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Chapter 8: Fame Comes In Waves

The maids filed into the room in a single line, carefully yet nimbly helping Bei Gongyan change his clothes. Mi Xiaoqi lay comfortably on the bed, unashamedly watching a certain man stretch his arms as the group of women busily fluttered all around him. She suddenly felt that being a maid to this Wangye was indeed full of hardships, being so close to such an unparalleled handsome man!

“Miaowr……” Before her spirit could recover, a certain cat was already in Wangye’s hands.

Her face was filled with grief.

Mi Xiaoqi leaned on her belly.

She instinctively breathed through her nose twice, finding a sweet smell. She cocked her head, sure enough, an array of delicacies were spread out on a not so far away table.


“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi nodded fawningly.

“Lu Luo.”

“This servant is here.” Bei Gongyan released his hand, letting Mi Xiaoqi who was licking her lips fall to the ground.

Lu Luo hastily stepped forward and softly picked her up.

“Miaowr…” Mi Xiaoqi face was aggrieved, her two large eyes flashing with a trace of discontent and resentment. All right, it looks like the only thing she could do was hide her grievances.

Bei Gong Yan’s lip softly curved downwards, “Go.”

“Yes.” Lu Luo carefully lifted Mi Xiaoqi onto the dining table. Just like the previous night, Mi Xiaoqi picked out the dishes that she liked before sitting primly, waiting for Lu Lou to feed her.

With Bei Gongyan already seated at the table, there was naturally someone to serve him as well.

After breakfast was finished, Bei Gongyan extended his hand, so Lu Luo hurriedly transferred Mi Xiaoqi to him.

“Miaowr.” she called out discontentedly, although in a soft voice. Faced with such a person who doesn’t exhibit normal behaviour when angry or happy – it’s better to be more tactful.

How to escape?

While she was lost in thought, both of them had already arrived at the study.

Bei Gongyan leaned back on the chair, dropping Mi Xiaoqi haphazardly onto his lap and started stroking her fur.

“You should get a name.”

“Miaowr.” No, no, I already have a name.

“Little Kitty….”

Your sis ah, your entire family are cats!


You’re the midget!!

“Miaowr!!” Mi Xiaoqi stood up and with a leap, got onto the table. Her two front paws grabbed a writing brush, brandishing it…

“You can write?” Bei Gongyan stared at Mi Xiaoqi, as if he wanted to see through her.

A certain cat lifted her head in pride, she can write a lot of words!

Bei Gongyan took the brush and dipped it in some ink. Mi Xiaoqi took it and on the pristine white paper, wrote a crooked “Qi” (七 – Seven).

“Qi? Your name?” Bei Gongyan raised an eyebrow.

“Miaowr!” Mi Xiaoqi nodded her head.


“Miaowr!” Smart!

“Heh, ben wang does not like it. We’ll change it, change it to Tiny (Xiao Budian)!” Bei Gongyan made the final decision.

“Miaowr, Miaowr!” I don’t want to, I don’t want to! Mi Xiaoqi with her fur fluffed out stared at Bei Gongyan.

“Heh, don’t forget who has the final say.” Bei Gongyan’s eyes went dark, a thread of blood-thirst flashed through his eyes.

“Miaowr…” Startled, Mi Xiaoqi carefully took two steps back.

“Don’t think that just because ben wang favors you, you can be secure in the knowledge that you have backing. You are only a pet, if ben wang wants one, there are plenty to chose from. As such, you best behave in front of ben wang, Tiny!” Bei Gongyan deliberately placed more emphasis on ‘Tiny’ this name.

“Miaowr…” Mi Xiaoqi was aggrieved, but could only nod her head in obedience, her eyes and head low. This girl can bow and submit, isn’t it just a name? Call her whatever, she can just not concern herself with him.

Mi Xiaoqi only felt refreshed when she leaned sideways for a moment.

Bei Gongyan looked at Mi Xiaoqi’s large eyes that were unceasingly blinking and became happy in a moment. Some curiousity then sprouted from his mind.

“Go to the garden and play, don’t even think about escaping! Otherwise everyone will be executed.” Bei Gongyan’s deep voice echoed.

Your sister ah, another threat! Bei Gongyan, besides this move, do you not know anything else?

Lu Luo carried Mi Xiaoqi to the garden.

Within prince household’s garden, were all sorts of famous and valuable flowers and plants that complemented each other as far as her eyes could see. The scent of flowers were everywhere and groups of butterfly fluttered by.

Really beautiful!

Mi Xiaoqi happily brandished her small claws. If this was the modern age, just looking around a prince’s household she would need to spend money. Right now, not only was she living in one, she was even provided free food and drinks. Um… it’s actually still pretty good.

Opening her cat mouth, she started to laugh. If only there wasn’t that perverted Wangye, then everything would be all the more perfect.

A light breeze blew past and Mi Xiaoqi comfortably narrowed her eyes.

“Miss Cat, would you like to eat some fruit?” Lu Luo carefully asked, she was full of appreciation toward Mi Xiaoqi. If she hadn’t begged for mercy on her behalf, she would had already been chopped by the Wangye.

“Miaowr!” Mi Xiaoqi nodded her head.

Lu Luo carried her to a pavilion, then placed her on a table.

“Miss Cat, please wait for a moment. This servant will go prepare some fruit.” Lu Luo said to Mi Xiaoqi and bowed.

Mi Xiaoqi waved her own small claws. She wanted to say: don’t suddenly bend your knees when you haven’t been moving, you can get a defect. Alright, since you can’t hear me, then I’ll stop talking.

Lu Luo departed.

Only Mi Xiaoqi, a cat along with a group of Imperial Guards were left behind.

To have so many people patrol everyday, was it possible that this Wangye had offended too many people and feared that if he wasn’t careful he would lose his life?

Mi Xiaoqi’s little claws fiddle with the cup lid on the table, a bit bored.


A tiny and trembling voice could be heard.

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