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Chapter 6: Muddle-headedly Obtaining A Master?

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi called out in dissatisfaction.

“A-Ahchoo!” She suddenly sneezed.

Bei Gongyan raised his eyebrows, pulling a comforter over.

Mi Xiaoqi hurriedly lay on it, waiting for him to cover her.

This time round, Bei Gongyan did not make things difficult for her, wrapping her in the comforter.

Mi Xiaoqi fell asleep in a blink of an eye. Bei Gongyan finally went to take a bath before coming out to see Mi Xiaoqi gently snoring away. An indescribable feeling slowly arose in his heart.

Getting onto the bed, he tossed to the side before falling asleep.


In dreamland, Mi Xiaoqi saw a white bearded man standing in front of her.

“Who are you?” She asked. “Oh, I’m human again!”

“Cough cough.” The old man found his bearings.

“So, who are you?” Mi Xiaoqi glanced at him from head to toe.

“I’m ‘the Ghost Immortal’!” The old man proudly self-declared.

“Eh? Ghost, or immortal?” Mi Xiaoqi asked in a straightforward manner.

Ghost Immortal felt like he just got doused with a basin of cold water, unhappily staring at Mi Xiaoqi. “So disrespectful of elders!”

“Eh???” Mi Xiaoqi blinked repeatedly, staring at Ghost Immortal in confusion.

“The Archaic Marketplace…”

Mi Xiaoqi narrowed her eyes as she recalled…

The day before her transmigration, she’d been exploring the Archaic Marketplace.

“Young lady.” The old man suddenly called her.

Mi Xiaoqi looked over. “Is something the matter mister?”

“Your medallion’s mark turned black, which signifies that a misfortune will befall upon you tomorrow.” He replied.

Mi Xiaoqi felt her jaw drop slightly. Heavens! There really are those ‘wise’ sages everywhere!

“Don’t worry, as long as you kowtow to me as master, I will ensure your safety.” The old man obviously believed that Mi Xiaoqi would be oblivious and trust in him just like that.

“Ah, old man, if I were to really meet with misfortune and you can rescue me from the situation, then I will accept being your disciple!” Mi Xiaoqi rolled her eyes at him and turned to leave.

“Since you said so, remember your words!” The old man hollered from her back.

This guy was seriously crazy.

“Ah! It was you! You’re the one who made me come here in the first place!” Mi Xiaoqi suddenly connected the dots, all but screeching at him.

“My dear disciple, when a disciple is in trouble the master must of course not shirk his duty.” The old man laughed as he spoke.

“Take me home!” Mi Xiaoqi shouted.

“Cough cough, my dear disciple, master doesn’t know how to take you back yet…” His face turned red.

“You can’t?” Mi Xiaoqi screeched at him.

“Ah ah, dear disciple don’t be angry, don’t be angry…” The old man hurriedly moved to placate Mi Xiaoqi.

“Hmph!” Mi Xiaoqi angrily pushed the old man aside.

“Dear disciple, master has some things he needs to let you know.” He suddenly changed tracks, turning into a lecturer instead. “Cough cough, Xiaoqi, you also know that master is a half-ghost, half-immortal…”

Your sis ah! Half-ghost, half-immortal, that’s just a sign of delusion!

“That’s why your master’s calamity is so difficult. As your master’s one and only disciple, you also have a responsibility of helping me solve this!”

Mi Xiaoqi gritted her teeth as she stared at him.

“Cough cough, don’t be like this. Only if I’m able to become an immortal will I be able to send you back.

As expected, these 3 words “send you back” were they key to Xiaoqi’s heart.

Her expression gradually calmed.

Ghost immortal continued to speak.

“The continent you’re on is not in any historical records, the Kun Peng continent. On Kun Peng, there exist four pieces of jade, with North, South, East and West respectively inscribed on it. These pieces of jade are also the representative Soul Jades of each of the four countries.”

As long as you steal back the jades, I can borrow their power to ascend to immortality and by then, you’ll be able to return home.” He laughed.

Mi Xiaoqi blinked, and started feeling depressed.

Without even considering other countries’ Soul Jades, even if it’s just the North Lunar Jade, she wouldn’t be able to obtain it. Even a certain Bei Gongyan was someone she couldn’t even deal with….

Good disciple ah, your master cannot be here for long and must return soon. Once you’ve assembled the jades, only then will I be able to re-appear. Take care of yourself.” Ghost Immortal put up a tragic expression, as if bemoaning towards the heavens over the current circûmstances.

Mi Xiaoqi trembled slightly in anger. How did she become this unfortunate? Just a casual sentence made in jest lead her to not only transmigrate across time but also turn into a cat!

Right before disappearing, the old man hummed. ”Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot to tell you. Although you’re currently a cat, as long as you’re in direct contact with that man’s blood, you will turn back into a human. However…”  He directly vanished into a stream of white light, disappearing right before Mi Xiaoqi’s eyes.

”You! Stop right there!”


But what?

Mi Xiaoqi shook her body and stood up. Hou, this is still Bei Gongyan’s bedchambers, but where did that old dude go? Ghost Immortal guy?

An aura of gloom descended upon her.

Your sis ah, Ghost Immortal, go and meet a real ghost!

I don’t care if you actually become a saint or whatnot. It’s better to get out of here first. Mi Xiaoqi carefully eyed the man sleeping on the bed.

Haiz, so handsome. His proud, aloof features relaxed into a warm countenance from sleep, giving rise to an urge to take advantage of him.

Mi Xiaoqi carefully got up from the soft sofa, using a bit of force to land onto the ground. Her thick paw pads pretty much prevented any noise at all, bringing a complacent smile to her face. Being a cat also had its advantages, eh?

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