Please Emperor, This Is All A Ploy From My Sister!


What every men fear, is being put into a very questionable situation.

An older brother who has taken care of his much younger sister one day was put into such a speechless situation!

Sister to her friends: “I think my brother is a good pair for him!”

Friend 1: “I know right? He cooks so well!”

Brother: “…” I cook for you, little sister! Or do you want to starve?!

Friend 2: “He also makes clothes and stuff so well! Even better than me who wants to be a designer!”

Brother: “…” That’s because ever since we were young, that sister of mine always do things that tears her clothes! That tomboy!

Sister: “I totally ship him with the Sky Emperor! They would make the perfect couple! The Icy Cool Sky Emperor, and my Motherly Kind Brother!”

Brother: “…… A game… they were putting him together with a game character… Although this older brother is angry, he’s much more worried about your future younger sister…

Sister: “So it has been agreed! We’ll draw a manhua and ship them together!”

Friend 1: “Yeah! I’m so pumped! He’s the perfect bottom!

Brother: Coughs blood.

Friend 2: “Want some bondage?”

Brother: Please make some more normal friends sister…

Sister: “Sure! Let’s make it super smùtty!”

Brother: Cough, you betrayed me again my sister!

But yet…

“Why not be my concubine?” A cool and husky voice asked.

Brother: “How the hell did I end up in this situation? This was just a stupid idea of my sister and her friends!”

Sister, shouldn’t he be yours?!

Table of Content:

Chapter 1: The Everyday Life of a Pair of Special Siblings
Chapter 2: The Goddess and Sister Combo
Chapter 3: Tripping Brother is the Little Sister’s Job
Chapter 4: When There Is a BL Faction… There Must Be An Anti-One Too
Chapter 5: The Thought Process Are Too Similar!
Chapter 6:

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