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Chapter 5: Thinking Of Sleeping With Ben Wang?

Bei Gongyan carried Mi Xiaoqi out of the workroom, strolling t his sleeping chambers.

“Prepare a nest for her. But if she doesn’t want one, place her on my bed.”

“Miaowr!” Wait a minute, a nest? No no, this one doesn’t want a nest, this one wants a bed of their own. Mi Xiaoqi meowed twice in dissatisfaction and hopped out of Bei Gongyan’s arms towards the bed in a few leaps.

The maids standing at the back were frightened to the point that their legs gave out, and they all noisily fell to the floor while bowing.

Mi Xiaoqi proudly tilted her head, while stepping on the little plum blossoms as she paced a few circles on the bed. Oh, the bed sheet and covers were cleaned and replaced, that’s great.

Squish! She sprawled inelegantly across the bed.

The maids internally mourned, this darn cat dares to snatch away Wangye’s bed… Such a valiant cat…

“Hm? Oh, you’re thinking of sleeping with me?” Bei Gongyan’s voice sounded teasing.

Her fur bristled as she instantly turned on edge and quickly stood up. Your sis, ah, this stud Wangye, you think that just because I’m female I want to sleep with you?!

Miaowr. Something’s not right.

Suddenly experiencing an omen of violence, Mi Xiaoqi quickly jumped down and approached the pillow couch, lying docilely so as to exhibit her good behavior instead of trying to snatch the bed.

“Ah, that was really brave of you just now.” Bei Gongyan looked at Mi Xiaoqi, his voice free of inflection.

Aima, it’s impossible to differentiate between joy and anger!

This totally wrecks my decision making okay!

Mi Xiaoqi twisted her cat features into something she thought was a cute smile as she lay down with her paws clasped together like a person.

Bei Gongyan stared at her, feeling slightly shocked.

“Give her a bath.”

“Miaowr!” ‘Giving her a bath’! Mi Xiaoqi agitatedly stood up. You’re going to let these woman molest me!

No no no, definitely not!

A maid carefully approached her.

Mi Xiaoqi quickly backtracked and jumped to the bed from another angle this time.

“Hm, you don’t like this one?” Bei Gongyan spoke with a low tone. “Take this one away and behead it!”

“Spare me, Wangye!”  Paralyzed by shock, the young maid collapsed onto the floor, begging for her life.

“Miaowr!” Mi Xiaoqi immediately paused in her steps. Wangye, I just don’t like having women to give me a bath. Wai do you need to kill people?

“Miaowr, miaowr!” Mi Xiaoqi went beside Bei Gongyan’s legs, cautiously calling out.

The young maid was still stuck pleading with tears in her eyes.

Bei Gongyan bent his waist to pick up Mi Xiaoqi, his rough actions reminding Mi Xiaoqi of the sensation of being strangled.

She stared at him in terror.

“You’re pleading for her.”

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi nervously nodded her head.

“Huh. What right do you have to plead for her?”

“Miaowr, Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi lifted her front paws to gently place it on his hands. I will listen to you, alright?

“You will listen?”

Mi Xiaoqi quickly nodded.

“Hmph!” With a fling of his sleeves, Mi Xiaoqi landed in front of the maid in a sorry state.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi seethed at him, then glanced at the pitiful, that was crying out.

Rubbing her butt with a paw and pulling her battered body up, she stood and gently pat the maid’s small hands to placate her terrorized condition.

The young maid was so stunned that she momentarily forgot her waterworks.

“Bath.” Bei Gongyan spoke coolly, not knowing why watching Mi Xiaoqi placate the maid gave him the jitters. It was as if someone was touching what belonged to him.

The maid quickly stood up, bowing towards Mi Xiaoqi before hurrying to prepare a basin of warm water before Bei Gongyan.

She then pulled up her sleeves and was just about to pick up Mi Xiaoqi.

“Get out.” His cold voice sounded out.

The young maid trembled in fright. Quickly retrieving the hand that was about to pick up Mi Xiaoqi she rapidly retreated from the room.

Mi Xiaoqi looked at Bei Gongyan in confusion. Am I not being very obedient now? What are you being so fierce for?

Bei Gongyan gestured over to Mi Xiaoqi.

Mi Xiaoqi went over obediently. The wise sages once said: don’t do anything that threatens your life, and you can stand proud and walk tall; something that she believed to be true, especially for a little girl like her.

Bei Gongyan bent his waist, grabbing Mi Xiaoqi and threw her into the basin.


Mi Xiaoqi cried out in distress. After flipping and flopping around in the water for who-knows-how-long, she finally found the edge of the basin to support herself in a standing position on two legs.

Hu, hu.

Bei Gongyan, damn you.

Bei Gongyan sat on the chair positioned in front of the basin, his eagle-like gaze glinting radiantly as he looked up Mi Xiaoqi’s difficult situation. And his heart finally started feeling better.

Right, isn’t this how it should be?

Since when did Ben wang care about anything, especially a mere pet that should follow his wishes, be it living or dead!

Harboring such thoughts, his initial gloomy feelings finally changed into happiness. His large hand reached into the basin, finally giving the cat a bath.


Mi Xiaoqi’s cat face turned red in an instant, her entire body was exposed!

Bei Gongyan’s mirth grew as he looked at the shy Mi Xiaoqi, picking up honey locust leaves to lightly hit her body for cleaning, his hands rubbing her.

Eh, alright. Mi Xiaoqi felt so comfortable to the point that she wanted to close her eyes while humming.


A basin of water flew in the air.


You-you! That was intentional,wasn’t it!

Mi Xiaoqi glared at Bei Gongyan, her heart especially vexed.

Ah, Bei Gongyan started laughing lightly. He likes this. Right, just like this.

Lifting Mi Xiaoqi who was soaked to the bones, he dried her with a towel before carrying her then rubbing her.

Then he let go.

She fell onto the pillow couch.

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