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Chapter 7: Don’t Think About Escaping

The moment Mi Xiaoqi landed on the floor, a certain Wangye lying on his bed flicked open his eyes, gleaming dangerously as he tracked her escaping figure.

A certain cat cautiously ventured outside on tiptoes, just like a burglar.

Visible outside the door were silhouettes bustling about.

…No way. It’s already late at night, don’t you guys need to sleep? Mi Xiaoqi’s gaze landed on the young maids that were respectfully standing by the door.

Darn, I can’t escape.

Mi Xiaoqi stood there in a daze. If she left, all these people would be killed by that cold-blooded Wangye…

Ah, I can’t drag them all down with me…

Mi Xiaoqi nodded her head in thought.


A pair of legs suddenly came into view and gave her a fright. She shouted in surprise.

“Thinking of escaping?” A gloomy voice resounded, frightening Mi Xiaoqi into shaking her head vehemently.

Bei Gongyan scooped up Mi Xiaoqi. “My stuff, regardless of whether I want it or not, still belongs to me. You better not think about running away.”

Mi Xiaoqi shook her head, her cute lil’ brain already rattling from the motion. A small paw patted her butt.

“You want to relieve yourself?” Bei Gongyan probed.

Mi Xiaoqi immediately nodded.

Bei Gongyan’s expression warmed slightly. “Servants.”

A maid quickly rushed in.

“Bring her out to relieve herself. In the future, you’re in-charge of this. Tell her your name.” Bei Gongyan ordered.

“Miss Cat, this servant is called Lu Luo.” The maid respectfully reported.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi faced Lu Luo, smiling kindly.

A certain Wangye’s expression turned glum.

Mi Xiaoqi was carried out of the room by Lu Luo and brought back shortly. Looking at the small pair of hands carried the luscious white cat, Bei Gongyan’s expression turned as black as coal.

Lu Luo was scared to her wit’s end.

Releasing Mi Xiaoqi, she quickly fled.

Mi Xiaoqi sneezed, curling into a nest and closed her eyes, preparing to sleep. Suddenly, a large hand took her out.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi stared at Bei Gongyan in dissatisfaction.

Bei Gongyan’s entire face radiated gloom.

“Miaowr.” Now what do you want? Is this a confrontation between Mi Xiaoqi and Bei Gongyan uh. Oh yeah, his blood was said to be able to turn me back into a human, who knows whether it’s true or not.

Mi Xiaoqi squinted her slitted eyes, weighing the words of the Ghost guy and calculated the pros and cons of sparing him and following his instructions – whether it will affect her chances of living.

Alright, no matter how she looked at it, the chances of survival is just zero, ZERO. Mi Xiaoqi decisively cut off this train of thought.

Becoming human again vs her being alive, how is this even balanced at all.

“Miaowr.” Carefully calling out to Bei Gongyan, Mi Xiaoqi slouched where she was, bored to the point where her brain felt like it was turning into slush.

Letting out a breath, Bei Gongyan carried Mi Xiaoqi as he approached the bed. Feeling the smooth fur tickling his arms is indeed not bad at all!

Mi Xiaoqi’s curled position in his arms enabled her to hear his heartbeat which was steadily beating a calm rhythm, gracefully luring her into dreamland like a lullaby.

Bei Gongyan looked at the cat sleeping comfortably in his arms, feeling something featherlight tickling his heart. Her little face really looks like a young girl’s from the side ah!

Bei Gongyan subconsciously shook his head lightly. To think that he had such thoughts about a cat! Hu!


At the north side of the Wangfu residence, Qilin courtyard.

A girl clothed in red viciously smashed the cup in her hand. “Go, get out!”

“Ce fei[1], please don’t be angry, look after your body.” A servant girl in pastel yellow cautiously soothed her mistress.

“Hmph, what does that damn cat have! Wangye actually kept her to sleep with!” Hongqi’s jealousy rose to the roof.

Bei Gongyan’s mansion housed countless women, and yet not a single person was allowed to stay in his living quarters upon finishing their business, a eunuch was present each to bring them back to their own quarters every time it was concluded.

At this moment, looking at the infuriating cat still being carried by Bei Gongyan, how could Hongqi swallow the humiliation she felt.

That cat was precisely the cause of her house arrest!

Ce fei niangniang, Wangye is only excited for a moment. Don’t be angry, that vermin deserves death, and it cannot possibly rock the boat.” The maid lightly patted her master’s back that was huffing up and down in anger.

“That piece of vermin should be dead! Since it should be dead, it has to die!” Hongqi’s eyes gleamed viciously.

Ce fei niangniang, this servant understands, and will go ahead to arrange it.” The maid tacitly bowed, turning to leave.

Hongqi rose, walking towards the window and looked at the dusky sight of the lantern-lit main residence area in the distance. Her chest burned crazily with raging jealousy, almost as if her entire body was about to catch fire!

At this moment, Mi Xiaoqi was steadily snoring away in Bei Gongyan’s lap, completely unaware of a dense killing intent gradually being directed towards her.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi woke up early in the morning, getting up to fully stretch her body.

Bei Gongyan leaned sideways, propping up an arm, his mood turning joyful upon gazing on Mi Xiaoqi’s lethargic face.

“Miaowr.” Good morning.

“Are you greeting me?” Bei Gongyan eyes curved upwards with a hint of amusement.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi nodded her head.

A certain Wangye stood up.

“Change my clothes.”


[1]侧妃 Ce fei – concubine rank (2nd rank mistress)

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