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Chapter 1: The Everyday Life of a Pair of Special Siblings

In China, there lived a pair of special siblings.

The older one is Ming Lin, age 23. A single and hardworking brother who took their deceased parent’s role and constantly worried about his much younger sister. His specialty is being a jack-of-all-trade; nickname is Mother Lin by the friendly neighborhood. He is nearsighted and of average height and above average looks. Although he is quite a catch by the womenfolk standard, they are too ashamed to admit that he does things better than they do! So few tried to ask him out… the rest were judged by the younger sister and never approached him again…

The younger one is Ming Mei, age 15. A very tomboyish girl with a very special taste. Her common sense is slightly lacking, but morally, she was a good child under her hardworking brother’s care. Her nickname is Squirrel, since she used to run around all over the place as a child; but more recently, people have been calling her a very pointy spear since her fearlessness knows no bounds! She will ruthlessly run through people with thoughtless words! A muscle head!

The day started out very normally; it was when Mei brought back her friends did the day become… weird.

The kind older brother Ming Lin was holding a tray of snacks and drinks as he neared his little sister’s door. Just as he was about to open the door, he came to a full stop as he heard a very specific line.

“I think my brother is a good pair for him!” his sister’s thoughtless words are famous for being ruthless and sharp. Good pair for who?! Another guy?! Why does his sister never pair him up with someone normal by society’s standard, not the 2D world…

But he forgot, his sister and her friends were all birds of a feather.

“I know right? He cooks so well!” the agreement was followed by a giggle that made a vein pop on the brother’s forehead. They were all beyond saving!

“…” ‘I cook for you, little sister! Or do you want to starve?!’ He could only yell in his head as he felt it was extremely awkward to interrupt right now…

Besides, normal girl talk… isn’t it usually about boyfriends or something… although he had always been single, it was purely choice. Not that he couldn’t get one… though he had noticed his little sister going behind his back to drive some people off before. He had found it a bit amusing when he should be the one driving off potential suitors for her.

Another friend quickly followed up with her own comment, her voice very suggestive as she added: “He also makes clothes and stuff so well! Even better than me who wants to be a designer!”

Big Brother could only silently cry. That’s because ever since they were young, that sister of his would always do things that tear her clothes! That tomboy! Even he was about to become a world champion athlete when he chased after her every day as a child.

His sister finally answered his first question, just who was it this time? “I totally ship him with the Sky Emperor! They would make the perfect couple! The Icy Cool Sky Emperor, and my Motherly Kind Brother!”

Big Brother quickly fell into the orz pose. “………..” A game… they were putting him together with a game character… Although this older brother is angry, he’s much more worried about your future younger sister…

“So it has been agreed! We’ll draw a manhua and ship them together!” Sister, please stop. Your Big Brother’s HP is about to drop to 0. At least put him together with a real, live person. Your fantasies are at a level your brother cannot keep up with.

“Yeah! I’m so pumped! He’s the perfect bottom!” ‘Who’s a bottom? You’re a bottom! Your whole family’s bottoms!’ he was going to start coughing blood at this rate. Although he was feminine in some ways, he was in no way a pushover. Please, this is the brother that accompanied that spear of destruction sister of his and lived. Although he had a bottomless patience, once he went off, it was “Yandere Mode” his sister described him. He had no trouble gutting people like a fish.

He had once went straight up to a robber pointing a gun at him and breaking his arm.

“Please, would you like to become crippled then dead, or mental, then dead?” People had questioned who was the villain by that point… Although his flowery smile was able to put any being at ease, once they took another look at his surroundings they were back to retreating.

But his sister’s friends were much more terrifying than any robber. “Want some bondage?” All anger dissipated as he started to fear for his life. ‘Please make some more normal friends sister…’

“Sure! Let’s make it super smùtty!” But the problem was, his sister wasn’t normal in the first place! ‘Sister! Tell this older brother, where did I go wrong in raising you?!’

Deciding that hearing any more would be disastrous for his life and inner peace, he quietly left. He was fortunate that he left quickly, since they were already going into ‘details’ about his imaginary sex life with a game character… that is a guy… with him taking the brunt of everything…

“Please let this be one of my sister’s one-time interest. I just lost half of my life there.” Ming Lin burned incense as he sat and prayed in front of his parents and ancestor’s tablets.


Arcana Mystical, a highly popular game with ladies of various ages! Though some of their ages were slightly problematic so they have to hide until further notice. And other places did not allow such games so black market it was… Nothing can stop these wild fans though!

The company behind this game is GEP, a highly mysterious, but efficient company. They have gone through many sides of businesses, though most of the entertainment side of games, novels, shows and the whatnot. Although not the only things they do, they are highly popular with their BL lines, being that they are much fresher and special than all the others.

Arcana Mystical for one, is not only an otome game, it is also a battle game! And the player character is not the one getting together with people, but trying to get others together! But it is mighty hard trying to be the one planning everything. One wrong move can lead to suspicions, drops in trust and whatnot. Or the biggest taboo… breaking up the characters yourself…

Many had cried over despair when they broke their own OTP after they had finally established it. Because many relationships tend to be fragile at the beginning… the tears of blood these ladies went through as they played over and over again were legendary…

The all powerful Goddess of BL did not live this long for nothing! All Hail Goddess’s Extraordinary Paradise. Please come to GEP for all you BL needs.

If you happen to fall within her fantasies, please take care of yourself until the Destined Day.

You shall never(?) regret business with a Deity. For she shall take you to paradise.

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