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Chapter 2: The Goddess and Sister Combo

Chapter 2: The Goddess and Sister Combo

In the deep night, as the pair of siblings slept, a Goddess quietly plotted and summoned them. Looking at the handsome sleeping face of the older brother, she was greatly pleased. As expected of someone she chose ten years ago.

Her powers of prediction were as great as ever.

“Please prepare to sacrifice a little ‘Something’ for me.” Her words caused an immense chill to go through Ming Lin as she watched with a lecherous grin. He quickly woke up, looking left and right for whatever was setting alarms off his danger sense and was stopped short by the floating Goddess.

He frowned while the Goddess smiled widely, any hint of her plan completely erased from her face.

“Hello Hero. I hereby summon you-”


At the same time, the Goddess was also waking up Ming Mei who quickly woke up as if everything was natural and launched into question mode.

“Please tell me you’re sending me to my favorite BL World with my Brother.” She even did a cute pose as if she not just plan her Brother’s end.

“…” Such a straightforward girl… Most people would usually be shocked and speechless first before thinking they are dreaming. But no problem, this is just her type of girl!

“Yes.” She answered simply and Ming Mei did her evil fist pump along with the Goddess. Both of their faces could be described as ‘Perverted’.

Her Favorite BL Game World has a Fantasy, historical-like setting. What sets it apart from other Otome game is that the player is trying to get other characters together, rather than trying to make one of the characters fall for them. It would be GAME OVER if the characters fell for them. They also had to make sure the characters stayed together for a while and shortening out the bumps of life before it is officially set in stone. The Happy Endings was watching the smùt scene that came after.

It was Arcana Mystical of course.

At the start of the game, the Player can select three abilities to help them along in the game, since it is also a battle game. The Main guy they are trying to make others fall in love with is also randomly given three abilities – usually support types – while trying to make people fall in love, they also got to clear and make sure to win the war against demons. You can’t do one and not do the other… or it’ll just be a tragic ending. Ming Mei has watched the tragic ending many times and cried lots of tears as her favorite pairing died. The Sky Emperor is a hard man to please while trying to win the battles at the same time…

But No Problem! The Main Character is her Brother this time! He is the Uke of the Ukes! More Motherly Than Any Other Mother! She will make sure they get together even if she has to risk getting beheaded while locking them in a room together, or maybe accidently tripping her Brother and making them kiss!

…All the Juicy Possibilities!!

She was almost drooling.

“So, since you know the details already… Choose Three Skills of any kind (within my abilities)!”

“I want to use a Spear! Control over Elements! And seeing the future!” She already thought about this long and hard before, so she answered without hesitation. Out of the three skills, two were in-game while the third wasn’t.

“Spear Mastery, Elemental Control… but the Future Sight…” The Goddess was hesitating since she wasn’t supposed to give that kind of ability due to possible backlash problems. “….Ah….” It really is a huge headache for the Goddess since she really likes the girl before her.

Ming Mei added on to help ease her guilty thoughts: “Just enough for predicting moves in a battle and especially… The best timings to push my Brother with the Sky Emperor.”

“Agreed! No Problem whatsoever! Even if I get yelled at by the Higher Gods I have no regrets! None! Zip! Nadda! I’ll even help! Hahahaha!” Any guilty thoughts of any sort immediately disappeared the second she heard the usage. “Ah, even if I get stuck on paperwork duty for the rest of eternity, I will have no regrets!” She took a minute to bask in her upcoming new poor-Hero material before remembering something semi-important.

“The ‘Other’ me didn’t say anything about the world being a BL world, so keep quiet on that okay?” She winked and they both had thumbs up. “Bye bye~! I will be watching and helping~!”

“I will definitely succeed! Remember to record it, okay?!” And the pair of shameless BL lovers separated.

They completely forgot to go over more important details, so lost in their fantasies…

Goddess, please do your duties.


Meeting up with her Brother one last time before they both enter the world, she asked him what he chose for his Skills.

“Knowing you, I got Healing, Barriers and Teleportation.” Her Brother said with a wryly grin once he saw the Spear she was holding. She had also changed into what looked like Shrine Maiden clothing, but she had on shorts instead of a skirt and there were pieces of armor cover her armor. Her Brother definitely looked like a Support type. His clothing looked pretty thick and heavy with the many layers and also very complicated.

But more layers of clothing just meant things were juicier when they came off~

“Of course! I will definitely protect you well, Brother!” Everything but his chastity of course (if it’s the right person). She will personally clean and put him on a silver platter to be presented and her OTP shall sail.

“I feel that something bad will definitely happen to me, so I got Teleportation to escape.” He gave a victory sign while her mood plummet, until the Goddess sent a little message to her:

“I will disable it when he’s trying to escape from being eaten, fufufu~!”

“I love you Goddess!” She yelled in her mind as her grin became disturbing to the suspicious Brother by her side.

Trying to change the topic into something safer, he asked her: “Do you remember how the Goddess looked?”


“She looked like Mother.” He admitted quietly and a little nostalgic while she gave a soft smile at her Brother.

To her, the Goddess looked more like her Brother.

(Well, her brother looked like their mother in the first place teehee)

“Ah, right. You do remember what we’re supposed to do right? Being summoned?” Her brother sighed just seeing the her face that were “Oops” and his suspicious increased. The settings of the world sounded vaguely familiar…

“We’re supposed to defeat the demons and win the war.”

‘Main Mission is to pair you up brother.’ But she made of sound of agreement as their vision went white once more.

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