mortals, nor did he enter the God Country where the gods resided. Instead, he went to any place that could possibly have life and found a new life for himself there.

In the past six hundred years, as an obscured person of that lifetime, he used a detached point of view to the changes of the world. The rise and fall of dynasties, for which he proudly smiled at the princes, and disdained the greed of every living being. He also once fell into the mortal world as a blazing angel and wandered on an expedition on the ten million hectares of land to fight with a double-edged blade and kill the aristocrats to fulfill the will of the god. He alone massacred the army of warfare. His heart was as hard as iron as he was used to the sight of life and death, and the ravine of blood and fire.

Time passed as a blur during this period.

Tyler Odin was once again awoken from his slumber. This time, he could not sense the God of Slaughter’s will, but he heard a familiar mechanic ice-cold voice: “Mission starts. Kill all competing players on the stage and obtain the semifinal qualifications and hidden points. Competing Player 419, your current kill count is: 0 players.”

After Tyler heard those short two lines, he slowly opened his eyes.

He saw that he was in an ancient rome fighting arena like place. In the middle was a great ring-shaped pit of fire, four stone bridges crossed over the pit of fire, leading to the circle stage suspended in the middle. He and the remaining ninety-nine people all revolved around the pit of fire. Everyone wore a mask with a number floating above them–Tyler presumed that he was the same.

The spectators outside were shouting ceaselessly at the stage. The shouts mixing together with the screams, whistles and fireworks that exploded and light up the sky.

All of this had barely started when the people around Tyler started to fight each other.

Tyler apathetically dodged a sneak attack from the side and took a quick inspection of the weapons hidden within his battle belt. A couple daggers, twenty throwing knives, two poison sacks and a coil of steel wire.

Tyler took out two daggers and held them in reverse grip. Like a viper that was prepared to strike, he slightly lowered his presence, narrowing his eyes–

The God of Slaughter once again started his killing game. Perhaps it was a new way to offer sacrifice to him, he idly thought.

But was there any meaning behind this? With just these people, they want to compete against him in killing?


The First Class Gold League of Chaoyang Union known as “E-Sports League” was currently advancing their 1170th event, the current stage was the last fight before the semifinals.

The entire progression of the competition was in the virtual world, so spectators could wear ancient costumes, bring laser swords, hold drakes shouting out their excitement, and all sorts of spirits gathered.

The host was currently passionately shouting, “Our players are now in a complete mess! Alright, let us take a look at the first cooperating group at the northern bridge. There are altogether seventeen people, they are currently killing the solo players! Oh, do they plan to dominate this competition stage? Can they fulfill their wish?”

The spectators all quarreled, there were also some that hushed the others. Everyone all stared without taking their eyes off on the live broadcasting screen, they simply couldn’t take in so many bits and pieces of fights.

Sixteen different screens were all following and switching between players, among them, the assistant of screen number nine was reminded by the director from behind, “Don’t just stare at Player 419!”

The screen assistant repeatedly apologized, but after the screen shifted away, it went back to being glued on Player 419 not even two minutes later.

Player 419, Tyler, was currently taking away lives in a chaotic battle.

He did not appear in frontal confrontations, rather, he wandered around the edges. But he was like a camouflaged figure, he was unperceivable and impossible to defend from as he swept by those nearing death. The players, in their intense slaughter, did not take note of him, and this characteristic of being unnoticed by anyone made people’s hair stand on its end.

He was like a Death God, taking lives without a hassle, but no one could see this Death God. The Players, while ignorant and unaware seem to fall into a dark and large net, they could not find him nor could they hide anywhere.

“Why has no one noticed him yet?”

The screen assistant placed down the controller without moving her gaze away, her hair raising as she talked to herself.

Behind her, the director who was going to rage at her also raised his head to take a look, his hand left forgotten on her shoulder.

Because at this moment, Tyler had just flipped his hand over to smoothly stab into an enemy’s abdomen, then with a turn of his body, which could simply be described as graceful, he dodged the splash of blood.

Under his mask, his slightly narrowed golden eyes just so happen to flash by the camera lens.

Deadly and devilishly charming without compare.

The spectators simply couldn’t tell if their violently beating heart was due to extreme fear or due to extreme shock by his charm.


Assistant and director both watched with their heads raised, their mouth widening together.

This group had been killed until only a few remained fighting each other. Someone seems to have finally noticed something, his hair raising as he looked all around.

However, Tyler had already left that area, going towards another battle.

He flew through the chaotic battles, more agile than a swallow flying through a rainstorm, smoother and more graceful than a fish in water. Occasionally, he would stop his stroll and turn his body, his dagger easily drawing a beautiful bloody arc, ending some enemy’s life. That cruel scene was just so beautiful people could not believe their eyes.

Screen nine was already firmly fixed on him.

The assistant wasn’t willing to even blink her eye. She extended her hand to feel about the table, even when her finger got into boiling coffee she didn’t notice and continued to feel around until she felt the potato chips.

She ate two pieces of potato chips as she watched the screen, then muddleheadedly handed some to her director beside her.

Director also watched the same screen, instinctually feeling around with his hand for a while until he found a piece and ate it. He completely forgot about what he should be doing.

Suddenly, the assistant once again muttered, “Why has no one noticed him?”

The director also had a dumbfounded face, shaking his head like in a daze.

Suddenly, a mage flying midair noticed Tyler’s figure.

He cautiously raised his altitude, then chanted a spell, using an earth-shattering magic missile to mount a sneak attack on Tyler.

However, Tyler didn’t even look back as his figure leaned down, and then suddenly disappeared from the ground.

The camera followed him rushing through the sky, Tyler was like an arrow as he unhesitantly attacked the mage after getting up to that high altitude without even giving the other a chance to react.

A magic light flashed, a protective shield was raised on the mage’s body.

But it was also in that moment, that the dagger in Tyler’s hand made two dragon-like graceful twirls as it went around the magic light and erupted into an incomparable fast and nimble offense.

A series of storm-like steel sound pounded, the magic shield was broken!

The mage had already finished chanting his banish spell, and a defying ripple practically already fired at Tyler.

In that split second, Tyler lashed out his leg and kicked flying the mage who had lost his protection, following that was a great smashing sound on the translucent protective screen above used for battle stages.

The mage’s health abruptly lowered, he peeled himself off the protective screen full of terror and gasped for breath as he looked down, but he could not see Tyler’s figure.

Suddenly, the mage felt an incomparable burst of coldness, freezing his blood from head to toe until even his nerves were shuddering.

He instinctively raised his head and saw a cold fallingstar-like light falling on his forehead. That was Tyler’s sharp dagger sentencing him to death.

Two seconds later.

Tyler lithely rolled, dampening the force from landing on the ground. He once more disappeared in the fluttering smoke.

At this moment, the mage’s dead body finally fell to the ground, turning into a ray of white light it disappeared.

In front of the screen, the director suddenly took in a breath and realized that he had unconsciously started to hold his breath and almost couldn’t breathe anymore.

He moved his stiff neck then suddenly heard the deep gasps again and again from his surroundings. He remembered in fear the scene from just now.

The entire broadcast room was quiet, even all the spectators were quiet. No one dared to breathe loudly.

It was only until now that the sounds of admiration and surprise transmitted up to him.

In order to confirm the situation of the stage, he raised his head to look at the big screens and almost fainted. What he saw was that out of the sixteen live broadcast screens, there were actually nine that were firmly glued onto Player 419!

Among the screens exists those that captured the panoramic view of Player 419, those that were specifically doing camera shots for articles and even some that chased after the time when his clothes would fly up and reveal the skintight pants over his long legs.

The director’s inner heart: My pitiful rice bowl, will you be able to see tomorrow’s sun?

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