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Chapter 2: Being Obedient From Listening

The man squatted in front of Mi Xiaoqi, causing his good looks to suddenly be magnified in front of her.

In but a moment Mi Xiaoqi had become entranced by him.

His sharp and refined facial features with his striking thick shapely eyebrows, well placed above a pair of soulful eyes that had a great deal of depth hidden within them. Aima, even those beautifully shaped thin lips were most definitely to her tastes.

“Where did this cat come from?” The man’s cool and refreshing voice gave people a mesmerizing feeling.

Mi Xiaoqi patted her chest with a paw.

Ho~ really handsome to the point it defies all reason.

The man was startled into laughter at her actions, quickly bringing both hands to lift her up, embracing her. Smooth, shiny fur like satin directly pressed onto the man’s muscles.

Mi Xiaoqi’s face immediately flushed red. From head to toe, the snow white fur turned a gentle shade of pink…

Ah, the man started laughing lightly.

Li Ming who was kneeling at the door was shocked to the point of momentarily forgetting how to speak, taking a moment to compose himself. “R-regarding earlier, Wangye, this cat was gifted by the Ninth Princess to Wangye.”

“I see. You are dismissed.” The man waved his hand.

Li Ming carefully retreated from the entrance.

The man’s lips ticked in consideration, immediately guessing that this is the Ninth Princess’s ploy to distract his attention from Hong Qi using the cat, especially since the Princess had never liked Hong Qi since the very beginning. In fact, this wouldn’t be the first time. In any case, he’d really had never any interest in Hong Qi anyway, so he might as well go along with her intentions.

But it seems that the gift this time was pretty interesting, hmm?

Walking to the soft pillow couch nearby, he reclined in relaxation and naturally dropped Mi Xiaoqi onto his chest.

Release me

“Miaowr” was what came out instead. Mi Xiaoqi felt depressed sitting on her butt on the man’s chest, so she ended up giving a gloomy stare with her eyes.

He used his fingers to tap rhythms on her head.

“Are you giving orders to Ben wang[1]?” his voice suddenly turned cold.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi glared at him. Your sis ah! Don’t you know that randomly beating people’s head will turn them into idiots ah!

“Miao…….”  An anguished sound came out, as Mi Xiaoqi miserably stared at the man who used his fingers to throttle her small neck, her four limbs flailing uselessly in the air, terror evident in her teary eyes.


Mi Xiaoqi was thrown onto the floor with a flick of his arm.

Crouched on the ground while desperately breathing in harsh mouthfuls of air, she raised her front paws to rub her neck, staring frighteningly at the man lounging on the couch.

“Don’t think that just because Ben wang showed an interest in you gives you the right to do whatever you please.” He smiled charmingly like the devil, almost as if it was a different person who had almost strangled Mi Xiaoqi earlier from looking at the sudden change in his attitude.

Terrified, Mi Xiaoqi stared at him, wanting to quickly leave his presence as soon as possible. Her claws scratched against the floor as she rapidly retreated.

“Come here.” He spoke in a frosty tone, gaze falling onto her small body.

In that very instant, Mi Xiaoqi felt like her body was frozen, unable to move. However, her body still unconsciously went towards him.

Walking to the edge of the wooden sitting couch, she pitifully tilted her head up to look at him.

The man stood gracefully, scooping up Mi Xiaoqi in a single smooth motion.

In the meantime, he looked carefully over her meek and docile form, before revealing a hint of satisfaction in his eyes.

“You can understand Ben wang?”

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi nodded proudly, face glowing with pride. Not just what words you say, but even the words you don’t know about, I[2], no, this cat also understands.

He pulled his lips together, laughing lightly.

Ben wang is the Third Prince of the North Lunar Country, Bei Gongyan.” The man introduced himself.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi brought up her right claw. “My name’s Mi Xiaoqi, even if you can’t understand, you can’t blame me either.” She dropped her claw.

Leaning against Bei Gongyan’s firm chest was something she proudly did during her introduction.

Alright, could you really blame her for naturally taking advantage of the circûmstances? Especially with such a handsome man right in front of her.

Bei Gongyan narrowed his eyes at her actions. Interesting. Placing his hand on the cat’s back gave him a good impression, not bad at all. The fur is indeed silky smooth and did not cloy his fingers at all.

Mi Xiaoqi meowed in shock, trying to get out of his restraining hold on her. Aima, what-what do you think you are doing?! I’m a girl, a girl!

Looking at Mi Xiaoqi bristling her fur, Bei Gongyan’s dangerous aura rapidly appeared.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi immediately noticed and calmed quickly, carefully leaning against his hand. Okay, okay, go ahead and rub. Rub me, since I’m a cat right now a little petting won’t kill me. It’s still much better than being killed from this maniac’s mood swings uh.

Mi Xiaoqi flicked her ears down, revealing a dejected expression.

Bei Gongyan suddenly felt that his chest was rather uncomfortable, almost as if his mood was brought down by the cat’s unhappy state.

“You’re not happy?”

Mi Xiaoqi lifted her head to look at him, carefully nodding.

“You don’t like Ben wang petting you?”

“Miaowr.” Because I’m a girl.

Ben wang is going to pet you.” Bei Gongyan didn’t understand, obviously. Alright, since this guy obviously thinks he understood, he placed his large hand onto Mi Xiaoqi’s shiny, silky fur.

Mi Xiaoqi meowed softly, gloomily lidding her eyes. As the large hand glided over her back, she gave a mental ‘Ah!’.

No wonder cats loved people brushing their fur. This is really comfortable actually.

Unknowingly, Mi Xiaoqi drifted off into dreamland.

Looking at Mi Xiaoqi’s little snout steadily snoozing away, Bei Gongyan suddenly felt a feather light brush against his heart. It was so gentle and yet so, so itchy, yet not making him hate it.   

Gently carrying her body, he placed her onto the couch.


[1]本王 – Ben wang – self-important address used by princes.

[2]本姑娘Ben Gu Niang/I*– used as a joke by the author to show the cat’s superiority (ahem) in other matters LOL. For other matters, 本(status) is to show the importance of the person when describing themselves. Only important for court ranks historically to address/ordering someone inferior (eg. 本宫 Ben gong), while often used as a joke in modern context. In a way, it’s like the Japanese –sama suffix but more formal.

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