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Chapter 5: The Thought Process Is Too Similar!

Ming Lin, Male, 23 years old.

He was often called ‘Mother Lin’ and the general populace cried why he wasn’t born a female, he was just too perfect as a housewife! Although some of them were debating if it mattered at all…

White skin, slightly long hair in a low ponytail, a pair of gentle and droopy eyes… hell, even his stature was particularly slim for a male… As such, a few brave young men have walked forward to confess and either hope he was a cross-dressing female or just decisively changed their orientation.

The answer was always no though… because he was too worried about Ming Mei…

He did not mind homosexuality… he himself was unconfirmed since he never showed any particular interest in either gender… the only thing that scared him about the conversation his sister and her friends were having was the fact that they were talking about fictional characters… and rather dangerous-sounding role plays…

Sister! This brother is worried about your mind! Please stay in check with reality!

But then reality got twisted… very badly…

“Lady Goddess, I have a question?”

“Oh, feel free to ask!” Really, this Goddess is so free in her manners. But he wasn’t one to mind such freedom.

“What happens after we clear and save this world?”

“You can either stay in this world, get married, have children and all the other stuff like some of the others. Or you can go back home to your original world~” The Goddess was sounding particularly happy for some reason when she said the first part and sounded bored when she said the second part… was there something good about the first?

“If we stay in this world… is there any particular benefits?” He wasn’t really attached to their own world, and he was pretty sure his free sister was the same. Although she has friends, it wasn’t like they were life and death matters to her.

“YES! BL-BAN- cough, well, your status in this world is pretty much the same with Kings. Most of the stronger people and higher status ones have some sort of otherworldly blood in them. The more they have, the stronger they tend to be. The Sky Emperor that is summoning you two is also the descendant of two other heroes that met and fell in love a couple hundred years ago. (Both were girls though… though one was a rather convincing male…) So although his blood should be pretty thin by this point, it is actually rather thick in his case.”

“I see…” Brother Ming Lin has made up his mind! His sister was too free and often too willful for most people to stay with… so he should find her a partner here! Weren’t the most harden people, the most free willed people, the most tragic ones… didn’t they all find romance on a battlefield because they met someone who understood them?! At least this is what most romance novels say…

(Brother’s mind also isn’t too in check with reality it seems…)

So when they were summoned, he was rather happy all their rooms were next to the Sky Emperor. Sister, try your luck with the Sky Emperor… you are 15 years old yet all I hear every day is your pairings… your brother is really worried about your future.

If you can’t find someone here, we can only go back home and try even harder to find you a husband… Mom really wanted to see you in a wedding dress…

(Yet he is forgetting his own age and marital status…)

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