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Chapter 9: Accidents Repeatedly Arising

Mi Xiaoqi lowered her head voluntarily.

“Miaowr!” The miserable shriek immediately alerted the imperial guards outside.

Who didn’t know that this small white cat was currently Wangye’s favorite? If by any chance something happened, their ends would truly be tragic.

“Miaowr! Miaowr!” It was such a gloomy and dull thing, what could it be other than a mouse! Other than mice, Mi Xiaoqi feared nothing else in heaven and earth.

Her fur crawled up, bristling away from her!

Go away! Go away!

“Miaowr!” After such a fright, Mi Xiaoqi suddenly ran out of the pavilion, rushing forward at the speed of light. Seeing a tree in front of her, she immediately scuttled up it.

“Miss Cat…” Lu Luo dropped the plates in fear.

The imperial guards were stunned. After chasing Mi Xiaoqi, she ended up climbing a tree…

Right now, the only thing in the pavilion was a mouse. Aren’t cats supposed to eat mice? As Wangye’s pet cat, how could she have been scared enough to look like this?

On the tree, Mi Xiaoqi’s two tiny claws gripped the tree trunk tightly, its small body unable to stop trembling. She seemed to be absolutely terrified.

Aima, it was too late for a Tom and Jerry relationship, this was Wangye’s favorite ah!

What to do?

Lu Luo hesitated. “Watch Miss Cat, I’ll go report to Wangye.” After she finished speaking, she quickly walked to the study room.

Bei Gongyan was currently reading.

Seeing Lu Luo run in flustered, his heart trembled a bit.


“Where’s Tiny?” Bei Gongyan’s voice sunk as he asked.


Lu Luo was startled for a moment before understanding that he was referring to Miss Cat. “Answering Wangye, Miss Cat received a fright and won’t get down from the tree now.”

“Received a fright!” Bei Gongyan got up, releasing a malicious aura from his body.

Lu Luo’s entire body was quivering with fear. “Yes. A mouse somehow got into the pavilion, causing Miss Cat to panic…”

“Mouse!” Bei Gongyan strode out of the study room.

A circle of guards stood under the tree, their eyes fixed attentively on the shivering Mi Xiaoqi. They were all afraid that she wouldn’t be careful and accidentally fall off.

Bei Gongyan moved a little, his large body soaring into the sky like an eagle, and landed lightly onto Mi Xiaoqi’s tree branch.

Feeling a shadow fall upon her, Mi Xiaoqi instinctively raised her head.

Her two clear, limpid eyes were filled with tears. There was fear in them as she looked at Bei Gongyan.

Damn it! Bei Gongyan unexpectedly felt as if his heart was being kicked, and a tightly closed sore was being poked. He extended his large hand and Mi Xiaoqi also extended her small kitten paws, tightly grabbing onto his hands.

Bei Gongyan jumped off the tree.

Mi Xiaoqi’s tiny head firmly leaned into his embrace.

“What happened to the mouse in the garden?” Bei Gongyan’s gloomy voice echoed in everybody’s ears.

Li Ming stepped forward.

“Wangye, the mouse has died, apparently due to poison…”

Bei Gongyan narrowed his eyes. His gaze landed on the incessantly shivering Mi Xiaoqi in his arms. Cats ate mice. If she ate it, she would’ve been poisoned as well. It seemed like somebody was jealous of her.

“Investigate thoroughly for benwang and find the results for me.”


He returned to the study room carrying Mi Xiaoqi.

From beginning to end, Mi Xiaoqi’s two small paws tightly gripped Bei Gongyan’s large hands. She refused to let go for even a second. “You’re a cat, how can you be afraid of mice?”

“Miao… Miaowr…” Mi Xiaoqi lifted her head, her eyes glimmering with unshed tears. She felt wronged; she wasn’t even a cat in the first place…

Seeing her distraught face, Bei Gongyan’s heart softened.

“Don’t be afraid.”  A tender voice slid out of his lips.

Mi Xiaoqi suddenly felt at ease. Ai… why doesn’t he resemble that cold-blooded man anymore? She was still the smartest after all, provoking his love!


Mi Xiaoqi laughed, amused. Her small claws randomly waved around before unluckily falling onto Bei Gongyan’s hand with a little too much force…

Feeling the stab of pain, Bei Gongyan’s eyes suddenly turned cold!

“Ah!” Mi Xiaoqi screamed in fear.


Even a heart as strong as Bei Gongyan’s couldn’t help but be stunned.

The small white cat leaning on his chest turned into a youthful girl in a split second after being stained by his blood… With a goose-egg face, pure black hair, delicate features and fair skin, the clothing she wore was a type of sleeveless long skirt he had never seen before. Her bare feet were on his body.

“Ah… I became human again!” Mi Xiaoqi jumped up from Bei Gongyan’s body. Her long hair swayed behind her, strand by strand like fairies.

The cheerful and lighthearted Mi Xiaoqi and the dark face of Bei Gongyan contrasted each other distinctively.

In her moment of excitement, Mi Xiaoqi had forgotten about the danger by her side and walked to the water basin not too far from her. She lowered her head to take a look at her appearance.

Aima, so great, her delicate features were still there, and impressive 34 C were also still there…

“Ah…” When she turned around she immediately collided with a shadowy face. Mi Xiaoqi slowly lost her calm and collected self within a second. “That, Lord Wangye, I, I didn’t mean to disturb you. I will leave right now, leave right now.” Mi Xiaoqi walked towards the entrance as she said that.

She had only walked two steps when she found herself unable to move from the spot anymore. Wangye had firmly grabbed her arm.

“Did benwang let you leave?”

“Eh… you still have something?” Mi Xiaoqi carefully asked.

“You are benwang’s pet!”

“I am not a cat anymore! I am a human now, humans can’t be pets, so I am not your pet! Therefore, I can leave…” Mi Xiaoqi analyzed as she looked at Bei Gongyan.

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